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    Automate field service management, from work orders to invoicing, boosting efficiency and visibility with real-time data. Field agents can access vital information on the go, with optimised scheduling and built-in invoicing for faster billing and revenue capture.

What Is Zoho FSM?

It is an application tailored to streamline field service operations, particularly suited for businesses involved in installations and maintenance tasks. These businesses commonly face challenges related to resource management and ensuring a smooth customer experience, necessitating a platform to address these issues. This dedicated solution tackles these challenges head-on by providing robust features and consolidates them into essential functions into a single cloud-based system.

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Customer Management

Accessing accurate customer information greatly enhances every customer interaction, enabling agents to access previous job data, past requests and payment records for deeper insights. Having details like this from a single console equips teams with valuable data to enhance their service to the customer.

Scheduling and Dispatching

The Dispatch Console serves as a robust platform for businesses, offering capabilities beyond just creating work orders and scheduling appointments. It efficiently manages agents and teams, allowing businesses to leverage real-time data presented in various views, including the Gantt view, to optimise resource scheduling.

Work Order Management

By utilising the Work Order Management tool, businesses can streamline their ordering processes by enabling customers to specify essential details such as requested times and special instructions. This ensures that the business can precisely meet the customer's needs.

Workforce Management

Managing a workforce can be challenging, but with the workforce management tool, businesses can simplify this task. It offers user profiles tailored to the specific business roles. By default, the tool comes with five preset profiles, but additional profiles can be created to align with the unique requirements of the business.

Scheduled Maintenance

Certain businesses may require scheduling regular maintenance for customers. With this tool, businesses can specify particular dates and times to accommodate preferences and create templates to ensure customer satisfaction.


Invoices and Payments

With integrated invoicing and payment features, businesses can convert work orders into detailed, branded invoices, which can then be sent to customers. This functionality allows businesses to choose payment terms that suit their preferences and accept payments both online and offline, accommodating multiple currencies.

Services and Inventory

The software provides a simple approach to monitor and track parts and equipment needed for services, utilising a serial number tracking feature to maintain a consistent supply of equipment for businesses. By storing part details within the system, businesses can effectively utilise this information to fulfill estimates or work orders.

Dashboard and Reports

With integrated dashboards, businesses can conveniently access summaries of the key metrics driving their company directly from the home screen. This feature enables businesses to promptly evaluate work order statuses, monitor field agents' check-in and check-out times, and track monthly revenue, facilitating an assessment of the business's growth.


FSM Mobile App

With a built-in mobile application available for both Android and iOS, businesses can access all the necessary tools conveniently in the palm of their hands, making the job more convenient. This enhances field productivity and reduces the reliance on paperwork for agents.

Working On The Field

When field agents are assigned a job, they receive notifications on the app. This enables them to access all job-related details, including customer information, the asset requiring service, necessary parts, and the job location. Additionally, the app can serve as a timesheet, ensuring that agents are working on the designated tasks.

Invoicing and Follow-Ups

Delayed payments due to delayed invoices are now a thing of the past. Field agents can now complete the payment process on-site, allowing pre-populated invoices to be generated and sent directly to the customer from the mobile app. Additionally, agents can use the app to create scheduled maintenances if requested by the customer.

Timely Notifications

With the software, businesses can configure timely notifications to keep customers informed at every stage of their request, sending alerts via email notifications or even through text messages.

Effective Customer Services

In addition to sending estimates, field agents can also send feedback requests to gather data about the service provided. By utilising these reports, businesses can customise their services to better meet the needs of future customers.

Memorable Services

Guarantee customer satisfaction by providing them with a top-notch service, ensuring they receive the most suitable agents for their request in a prompt and organised manner.


Custom Fields

Tailor modules by adding or removing fields, enabling businesses to gather any important additional data crucial to their operations and ensuring efficient organisation within the system.


Optimise business operations and boost efficiency through the use of automation. Workflow automation simplifies repetitive tasks and guarantees precise outcomes by automatically executing customised rules tailored to meet the specific needs of each business.

Console Customisation

Businesses can personalise the information displayed on their Dispatch Console, thereby improving the user experience. This customisation can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the business, ensuring that statuses and views align precisely with the business's requirements.

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How FSM Helps You

Service Management

The application serves as an all-encompassing solution for businesses aiming to enhance and streamline their service processes. By utilising the software, businesses can simplify their services, ensuring that agents are allocated to the appropriate requests and that customer inquiries are equipped with the precise data needed.

Operation Management

In addition to service delivery, businesses can streamline their intricate operations within a single platform by utilising workflows. These workflows can automate crucial operations like invoicing and inventory management, allowing the business to operate efficiently with minimal manual intervention.

Operation Management

In addition to service delivery, businesses can streamline their intricate operations within a single platform by utilising workflows. These workflows can automate crucial operations like invoicing and inventory management, allowing the business to operate efficiently with minimal manual intervention.

Customer Management

Businesses can strive to provide outstanding customer experiences with the diverse range of features available in the software. By leveraging these capabilities, businesses can accommodate clients in various ways, thereby fostering trust and loyalty between the business and the customer.

Zoho FSM Partners

What Can We Do For You?

At Digital Scientists, we comprehend the challenges associated with manual process management, especially when managing multiple clients concurrently. With our team of Zoho-certified experts, we offer comprehensive assistance in integrating FSM into business operations. Whether it involves setting up inventory systems or designing customised workflows to streamline critical processes, our team possesses the expertise to ensure seamless integration tailored to specific needs.

Our Expertise

With a wealth of experience across multiple industries, our team at Digital Scientists boasts extensive expertise in supporting clients across diverse sectors, including drainage and construction. We comprehend the unique challenges and intricacies inherent in these industries and are adept at providing tailored solutions to optimise business processes. Leveraging our experience and profound understanding of field service operations, we provide comprehensive assistance in implementing these systems for businesses.

Assisting Services
This tool is invaluable for enhancing business services, although its complexity may present challenges in the initial stages of understanding. With the support of our team, we can effortlessly set up the system and tailor it to meet specific requirements. We handle every aspect, from configuring task lists to establishing a robust customer communication center, ensuring that the system aligns precisely with the business's needs.
Streamlining Operations

Our team specialises in offering comprehensive support to businesses, extending beyond the initial setup to implement advanced features and functionalities tailored to each business's needs. One of our areas of expertise lies in automating various aspects of business operations, such as invoice creation. Additionally, we provide proficiency in establishing robust reporting and dashboard systems. Whether configuring task sequences, defining approval workflows, or implementing automated notifications, we seamlessly integrate the necessary elements into existing operational frameworks.

Effective Customisation
Apart from our proficiency in services and operations, our team excels in system customisation. We harness the capabilities of the software to craft tailored user profiles for various user types, including administrators or support teams. Additionally, we adeptly customise dispatch consoles to align precisely with the specific needs of the business.
Seamless Integration
Our team can seamlessly integrate various applications into each system, ensuring continuity with any existing systems. By entrusting us with the integration process, businesses can smoothly transition to their newly developed system without any disruptions or loss of functionality, retaining the familiarity of the previously used system.

Zoho FSM Queries

Is Zoho FSM Free?
Zoho FSM is free, providing basic functionalities such as request handling, order creation, service and part management, and workflow automation. However, users at this tier are restricted to 30 appointments. To access more features, businesses can upgrade to the standard tier at £24/month, offering unlimited appointments along with workforce management tools and enhanced customisation options. For further enhancements, the professional tier, priced at £36/month, includes all features from the previous tiers, alongside improved inventory management, maintenance plans, and time-based workflows.
Is Zoho FSM Included In Zoho One?
Currently, Zoho FSM is not part of the Zoho One suite. Businesses interested in using the software can either opt for the free tier or subscribe to one of the paid tiers, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the plan that best aligns with their needs and requirements. For more details on available plans, please refer to the previous question.
Can I Import And Export Data In Zoho FSM?
Indeed, the software offers functionalities for importing data into different modules, including Contacts, Companies, Assets, and Services & Parts. This capability allows businesses to seamlessly transfer existing data into the system, facilitating a smooth transition. Furthermore, data from these modules can be exported in CSV format, providing businesses with flexibility to manage and analyse their data externally, as required.
What Is The Difference Between Parts And Assets?
The difference between parts and assets lies in their utilisation within a service context. Parts are used to provide or execute a service, encompassing items like thermostats or paint. Moreover, parts can be cataloged as items available for sale. Conversely, assets are items that are either sold or leased, such as products like air dryers or air coolers. While assets can be added as parts, each individual part, like an air cooler, can also be added as an asset for individual monitoring. Click here to read more.
What Is The Difference Between Cancellations And Terminations In Zoho FSM?
In Zoho FSM, a cancellation refers to a scenario where a customer decides not to proceed with a service and requests its cancellation. On the other hand, a termination occurs when an agent is unable to complete a service and is required to terminate it prematurely.
How Do I Store Work Instructions For A Job In FSM?
FSM provides a convenient method to store task-specific completion instructions. Within the "Work Orders" section, users can add a new multi-line module to the order form. By labeling this module as "Instructions," businesses can store any pertinent instructions for particular tasks. These instructions remain accessible and can be reviewed each time the service is utilised, ensuring that all task-related guidelines are readily available for reference. To read more, click here.
Is There A Service Report Image Limit?
The current attachment limit for images on service reports is set at 10 megabytes. However, there are effective workarounds available. One method involves navigating to the "Settings" section and accessing the "Image Upload Resolution" option. By selecting the "Small" option, FSM automatically converts any images attached to the service order into their smallest possible form, thus reducing their file size. To read more, click here.

FSM Integrations

Zoho FSM's robust integration capabilities extend beyond the Zoho Finance suite to include popular accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Xero. This broad integration spectrum enables businesses to synchronise their financial data seamlessly across different software platforms, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.
Zoho Books
Zoho Expense
Zoho Billing
Zoho Invoice
Quick Books
Zoho Applications
Zoho FSM seamlessly integrates with a variety of Zoho services, enriching its functionality and expanding its capabilities. Through integration with other Zoho applications, businesses can efficiently handle inventory management, synchronise customer data, automate workflows, and streamline task management. Integrating other Zoho applications into the software enables businesses to optimise their operations and enhance overall efficiency.
Zoho CRM
Zoho Desk
Zoho People
Zoho Projects
Zoho Inventory
Zoho Creator

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