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    Automate your support processes, increase employee efficiency and create long lasting customer experiences all in one software.

What Is Zoho Desk?

This platform offers a comprehensive software solution aimed at elevating customer support capabilities. It enables businesses to efficiently manage customer service inquiries, swiftly assigning them to the appropriate staff members. Through automated ticket assignment, valuable time and effort is saved, eliminating manual sorting tasks. Moreover, it facilitates the creation of tailored support portals, empowering customers to submit tickets, access knowledge bases, and track request progress. Leveraging our expertise as Zoho consultants, we can aid businesses in setting up their support portals, fostering higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ensuring effective issue resolution.

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Omnichannel Communication

Centralise all support tickets within a unified portal, streamlining the handling of various issues and inquiries in one location. This consolidation ensures that team members can efficiently address and manage all customer queries and concerns.

Help Center

Help centers and FAQs are a knowledge base with a wealth of informative articles addressing common inquiries. Personalise this space to align with the brand identity of the business and seamlessly integrate it with the business domain for a fully customised experience.

Multiple Departments

Segment businesses into smaller departments to ensure precise routing of queries to the most appropriate teams. These divisions can be based on services, subscription tiers, product categories, or any other relevant criteria. Each department can then have its own tailored help desk, optimising the support process for enhanced efficiency.


With this platform, businesses can efficiently manage customer queries received via email. The application prioritises each query, ensuring that critical ones are addressed promptly. Moreover, it features an AI-powered reply assistant that suggests relevant responses, significantly enhancing response times and overall efficiency in handling email inquiries.


Provide personalised support by resolving tickets via phone calls, catering to customers who prefer direct and audible communication. This method is particularly beneficial for addressing critical issues and ensuring clear communication between users and support agents. Utilise this system to efficiently connect customers with the appropriate agents and seamlessly resolve their concerns.


LiveChat features seamlessly convert customer queries into help tickets, consolidating them in one central location for efficient handling by technicians. These customisable widgets are indispensable for websites, enhancing the support experience and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction. Tailor them to align with the business and reflect its unique brand identity.

Social Media

Integrate with popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to track all user interactions, enabling businesses to gather valuable feedback and enhance their services. By monitoring these platforms, businesses can swiftly convert customer issues into tickets, ensuring prompt resolution and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.


Embedded Self-Service

Develop a personalised help desk tailored to address users' frequently asked questions regarding products or services, sourced from support systems or knowledge bases. This centralised answer hub ensures customers easily access the information they seek, enhancing their experience.


Establishing a forum empowers regular users to engage and support each other, minimising the team's involvement and freeing up their time for other tasks or inquiries. Through collaborative efforts, users can find solutions and troubleshoot issues collectively, fostering a community-driven support ecosystem.

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base archives frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with their answers. Leveraging Zia, Zoho's AI, enables swift and straightforward solutions, alleviating the workload on employees. These curated FAQs can be instrumental in shaping a user-friendly help center or self-service section on a website, allowing users to easily understand their issue and how to solve it.


Work Modes

Work modes provide a flexible method for organising support tickets according to team-specific criteria. Operators can effortlessly sort tickets by priority, status, or custom fields, simplifying the process of identifying and addressing the most urgent issues.

Response Editor

The response editor empowers businesses to craft personalised responses to frequently asked questions. By leveraging templates, technicians can deliver accurate and timely answers, enhancing customer satisfaction. These structured responses streamline the support process, enabling team members to address issues efficiently without the need for extensive detailing.


Team feeds serve as a crucial platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the customer support team. Through team feeds, team members can effortlessly communicate and share insights on addressing intricate tickets. This close collaboration ensures the timely completion of tickets, enhancing overall team efficiency.


Make the most of the mobile app designed to keep support teams informed about ticket progress, even on the go. This app empowers technicians to access real-time ticket updates and statuses, enabling them to track progress and respond promptly, regardless of their location.

Ticketing Efficiency

Enhance team efficiency by accessing past tickets to deliver personalised support. With access to users' previous tickets, support teams can quickly determine if an issue is recurring or entirely new. By utilising these tools, teams can focus solely on relevant information, filtering out unnecessary details and resolving issues more effectively.



Establishing a robust help desk entails defining its essential components to align with business objectives effectively. This involves outlining Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and ensuring their consistent enforcement, as well as specifying work hours to provide clear guidance to customers regarding when they can contact the help desk.

Ticket Assignment

In managing a support operation, meticulous ticket assignment to the right department or technicians is vital. Establishing clear ticket assignment rules helps ensure accurate routing, minimising errors. Businesses can implement round-robin assignment for equitable ticket distribution or set up specific routing to direct tickets to designated departments.

Notification Rules

Establishing notification rules can greatly enhance communication between the support team and customers. By implementing these rules, customers receive timely updates at crucial stages of the ticket process, such as when it's assigned to a team member. This ensures customers remain well-informed throughout the entire process, minimising missed steps and enhancing satisfaction.

SLAs & Escalations

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) play a crucial role in managing customer expectations and guaranteeing prompt issue resolution. Through SLAs, businesses can establish clear conditions and deadlines for ticket resolution, ensuring adherence by the support team. Failure to meet SLAs results in ticket escalation, prioritising its resolution until completion.


Responding promptly to customers is paramount. With workflows, businesses can optimise their processes, ensuring swift replies with minimal delay. These custom workflows automate tasks like setting reminders and updating tickets, vastly improving operational efficiency.


When crafting a website form, it's vital to collect all pertinent customer information to optimise service delivery. Utilising layouts, businesses can customise customer fields for each department, ensuring capture of context specific to their needs.


Blueprints serve as a robust mechanism enabling businesses to establish instructions for executing processes systematically. Primarily employed in ticket management, they guide tickets through a lifecycle, with each ticket progressing through various statuses until resolution. In cases where resolution is not achieved, escalation protocols ensure timely resolution, enhancing efficiency and ensuring comprehensive ticket management.

Custom Functions

Enhance the customer support experience by integrating custom functions tailored to business needs. Should the application lack certain essential features, custom functions offer a seamless solution, unlocking a realm of versatility and enabling businesses to expand the platform's capabilities according to their requirements.


The application's greatest strength lies in its adaptability and capacity for customisation, catering to the distinct requirements of each business. With the ability to tailor layouts, fields, and workflows, businesses can optimise the platform to suit the specific needs and preferences of their support teams effectively.


Incorporating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offers businesses the versatility to link with various third-party applications, facilitating the collection and encapsulation of data. This integration empowers businesses to expand their service offerings, enabling the generation of more comprehensive reports for informed decision-making or enhancing customer support capabilities.

Marketplace and Platforms

Businesses seeking to boost the functionality of their application can explore the wide array of extensions offered on the Zoho Marketplace. These extensions cater to diverse business needs, such as foreign language translators for improved communication with users or calendar add-ons to efficiently track commitments made to customers.

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Leverage software development kits (SDKs) to expand and enhance the functionality of the platform. With SDKs, the team can create custom solutions like help center integrations or integrate third-party applications to bolster customer support capabilities.

Reports and Dashboards

Generate personalised reports and dashboards that align with specific business requirements. These reports can be customised to display data on ticket status, priority, departmental metrics, and various other parameters. By leveraging these dashboards, businesses can consolidate insights from a centralised platform, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive improvements.

Time Tracking

Tracking task durations enhances billing precision for clients and assesses support team efficacy. Employees can effortlessly log time spent on each ticket, facilitating comprehensive reporting. This simplifies time tracking, enabling businesses to precisely measure task durations for each ticket.


Radar operates as a robust mobile extension, delivering immediate insights into support operations. Users can effortlessly access vital details on user traffic, ticket trends, and customer satisfaction ratings from their mobile devices. With this tool, the team gains a comprehensive understanding of support processes, enabling them to identify urgent matters, evaluate technician performance, and intervene as necessary.


Headquarters shines as an outstanding feature, providing a centralised dashboard catering to various business requirements. It consolidates vital information regarding customers, team dynamics, and service desk operations in a single, accessible location. Leveraging this tool, businesses can oversee team activity, track customer feedback, and analyse ticket traffic to identify patterns and trends effectively.


Efficient support management often hinges on streamlining the ticketing process. Establishing statuses that mirror the different stages of a ticket's lifecycle aids in organisational clarity. Whether a ticket is on hold, escalated, or resolved, marking its progress at each stage ensures users can track their tickets and stay updated on issue resolution.


Leveraging templates proves to be a time-saving strategy, enhancing operational efficiency within the business. By crafting templates, businesses automate the reply process, pre-populating fields with user details. Tailored for responses and ticketing systems, these templates minimise manual intervention, particularly in addressing frequently asked questions.

Domain Mapping

Establishing a robust brand identity is paramount for any business. That's why the platform enables businesses to seamlessly align their help desk with their brand by mapping their domain to the help center. This fosters brand recognition among customers, enhancing their trust and connection with the business.


Effortlessly solidify the brand identity of the business by tailoring the appearance of the help desk to reflect the brand's unique style. This ensures that customers can easily identify the help desk as an integral part of the business, fostering trust and familiarity.


To maintain data security, it's vital to restrict employee access to only the necessary information. Role-based permissions provide a solution by allowing businesses to define access levels based on job roles, such as admin or technician, ensuring that each user only has access to relevant data.

Data Sharing

Establish varying permission levels for shared modules to enforce data security and access control. The read-only permission level enables users to view the module without altering it, while the private level restricts access to authorised individuals only.

Data Protection

In today's digital era, safeguarding personal data has become paramount. Organisations must adhere to data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to safeguard customer data. By leveraging this application, businesses can confidently store and utilise data, ensuring full compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Audit Log

The audit log feature empowers businesses to stay informed about their daily customer service activities through ongoing monitoring. This facilitates easier tracking, retrieval, and analysis of records in a chronological order for team leads and administrators.

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How Zoho Desk Helps You

Empower Agents

Deliver exceptional customer service throughout the entire customer journey using the robust tools at the team's disposal. Empower the team with features like work modes for streamlined workflow, an advanced reply editor for swift and detailed responses, and role-based permissions for tailored access control to increase productivity and organisation.

Satisfied Customers

Elevate customer satisfaction levels with the extensive capabilities offered by the application, enhancing accessibility and engagement with the business. Through swift and accurate solutions, interactions with the team become not only convenient but also enjoyable, nurturing a sense of satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty among customers.

Satisfied Customers

Elevate customer satisfaction levels with the extensive capabilities offered by the application, enhancing accessibility and engagement with the business. Through swift and accurate solutions, interactions with the team become not only convenient but also enjoyable, nurturing a sense of satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty among customers.

Healthier Business

Forge enduring customer relationships to fortify your business for sustained growth and vitality. Empower the team to monitor actionable customer service metrics, gain deeper insights into customer needs, and consistently provide meaningful value, ensuring lasting satisfaction and loyalty.

Zoho Desk Partners

What Can We Do For You?

At Digital Scientists, we recognise the critical role of a robust support system in assisting customers. Leveraging our expertise as Zoho specialists, our team can help establish the help desk and configure workflows to automate processes, enabling the support team to concentrate on resolving customer issues effectively.
Our Expertise

As certified Zoho UK partners, our team excels in optimising the functionality of the help desk, making it user-friendly and appealing to customers seeking assistance. We leverage the application's robust features to establish a streamlined ticket management system, tailor the help center to business needs, enhance team productivity, and automate key processes. We elevate customer support to unparalleled levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Ticket Management
Drawing on our proficiency as Zoho consultants, we leverage the application's functionalities to amalgamate diverse communication channels into a cohesive service hub, thus streamlining and centralising the support workflow. By structuring departments, we organise teams into coherent units, ensuring prompt assignment of customers to adept technicians suited to address their inquiries effectively. Through these initiatives, ticket management becomes more efficient, sparing technicians from irrelevant tickets and optimising the overall ticket resolution process.
Help Center

At Digital Scientists, we recognise the pivotal role of a robust information hub in assisting users. Utilising our expertise as Zoho consultants, we specialise in crafting comprehensive and user-friendly help centers tailored to businesses' needs. Our services encompass setting up ticket systems to promptly address user issues, establishing knowledge bases for self-service access, and integrating self-service widgets into websites and mobile applications, ensuring seamless access to essential information for users.

Team Productivity
Effective teamwork hinges on seamless collaboration and communication, both of which we excel at facilitating. As Zoho Desk specialists, we leverage the platform to establish streamlined systems for support teams. Through customised work mode views, we tailor the interface to display pertinent information such as ticket statuses and customer feedback. Moreover, we design and implement structured reply templates to ensure comprehensive and consistent communication with customers.
Automation Setup
Streamlining repetitive tasks is crucial for maximising productivity, especially in handling support tickets. Our services aim to eliminate the time-consuming nature of these tasks, allowing support teams to focus on core responsibilities. By implementing escalations and SLAs, we establish priority processes that automatically elevate the urgency of unresolved tickets. Additionally, our team configures workflows or blueprints to trigger notification reminders whenever a ticket undergoes an action, ensuring both the team and customers are promptly updated on the ticket's status. These automated processes minimise the need for manual intervention, enabling team members to dedicate their attention to addressing tickets efficiently.
Desk Customisation
As Zoho partners, our services extend to customising the application to precisely match business requirements. We refine layouts to showcase essential data prominently within the headquarters or dashboard sections. Furthermore, we tailor the help desk to mirror the brand identity by incorporating the business colors, logo, and custom widgets if needed. Our expertise also encompasses mapping the business website's domain to the help desk, seamlessly integrating it as an integral part of the business ecosystem.

Zoho Desk Queries

Is Zoho Desk Free?
Certainly! Zoho Desk offers a free trial with access to its basic features. Following that, there are three subscription tiers available. The first tier, the Standard Plan at £12/user/month, includes 5 email channels, a help center, instant messaging, 5 workflows, limited rebranding, and custom email templates, among other features. Moving up, the Professional Tier at £18/user/month offers 10 email channels, 15 workflows per department, automatic time tracking, full rebranding, and unlimited custom reports. Lastly, the Enterprise Tier at £35/user/month encompasses all features from the previous tiers, plus 100 email channels, live chat capabilities, AI features, report scheduling, and more. Click here to learn more. 
Can I Change The Default Desk Department?
Unfortunately, changing the default department isn't feasible due to its integration with various modules. Altering it could potentially disrupt linked functions or cause system instability. However, as a workaround to prevent emails from reaching this department, navigate to "Setup" > "Channels" > "Emails" > "Support Email Address," and disable the "Email Fetching" toggle. This prevents emails from reaching the designated department, offering a temporary solution.
How Do I Delete Departments?
Departments cannot be deleted once created because doing so may result in the loss of critical information. Instead, departments can be disabled to prevent their use. To disable a department, navigate to "Setup" > "Organisation" > "Departments," hover over the department, and toggle the "Disable" option. Then, select a different department to transfer agents and mail transfers to, and click "Transfer and Disable," followed by "Save."
How Do I Add A Signature To Tickets?
Each technician can have their own signature, which is not a company-wide signature. To add a signature to a ticket response, begin by clicking the "Setup" or cog icon in the top panel, then select "Personal Settings" under the "Customisation" menu. Next, click on "Preferences" and then "Add Signature." Choose the department for the signature and specify the signature in the HTML editor. To upload a logo, click the "Insert" icon in the editor. Once done, click "Save" to upload the signature.
How Do I Move Tickets Between Departments?
Transferring tickets between departments is straightforward. Ensure that the "Move Tickets" permission is granted. Begin by selecting the department where the ticket is currently assigned. Then, choose one of the other departments listed. This action moves the ticket to the selected department.
How Do I Merge Tickets?
Merging tickets is a simple process, but keep in mind that merged tickets cannot be separated afterward. Also, tickets can only be merged if they belong to the same department, and a maximum of five tickets can be merged at once. To begin, go to the "Tickets" module and select the relevant department. Then, choose the tickets that should be merged and click on "Merge" in the actions list. The first selected ticket becomes the master ticket by default. Select the information that should be retained after the merge, and then click "Merge" again to confirm the decision.
What Is The Storage Limit And File Type Needed For A Knowledge Base?

The storage capacity within the application's knowledge base is unlimited, allowing businesses to continuously add the information their customers require. However, when importing articles into the knowledge base, the supported file formats are limited to .XLS or .CSV files. Any other file formats will not be accepted for import.

How Do I Customise The Help Center?

To customise the help center to align with the business's branding, Navigate to "Setup" > "Channels" > "Help Center" and choose the relevant help center. Then click on "Help Center Customisation" and select a theme. Click "Customise" to enter the editor. In the editor, users can adjust the appearance of the help desk, customise HTML and CSS, and add custom widgets. From the customisation options, users can edit font styles, body colors, headers, navigation menus, and buttons according to their preferences. Don't forget to click "Publish" to save and publish any changes made. Click here to learn more.

Zoho Desk Integrations

Zoho Apps

Businesses have the opportunity to expand the capabilities of the application by integrating it with various Zoho applications. With our assistance, businesses can seamlessly integrate with platforms like Zoho CRM, facilitating the alignment of sales and support systems and enabling cross-selling initiatives that foster collaboration between sales and support teams. Moreover, integrating specialised support-focused applications such as Zoho Assist allows for remote support, enabling hands-on assistance to resolve issues effectively. Another valuable addition is Zoho SalesIQ, which leverages live chat functionality to instantly convert user queries into tickets, ensuring timely and efficient resolution of issues. To learn more about these integrations, click here.

Zoho CRM
Zoho Projects
Zoho Assist
Zoho Sprints
Zoho Analytics
Zoho Cliq
Zoho Books
Zoho Invoice
Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho Inventory
Zoho Bug Tracker
Zoho Forms

Incorporating telephony platforms into the application proves to be both beneficial and efficient for maintaining seamless communication with customers. Through such integrations, technicians gain the ability to initiate phone calls directly from their browser, streamlining communication processes. Moreover, these platforms maintain comprehensive call logs, ensuring that all user interactions are diligently recorded and accounted for, thus enhancing overall customer communication management.

Ring Central
Team Collaboration

Integrating these collaboration platforms enables seamless communication and collaboration among teams. Slack integration facilitates real-time support updates and enhances productivity through channel-based interactions. Microsoft Teams integration facilitates collaboration in dedicated servers, providing instant ticket updates and enabling ticket actions directly from the application. Google Suite integration offers a wide range of applications, promoting collaboration, communication, and information sharing directly from the platform.

Microsoft Teams
Google Suite
Customer Management

Integrating these applications into the support system provides the support team with a holistic view of the customer journey, refining sales techniques and enhancing problem-solving capabilities. With MailChimp integration, businesses can access marketing campaign data directly from the support desk, tracking campaign interactions and leveraging insights to boost customer engagement. Additionally, the support team can utilise MailChimp to create campaigns, further bolstering support efforts. Integration with HubSpot or Salesforce offers deep insights into customer profiles, enabling businesses to prioritise tickets and support customers effectively all from customer data.

Mail Chimp
Sales Force
Other Apps

Additional integrations that could enhance the application's functionality include SMS Magic, facilitating communication with customers through SMS messages. This provides a simple and efficient platform for sending notifications and offering support via text messages. Another valuable integration is Zapier, which serves as a connector between various apps, enabling seamless data exchange and interaction. Zapier bridges the gap between applications, facilitating efficient data integration. Lastly, Jira integration enables the support team to leverage its features for error assessment and tracking. Utilising Jira, the team can effectively monitor and address customer issues, ensuring timely resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

SMS Magic

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