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What Is Zoho People?

Zoho People serves as a powerful and comprehensive human resource management tool that empowers organisations to efficiently oversee all aspects of employee management within a unified platform. This versatile application plays a pivotal role in fostering employee growth and development, equipping them with the necessary skills and adaptability to thrive in a dynamic work environment. Through Zoho People, businesses can create a nurturing work environment that encourages continuous learning and improvement among employees. This, in turn, enables them to adapt seamlessly to evolving industry trends and maintain high-performance standards. By centralising employee management processes, Zoho People streamlines HR operations, allowing organisations to focus on cultivating a motivated and skilled workforce.

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How Zoho People Helps You

Managing Employees

Zoho People offers a straightforward and user-friendly approach to employee management, eliminating complexity and jargon. It consolidates all employee data into a single database, simplifying data management for businesses. This data can be transformed into informative reports, providing valuable insights to inform decisions. Moreover, Zoho People streamlines operations with automated workflows that efficiently guide employees through various processes, including onboarding new hires. This ensures that businesses can effortlessly manage their workforce, making employee management a seamless and efficient process.

Scheduling & Tracking

Zoho People provides businesses with the tools to effectively monitor employee attendance and work hours according to a predefined work schedule. This heightened efficiency promotes productivity within organisations. In the event of a decline in productivity, Zoho People generates comprehensive and informative reports pinpointing areas of weakness within businesses, facilitating prompt mitigation and resolution. Employees can conveniently log their work hours and shifts in the Zoho People schedule, ensuring seamless communication and coordination across the entire workforce of businesses in a simple to read and understand schedule.

Goal Setting

Businesses experience periods of productivity stagnation in their teams. Zoho People's performance tracker acts as a solution, allowing businesses to define precise objectives that inspire teams to work diligently towards successful outcomes. This approach not only motivates team members but also fosters skill development. Moreover, organisations can establish tailored goals for each employee, nurturing their individual skills and strategies. This proactive approach ensures that both team and individual performance reach their peaks, revitalising productivity within each organisation and preventing stagnation from happening once again.

Zoho People Partners

What Can We Do For You?

As dedicated Zoho service providers, Digital Scientists comprehensively understand the complexities associated with employee tracking, payroll management, and real-time task monitoring. Leveraging the capabilities of Zoho People, we adeptly simplify these intricate processes, seamlessly automating and centralising them within a user-friendly platform. Our services empower all employees to efficiently oversee their tasks and monitor project timelines, fostering streamlined operations and heightened productivity across the organisation. By choosing our services, clients can rest assured that we guarantee the establishment of an efficient system capable of managing these tasks and more. The ultimate result is an enhanced overall workplace efficiency, driven by the strategic utilisation of Zoho People to streamline essential HR and project management functions.
Our Expertise
Our team at Digital Scientists, as experienced Zoho People partners, bring a wealth of knowledge to the process of configuring Zoho People systems. With a deep understanding of the platform's intricacies and daily usage, we are well-equipped to seamlessly implement a customised Zoho People system for organisations. This not only streamlines staff management but also enhances overall workforce management processes with efficiency. Leveraging our expertise simplifies complex tasks, allowing teams to focus on their core responsibilities rather than dedicating valuable time to setting up systems. Our goal is to provide a straightforward and efficient solution that empowers businesses to effectively manage their staff, payroll, and attendance records. With our assistance, organizations can harness the full potential of Zoho People to enhance productivity and optimise workforce management.
Simplify HR

Embrace the future of staff management with Zoho People, bidding farewell to the days of cumbersome spreadsheets and complex systems. At Digital Scientists, we specialise in harnessing the power of Zoho People to streamline processes for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team is well-versed in the intricacies of Zoho People, utilising the platform daily and possessing an in-depth understanding of its functionalities. Leveraging this expertise, we offer businesses the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their staff into the Zoho People record system, providing them with the tools they need to efficiently manage their workforce. But we don't stop there; our team excels at creating custom workflows that automate routine tasks, saving your organisation valuable time and resources. From automatic pay slip processing to employee check-ins, we ensure that every aspect of staff management becomes a hassle-free and efficient process. With Digital Scientists by your side, businesses can unlock the full potential of Zoho People, optimising staff management and enhancing productivity across the board.

Time & Attendance Optimisation

Zoho People is more than just a staff management tool; it's a comprehensive solution that includes powerful attendance tracking features. When businesses partner with Digital Scientists, we go the extra mile to elevate their experience with the Zoho People system. Our team leverages its expertise to optimise the platform, providing a secure and efficient solution for attendance tracking and staff management. One of the key aspects we address is security. We implement specific access requirements tailored to the needs of the organisation. This ensures that timesheets and sensitive data are protected from unauthorised access, safeguarding the integrity of attendance records. In addition to enhancing security, our team can assist businesses in configuring timesheets and shift settings. This means businesses can rely on our expertise to set up precise staff schedules, streamlining the process and eliminating scheduling conflicts. With Digital Scientists, businesses can make the most of Zoho People's attendance tracking capabilities, creating a secure, well-organised system that simplifies staff management.

Performance Management
Zoho People is a powerful platform for fostering team development within businesses, and our services at Digital Scientists are designed to enhance and streamline this essential process. When businesses partner with us, they gain access to a wealth of expertise and resources that can propel their team development initiatives to new heights. One of our key areas of focus is in setting clear team goals and defining achievable milestones. We understand that goal setting is a fundamental aspect of team development, and we work closely with organisations to establish objectives that align with your broader business goals. These goals act as a guiding light for teams, providing direction and purpose in their day-to-day activities. But it doesn't stop there. Our team excels in helping businesses gather valuable insights about their teams through advanced analytics and evaluations. We believe that data-driven decisions are crucial for success, and by harnessing the power of Zoho People's analytics capabilities, we can provide businesses with in-depth insights into team performance, productivity, and areas for improvement. These insights empower them to make informed decisions that drive continuous improvement and growth.
Learning & Development
Zoho People is a versatile platform that offers a multitude of avenues for fostering employee growth and development, with learning and development standing out as a cornerstone feature. At Digital Scientists, we recognise the paramount importance of continuous learning in today's dynamic business landscape, and we are committed to harnessing the full potential of Zoho People's capabilities to drive growth and development within organisations. One of the most impactful ways we can assist businesses is by creating customised courses tailored to the specific needs and goals of teams. These courses are meticulously designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities within organisations, ensuring that employees receive targeted and relevant training. Our team works closely to identify key areas for growth and development, and then we craft courses that empower teams to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. Moreover, these courses are more than just a means of individual learning; they are a catalyst for fostering collaboration and growth across the entire organisation. By encouraging teams to embark on a learning journey together, we can create a culture of collaboration and shared growth. This not only strengthens team cohesion but also drives collective progress towards organisational objectives.

Zoho People Features

Core HR
Time & Attendance
Employee Engagement

Centralised Employee Database

Zoho People revolves around a centralised employee database, providing convenient access to employee data. This ensures that your HR department can swiftly retrieve the required information, streamlining their operations and reducing any hassle.

Secure Data Management

Zoho People employs robust security measures, including password protection and encryption, to safeguard all data. Moreover, businesses can implement customized permission roles, dictating user access levels within the database to enhance security.

Mobile Device Access

Zoho People offers seamless access to databases through mobile devices, enabling retrieval of information from anywhere. This accessibility enhances efficiency and empowers teams to access crucial data on the go, streamlining HR processes.

Self-Service Portals

To alleviate the workload of HR teams, employees are granted access to self-service portals within Zoho People. These portals empower employees to input their own information directly into the database, reducing the administrative burden.

Core HR


Zoho People seamlessly integrates with Zoho Recruit, streamlining the transition of candidates into employees through a unified platform. This integration ensures that data collected in Recruit is efficiently transferred into the database without admin burden.


Business can enhance employee onboarding by creating workflows that offer a personalised introduction to organisations and encourage new hires to engage with the team around them. These workflows make it easier for new employees to adapt to their roles.

Time Off

Zoho People simplifies the complex task of tracking employee time off by allowing define customised leave policies tailored to different situations. These policies are then integrated into a calendar system that provides visibility into upcoming absences.

HR Analytics

Zoho People empowers businesses by generating customised reports that cover a range of metrics, including performance and trends. These reports provide insights into business, identifying and addressing any issues promptly before they arise.


Zoho People integrates with Zoho Payroll, creating an efficient system for managing employee payrolls. It syncs employee profiles and calculates payroll based on factors such as time-off and deductions, resulting in a simplified summary of each employee's pay.

Expense Management

Zoho People enhances efficiency by offering expense management through Zoho Expense. It syncs user data, enabling the creation of expense reports that can be converted into multiple currencies. This streamlined process ensures straightforward reimbursement.

Case Management

Zoho People establishes a direct communication channel between users and their HR department. Users can submit queries or raise issues they want to be addressed, which HR employees can then respond to, fostering effective and responsive HR support.

HR Chatbot

In the absence of immediate human support, Zoho People offers a chatbot that can efficiently handle various user queries and requests. Whether it's requesting time off or seeking answers to HR-related questions, the chatbot provides valuable assistance to users.

Performance Tracker

Zoho People utilises critical data, such as accomplished goals, to establish performance metrics. These metrics play a pivotal role in evaluating the overall performance of a team, offering valuable insights to assess their effectiveness and contributions.


Performance reviews are essential for managers to maintain a high-performing team. During these reviews, managers can evaluate employee performance, provide feedback, and document it for future reference that can be used for development.

Performance Appraisals

Zoho People simplifies and automates the appraisal process, ensuring it aligns with the unique needs of the business. By automating this process, it reduces the potential for bias and promotes a more equitable assessment of each employee and their contributions.

Salary Hikes

Zoho People simplifies the process of granting raises by allowing a budget to be set and allocate specific percentage increases to selected employees automatically. This streamlines the task of managing salary hikes, making it a straightforward process.

Appraisal Reports

In addition to appraisals, Zoho People provides reports to visualise top-performing employees and identify individuals who may require further training or support. These reports offer valuable insights into your team's performance, helping to make decisions.

360-Degree Feedback

Zoho People promotes a culture of feedback by enabling team members to provide input on their peers throughout the year. This peer feedback mechanism fosters a collaborative environment where employees can share insights and recognition of their peers.


Learning Management System

Zoho People offers the flexibility to tailor learning systems according to the unique needs of the business. Utilising a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS), it empowers businesses to enhance employee skills, fostering learning and development.

Self-Paced Learning

Using the LMS, Zoho People knows the importance of individual learning preferences. This personalised approach allows users to engage at their own speed, maximising the effectiveness of skill development by catering to each employee's unique learning style.

Blended Learning

This is an approach that goes beyond self-paced learning by harmonising various learning styles. It integrates self-paced learning sessions with virtual classroom methods, culminating in a learning experience that optimises employee development.

Course Builder

Zoho People features a course builder designed to cater to employees. courses can be created from scratch, tailoring them to specific needs and include modules with various components such as videos, virtual sessions and tests to enhance the experience.

Learning Plans

The Learning Management System (LMS) in Zoho People establishes structured learning plans for employees that is tailored to their learning styles, assembling sequences of courses into purpose-driven paths to expedite skill development.

Course Schedule

For efficient course planning and time management, Zoho People allows simple schedules to be created for courses, complete with built-in notifications to prevent missed sessions and ensure continuous skill development for employees.

Virtual Classrooms

Some employees prefer face-to-face learning experiences over online resources. With the Zoho Meeting integration in Zoho People, employees have the opportunity to meet with instructors in virtual sessions, facilitating communication and enhancing learning.


To keep employees engaged and assess their progress, Zoho People offers the flexibility to conduct assessments, both online and offline. These assessments help track employee progress and also foster a competitive learning environment for teams.

Feedback & Discussions

The LMS facilitates seamless communication between trainers and learners, ensuring effective discussions on specific topics that require more input. Trainers can provide feedback and ratings to individual learners, enhancing the learning experience.

Time & Attendance

Absence Scheduler

Managing absences can be a challenging task, but Zoho People simplifies it with the absence scheduler. This feature allows absences to be effortlessly logged with just a click, using pre-defined absence types, thereby reducing the burden on the team.

Pay Configuration

Zoho People provides the flexibility to configure pay periods for various locations and define the pay period cycle, simplifying the calculation of payouts across businesses. This feature also streamlines payroll management to create accurate payslips.


Permissions within Zoho People empower businesses to define user roles and access levels, ensuring that admins and other users have appropriate permissions for actions like accessing reports, check-ins, and schedules, enhancing business security.

Schedule Reports

Zoho People simplifies attendance tracking, enabling businesses to generate reports that reveal trends within teams, such as punctuality and attendance hours. These reports offer insights into patterns and can help manage absences if they arise.

Shift Customisation

Zoho People provides the flexibility to customise shift schedules according to specific needs and preferences, ensuring that each shift is tailored to businesses and employees so that everyone is comfortable with the shift schedule that they were given.

Automate Rotations

Zoho People simplifies rotations between teams by offering a friendly interface that allows them to define and manage shifts, saving valuable time and effort in schedule management. This feature enables businesses to adjust shift schedules to fit needs.

Break Management

Zoho People provides a way for businesses to define and manage breaks within schedules, allowing businesses to configure them as payable or non-payable as needed. These breaks can be integrated into the schedules to create organised timetables.

Real-Time Notifications

Zoho People employs notifications to keep employees well-informed about their shifts, sending alerts when new shifts are assigned. This approach ensures that everyone is aware of their upcoming shifts and important details, promoting better communication.


Timesheets are essential for tracking employees' daily, weekly, and monthly work hours, ensuring precise records for billing purposes. With timesheets, businesses can efficiently convert this data into client billing information, simplifying the invoicing process.
Employee Engagement

Survey Summaries

Whenever a survey is conducted, Zoho People compiles and summarises the results, providing businesses with an overview of workforce satisfaction and opinions on specific subjects. This consolidated data assists in gaining insights and making decisions.

Insight Reports

Each question in a Zoho People survey contributes to broader metrics that can be analysed. The platform generates detailed reports on responses, facilitating an in-depth analysis of key performance indicators and pinpointing areas that require improvement.

Keyword Analysis

Zoho People employs AI-driven text analysis to effectively analyse responses to open-ended questions. The system identifies common keywords in the responses and assesses their sentiment, distinguishing between positive and negative feedback.

Annual Surveys

Conducting annual surveys is essential for gaining a deeper understanding of employees and their workplace experiences. These surveys provide valuable insights into their perspectives on businesses and their overall environment.

ENPS Surveys

In addition to annual surveys, conducting Employee Net Promoter Surveys (eNPS) is crucial. eNPS measures the likelihood of employees recommending businesses to others, providing insights into loyalty, employee retention and satisfaction levels.

Anonymous Results

Responses to surveys are kept strictly anonymous to encourage honest feedback from employees, free from any pressure or influence from their superiors. This anonymity fosters an open and candid environment for employees to express their thoughts.

Zoho People Queries

How Do I Prevent People Notifications From Going To My Spam Folder?
Emails often end up in the spam folder if they are perceived as coming from untrusted sources or domains by the recipient's email service. This issue can be resolved by ensuring that the DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) settings are correctly configured to establish trustworthiness. When these settings are adjusted to the appropriate values, email inboxes recognises the sender's domain as legitimate, thereby preventing future emails from being incorrectly flagged as spam.
How Do I Register Sick Days In Zoho People?
Zoho People includes a built-in module designed precisely for this task. Leveraging the leave module, businesses can efficiently manage time off in three distinct categories: holidays, leave types, and leave applications. The holiday category is used to designate official holidays for the organisation, while leave types establish rules governing the duration of various leave categories available to employees. Employees can then use the apply leave feature to request time off and specify the type of leave they require. These modules can be easily configured and customised to align with the unique needs of each business. Click here to learn more.
Is Zoho People Free?
Zoho People offers a convenient 30-day free trial, allowing businesses to explore its basic features. However, for more advanced and comprehensive functionality, Zoho People offers five subscription tiers:
  1. Essential HR: This tier provides access to essential HR functions, including streamlined onboarding processes and employee database management.

  2. Professional: Building upon the features of the Essential HR tier, the Professional tier offers additional capabilities such as shift scheduling and time tracking.

  3. Premium: The Premium tier includes all the features of the previous tiers and introduces more advanced functionalities for enhanced HR management such as performance appraisals and advanced HR analytics.

  4. Enterprise: With the Enterprise tier, businesses gain access to the features previous, however businesses also gain the use of course management, employee assessments and course feedback.

  5. People Plus: The People Plus tier offers complete access to all the features and capabilities of Zoho People, making it the top-tier subscription for organisations seeking the most comprehensive HR management solution.

Click here to learn more.

What Is Regularisation In Zoho People?
Attendance regularisation in Zoho People is a procedure that allows employees to submit requests for the correction of inaccurate attendance records. These discrepancies could arise from erroneous absences or scheduling mistakes. Once the request is granted approval, users are granted the ability to make necessary edits to their attendance records, ensuring that the accurate information is documented and maintained. Click here to learn more.
What Is The Difference Between Roles And Profiles In Zoho People?
In Zoho People, there exists a notable distinction between roles and profiles. Roles primarily designate the specific positions individuals hold within the organisation, such as director or developer. On the other hand, profiles define the permissions and access levels granted to each user. Roles primarily serve as cosmetic labels for users, signifying their positions, while profiles empower users with the ability to perform various processes and actions within the Zoho People platform. Click here to learn more.
Can I Recover A Zoho People Account I Accidentally Deleted?
Regrettably, once a user's profile has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved or restored. However, in cases of accidental deletion, there is still a remedy available. The user can be added afresh as a new user to the database, allowing them to resume their activities within the system from where they left off. While it may entail some time and effort to re-enter all the user's data into Zoho People, this process will effectively reinstate the user's account to its previous state, ensuring they can continue using the platform without significant disruptions.
Can You Import Tasks Into Zoho People?
Zoho People facilitates the import of tasks with ease. Users can leverage the "Tasks" feature within the Zoho People menu to import task data from external CSV files. This functionality streamlines the process of transferring tasks between systems or teams, ensuring a seamless transition of task-related information without undue complexities.
Can Documents Automatically Be Sent To A Specified Email?
Zoho People offers a convenient feature for handling critical documents like onboarding papers. While editing a document, users can simply select the "send for sign collection" option and specify the recipient's email address. Once the document is finalised, it will be automatically sent to the designated email, allowing the recipient to review or sign it as necessary, streamlining document management and workflow processes. Click here to learn more.
Can You View Ex-Employees In Zoho People?
Certainly, in Zoho People, ex-employees can be accessed, but this visibility is restricted to admin accounts. To view ex-employees, simply go to the setup tab in Zoho People while logged in as an admin. Look for the "Users" section, and within it, you'll find an "Ex-Employee" subsection. By navigating to this section, you can view a list of ex-employees, along with their respective details, including their dates of joining and leaving the organisation, facilitating efficient management of former employees' records. Click here to read more.
How Do I Change The Start Of The Working Week In Zoho People?

Certainly, modifying the start of the week in Zoho People is a straightforward process. With an admin account, follow these steps:

  1. Access the "Leave Tracker" section.
  2. Within the "Leave Tracker," locate the "Settings" option.
  3. In the settings, you'll find a section called "Define Week Definition."

Within this section, you can easily customise the start and end of your business week as well as define your calendar year hours, providing the flexibility to align the system with your organisation's specific preferences and requirements. Click here to learn more.

Can I Import Attendance Into Zoho People?

Certainly, importing attendance from external sources is possible in Zoho People, provided that the attendance data is stored in either XLS or CSV file formats to ensure accurate data input during the import process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the "Attendance" section in the menu.
  2. Access the "Settings" option within the "Attendance" section.
  3. Look for an option that allows you to "Import Attendance."

Once you select the import attendance option, a prompt will appear, enabling you to upload your attendance file for processing, making it a straightforward process to bring external attendance data into the system. Click here to learn more.

Zoho People Integrations

Recruitment & Analytics
Zoho People plays a central role in the recruitment and analytical aspects of HR management. Through seamless integration with applications like Zoho Analytics, businesses can harness the full potential of their human resource data, extracting invaluable insights to inform strategic decisions. This data-driven approach empowers organisations to make informed choices and fine-tune their HR strategies for optimal results. Furthermore, in collaboration with Zoho Recruit, Zoho People simplifies the transition from potential candidates to new hires with remarkable efficiency. With just a click, businesses can seamlessly onboard these candidates, initiating them into the organisation's processes and ensuring a smooth transition. This streamlined approach enhances the overall hiring experience and accelerates the integration of new team members into the company's workforce.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Recruit

Payroll & Finance

To ensure the utmost efficiency and accuracy in your payment processing within Zoho People, it is imperative for your business to seamlessly integrate a trusted payroll service. Options such as Zoho Payroll, Paybooks, or GreytHR offer comprehensive solutions that extend beyond mere transaction facilitation. These payroll services excel in meticulous salary calculations, drastically reducing the likelihood of costly errors and ensuring the smooth operation of your financial processes. By integrating these reliable payroll services, your business not only simplifies payroll management but also gains the advantage of precise and efficient financial operations. This streamlining of payment processing not only saves time but also enhances the overall financial reliability of your business. With a robust payroll integration, your organisation can confidently manage payments and disbursements, allowing you to focus on strategic growth and development.

Zoho Payroll



Effective financial management is crucial for businesses to avoid chaos in their financial processes. Financial applications like Zoho Books play a pivotal role in simplifying these tasks. Zoho Books can seamlessly convert approved timesheets into invoices, while Zoho Invoice and Quickbooks offer convenient invoice creation solutions. This streamlines the entire invoicing process, making it hassle-free.

Furthermore, Zoho Expenses provides your business with a centralised platform to efficiently track expenses. This visibility allows you to monitor both inflows and outflows of funds, ensuring better financial control and decision-making. These financial applications collectively contribute to a well-organized and efficient financial management system for your business.

Zoho Books

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Expense


Document Signing

To establish a streamlined and efficient process for signing HR documents and ensuring they are submitted punctually, the incorporation of document signing applications becomes indispensable. Among the array of reputable services available, options like Zoho Sign, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign offer sophisticated solutions. These platforms empower your business to effortlessly execute document signatures directly from your devices, facilitating seamless transmission to your HR department through cloud services or email communication. These document signing applications are not only user-friendly but also prioritise security and confidentiality. Your digital signature, which is unique to you, serves as a safeguard to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the signed documents. By embracing these advanced solutions, your business can enhance its HR document management, ensuring that all processes are executed with efficiency and precision, while also prioritising the security of sensitive information. This results in a more organised and compliant HR workflow, promoting smoother operations and improved record-keeping practices.

Zoho Sign

Adobe Sign


Projects & Collaboration

Efficiently monitoring project progress can pose challenges, but solutions like Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM streamline the process. Zoho Projects empowers your business to meticulously track project schedules, offering real-time insights into task progress. Simultaneously, Zoho CRM facilitates the integration of work hours with client profiles, simplifying payroll processing and invoicing upon project completion. To foster effective collaboration and communication among your team members, leveraging dedicated platforms is imperative. Applications like Zoho Cliq and Microsoft Teams provide robust environments for seamless interaction and idea sharing. By incorporating these tools into your workflow, your team can communicate effortlessly, enhancing teamwork and idea exchange for more productive and cohesive project management.

Zoho Projects

Zoho CRM

Zoho Cliq

Microsoft Teams

Business & Automation

Automation is a crucial element in business operations, helping to streamline tasks and save valuable time. With automation applications, you can eliminate the need for manual processes, allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities. For instance, Zoho Flow offers the ability to create customised automated workflows, simplifying various business processes. Additionally, Zoho Mail automates contact synchronisation by seamlessly syncing contacts with Zoho People, enhancing contact management. Similarly, Zapier, like Zoho Flow, empowers your business to automate tasks through workflows, further increasing efficiency and productivity. These automation tools are essential for modern businesses looking to optimise their operations.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Flow


Google Suite


Rewards & Recognition

Employee motivation is a crucial aspect of maintaining productivity and ensuring that your team consistently delivers their best performance. Without motivation, employees may lack the enthusiasm and drive necessary to meet business standards. To address this, implementing effective motivation strategies is essential. One highly effective approach is the use of reward applications like Xoxoday and Vantage Circle. These platforms enable your business to recognise and reward exceptional performance and achievements. By acknowledging and rewarding employees for their hard work and dedication, you not only boost their morale but also inspire others to strive for excellence. Rewards can come in various forms, such as gift cards, bonuses, or other incentives. When employees see their colleagues being recognised and rewarded for their efforts, it creates a positive work environment and encourages a culture of excellence, ultimately driving overall business success.


Vantage Circle

Password & User Access
Maintaining robust account security is of paramount importance for businesses, particularly in an era where data breaches pose a significant threat to user and employee information. Protecting sensitive data is a top priority, and there are effective applications that can help achieve this crucial objective. One such application is Zoho Vault, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing security. Zoho Vault generates randomly generated, strong passwords for your employees, ensuring that their accounts remain secure and protected from unauthorised access. This proactive measure safeguards sensitive information and mitigates the risks associated with weak passwords. Furthermore, Zoho Directory offers valuable assistance by acting as a directory of authorised users who are granted access to your business systems. By implementing Zoho Directory, you establish a secure framework where only authorised individuals can log in and access your system. This comprehensive security approach ensures that your business data remains safeguarded and minimizes the potential for unauthorised access or data breaches.

Zoho Vault

Zoho Directory

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