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What Is ​Zoho Commerce?

This application revolutionises the landscape of online commerce, offering a comprehensive platform that caters to every aspect of business operations. From building visually captivating websites to managing orders, inventory, payments, shipping, and marketing, it provides a one-stop solution for businesses to establish and expand their online presence. With its intuitive interface and advanced analytics, businesses gain valuable insights to drive informed decisions and optimize performance. Whether a small startup or a large enterprise, this application unlocks the full potential of businesses, ensuring a seamless and successful customer experience.

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Customisable Layouts

Select from a wide array of customisable layouts and themes tailored to match design preferences and align with the business aesthetic. With numerous options at hand, businesses can effortlessly discover the perfect layout and theme that resonates with their brand identity.

Storefront Stylisation

Seize complete control over every facet of the storefront's design. Whether it's tweaking the color of icons or making significant adjustments like altering the width of columns and customising the size of banners, every detail matters and is within reach.

Custom Script

Effortlessly expand the business by incorporating third-party widgets and scripts directly into the website. This robust feature empowers businesses to enhance the functionality of their online stores by seamlessly integrating with a diverse array of external services that might otherwise be inaccessible.


Easily curate visually captivating collections of images by grouping relevant photos together into collections or photosets. This feature empowers businesses to create visually stunning displays that enhance the overall appeal of their website.


Streamline the process of integrating forms into the commerce storefront with a simple click of a button. By leveraging these forms, businesses can effortlessly interact with their audience by including fields for names and emails. This enables businesses to collect vital contact information for newsletters or email campaigns.


The robust menu management system empowers businesses to efficiently organise their store. With the capability to create menu items, businesses can effortlessly add pages, links, products, categories, and collections to their menus, ensuring smooth navigation for customers.


Businesses enjoy enhanced flexibility in tailoring their store's appearance by choosing from existing color schemes or incorporating custom colors. They can effortlessly select from a variety of pre-designed color schemes that align with their brand identity or craft their own unique palette.


Product Filters

Enhance the customer experience by providing a range of product filtering options, enabling customers to easily find precisely what they're searching for without any hassle. Users can search using various tags, ensuring a personalised shopping experience tailored to their preferences.

Add Products

Take complete control over the full range of product details and variants. Effortlessly fill out essential information such as product title, description, SKU, and much more. This ensures that each product is accurately represented on the storefront.

Product Specifications

Empower businesses to enrich the shopping journey for customers by swiftly and effortlessly providing comprehensive product specifications. By incorporating detailed specs into product listings, businesses enhance the shopping experience, enabling customers to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Product Import/Export

Simplify the process of populating the store's inventory by effortlessly adding multiple products at once using the bulk import feature. Whether businesses are managing a large catalog or need to swiftly introduce new products, they can save valuable time by importing items in bulk via a CSV or XLS file. 

Inventory Management

Businesses can effortlessly monitor their product inventory and establish alerts to notify them when stock levels are running low. This automated system ensures a seamless and efficient stock management process. Moreover, businesses can impose quantity restrictions to prevent users from purchasing more than a specified amount of a product.

Categories and Collections

When crafting categories or collections, businesses wield complete control over their appearance and functionality on the storefront. Start by inputting the pertinent category name, ensuring it aptly represents the products it encompasses. Then, businesses can toggle banners and decide whether they should be displayed in the store.

Oversee Shipping

By seamlessly integrating with various shipping providers, businesses can optimise the efficiency of their shipping processes. Connect the shop to a preferred shipping company to generate shipping labels and track parcels with ease.

Multi-Currency Support

This platform recognises the significance of catering to a global customer base. That's why it offers support for over 160 currencies, empowering businesses to provide a personalised shopping experience for customers worldwide.

Access Restriction

This platform grants businesses complete control over their storefront's accessibility. They can opt to limit access, making their store visible solely to chosen members, thus crafting an exclusive shopping environment tailored to a specific audience.

Automated Emails

Establish automated email notifications to update various aspects such as order confirmations, feedback requests, low stock alerts, and reminders for abandoned carts. This proactive approach ensures that both businesses and customers remain informed about important activities and events, fostering better communication and engagement.

Product Recommendations

This platform is equipped with an integrated AI named Zia. Zia has the capability to analyse and interpret customer activities and patterns, enabling it to provide recommendations for relevant products. Moreover, Zia can predict the potential purchases of new customers based on their behaviour, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

User Permissions

Businesses can customise permissions for their users or third-party developers to ensure appropriate access levels. Privileges can be categorised under admin, developers, staff, authors, and guests, allowing for tailored access control.



On this platform, businesses wield the ability to effortlessly craft and refine captivating blog posts. With its intuitive interface, users can seamlessly create and edit content, augmenting it with visually appealing cover images, and categorising their blog posts for easy navigation.

Comment Moderation

Ensuring a vibrant and positive community environment is paramount, which is why businesses can leverage robust comment moderation tools to uphold a favorable user experience. Through the platform, businesses possess the capability to oversee and moderate comments on their blogs, fostering a constructive and engaging community atmosphere.

Member Portals

Prioritise customer satisfaction through a simplified order management system that provides customers with complete access to their order information. With just a click, customers can track detailed order details such as order status, order details, shipping address, and other information that may be exclusive to each customer.

Social Media Management

Expand the market reach of the business by selling products across various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google. This strategy not only promotes products across the internet but also facilitates business growth by enabling sales through social media orders.


Seize command of the review system using the platform's robust functionalities. Establish limits on the number of reviews showcased per page to uphold organised presentation. Stay attuned to customer feedback by receiving notifications each time a review is submitted.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This platform employs various tools to enhance SEO capabilities. It utilises Robot.txt to direct page crawlers on which pages to index and leverages Google Tag Management to enhance page rankings in search queries. Through these methods, businesses can significantly improve their online visibility and increase the likelihood of being discovered by potential customers.

User Redirects

Rest assured, if a page's URL has been altered, there's no need for concern. With the platform's built-in tools, businesses can seamlessly redirect the old URL to the new page automatically. This ensures that users are directed to the correct page, maintaining the website's functionality without any interruptions.


Enhancing the website's likelihood of ranking high in search engines entails uploading the sitemap XML file to the store. This action enables search engines to comprehend the site's structure, facilitating accurate crawling and ensuring that the most relevant pages appear prominently in search engine results.

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How Zoho Commerce Helps You

Build A Storefront

Embark on the journey of establishing an online store from the ground up, providing businesses with a robust platform to host and sell their products seamlessly from a centralised hub. With the ability to customise the storefront extensively, all without the need for any coding knowledge, businesses can create visually captivating displays that effectively showcase their products to potential customers, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Manage Product Orders

Effectively oversee the complete order cycle, spanning from meticulously managing product details within the database to monitoring customer orders and inventory levels. By leveraging these comprehensive features, businesses can streamline the ordering process, ensuring prompt delivery of orders to customers while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Manage Product Orders

Effectively oversee the complete order cycle, spanning from meticulously managing product details within the database to monitoring customer orders and inventory levels. By leveraging these comprehensive features, businesses can streamline the ordering process, ensuring prompt delivery of orders to customers while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Optimise To Customers

Maximise the visibility of the storefront by implementing SEO strategies to secure top rankings on search engines, enhancing discoverability for potential customers and engage customers through compelling content such as blogs to pique their interest and foster awareness about the business. Additionally, initiate targeted campaigns across various platforms including social media to amplify brand awareness and attract a wider audience to the store.

Zoho Commerce Partners

What Can We Do For You?

At Digital Scientists, we pride ourselves on addressing the diverse challenges faced by businesses in the realm of ecommerce. With a wealth of expertise as Zoho ecommerce consultants and as a website development and design company, our team specialises in a comprehensive array of services aimed at empowering businesses in the digital marketplace. From the initial conception to the final execution, we excel in crafting meticulously designed storefronts that not only reflect the unique identity of each business but also resonate with their target audience. However, our dedication doesn't stop there. We recognise the importance of visibility in today's crowded digital landscape. That's why we prioritise the optimisation of storefront SEO, employing cutting-edge strategies and techniques to enhance search engine rankings and amplify customer reach.
Our Expertise

With our team of seasoned Zoho specialists, we bring a wealth of expertise in the ecommerce domain, adept at crafting resilient online storefronts and establishing a conducive platform for hosting a diverse range of products. Leveraging our assistance, businesses can navigate the intricacies of product management within the system, ensuring optimal stock levels and seamless order fulfillment processes. Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on fostering a customer-centric environment. By harnessing our expertise, businesses can create engaging blog posts that not only captivate customers but also provide valuable insights into the ethos and offerings of the business. Our goal is to cultivate meaningful interactions and enhance brand affinity, ultimately driving customer loyalty and business growth.

Construct A Robust Storefront

Our specialists are well-equipped to aid in constructing a resilient storefront tailored to the unique needs of the business, incorporating all necessary elements to effectively showcase their products. Furthermore, leveraging our expertise, we can design a layout with our company web design skills that meets the business's specifications, ensuring utmost satisfaction with the final store design. Should the need arise, our team can seamlessly integrate code snippets and optimise the storefront for optimal display across various devices, thereby expanding the reach to a wider audience. With our assistance, businesses can rest assured that their storefront is not only visually appealing but also accessible and user-friendly across different platforms.

Customise The Way You Want
Customisation is key when it comes to storefronts, and our team at Digital Scientists understands that templates and initial builds may not always align perfectly with a business's vision. However, this is where our expertise shines. With our proficiency, we can tailor the storefront to meet specific requirements and accurately reflect the identity of the business. Utilising advanced tools such as the visual editor and builder, we can seamlessly recolor the storefront to match the brand's color scheme and adjust preferences to align with the business's unique needs. Whether it's tweaking the layout, adding custom elements, or fine-tuning the design, our team ensures that the final result is a storefront that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the business.
Manage Orders and Inventory

Efficiently managing orders and inventory is essential for the smooth operation of any storefront. However, this task can often be time-consuming, diverting valuable resources away from other important aspects of the business. This is where our team of Zoho specialists at Digital Scientists can provide invaluable assistance. Drawing on our extensive expertise in Zoho, we excel in inventory management, ensuring that all products are accurately represented with the right details, such as descriptions and prices. Moreover, we can streamline the organisation of products by creating specific collections or categories, ensuring that relevant items are grouped together logically for easy navigation and enhanced customer experience. With our support, businesses can focus on their core operations while we handle the intricacies of inventory management efficiently.

Engage With Customers

Maintaining customer engagement is vital for sustaining a thriving business, as disengaged customers may lose interest over time. At Digital Scientists, we offer comprehensive services aimed at keeping businesses connected with their customer base through various channels. Our expert team is adept at crafting compelling blog posts that serve as a platform for interaction, allowing customers to learn more about the business and its offerings. Furthermore, leveraging the integration with Zoho Campaigns, we can develop impactful promotional campaigns tailored to the business's target audience. These campaigns effectively communicate ongoing offers and promotions directly to customers, reigniting their interest and encouraging further engagement with the business. With our services, businesses can foster lasting connections with their customer base and drive continued growth and success.

Optimise With SEO

Engaging with existing customers is crucial, but it's equally vital to attract new ones. As Zoho specialists, our team is equipped to optimise the store for growth and attract the ideal customer base for the business. Leveraging the built-in SEO settings, we can capitalise on search engine crawlers to index store pages effectively, ensuring prominent visibility in relevant searches.

Moreover, we focus on designing the site with compelling and informative content that captures users' interest and encourages them to become customers. By strategically incorporating relevant content, we aim to not only attract visitors but also convert them into loyal customers, contributing to the overall growth and success of the business.

Zoho Commerce SEO

How Can We Help You Grow?

At Digital Scientists, our proficient team possesses comprehensive expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Leveraging our extensive experience, we are well-equipped to play a pivotal role in promoting businesses, enhancing their visibility, and elevating their recognition. Through our SEO agency services, we offer businesses valuable insights and assistance in researching their target audience and identifying relevant keywords. By delving into the intricacies of audience preferences and effective keyword strategies, we aim to contribute to the development of a robust and highly tailored build, ensuring optimal relevance and impact for the businesses we support.

Zoho Commerce Queries

Is Zoho Commerce Free?

Yes, the application offers a 14-day free trial, granting businesses full access to its software. During this trial period, users can explore the capabilities of the storefront builder and experience the core functionalities. To continue using the platform beyond the trial, businesses have the option to upgrade to different tiers. For £18 per month, the Starter tier provides access to the store builder, blogs, 50GB of file storage, and smart recommendations. This tier offers essential features to kickstart the business's online presence. The Professional tier, priced at £48 per month, offers further enhancements, including access to 5 user accounts, 200 campaign pages, unmetered file storage, and support for up to 10,000 products. This tier is suitable for businesses looking to expand their operations and reach a wider audience. For more advanced needs, businesses can opt for the Advanced tier at £112 per month. This tier offers extensive features, including 25 user accounts, 500 campaign pages, support for up to 50,000 products, and price lists. It is ideal for larger businesses with complex requirements.

Is There A Feature To Bundle Items?

To offer bundled items for purchase, businesses can utilise the composite items feature. This functionality allows businesses to group items together to create kits or bundles, effectively selling multiple products as a single unit. It's essential to note that when creating these bundles, the stock of the individual products will decrease accordingly for each bundle sold. To create a bundle, navigate to "Products" and select "Add Products." Then, In the dropdown menu, choose "Add Composite Products." When prompted, click "Enable." From here, scroll down to "Product Settings" and toggle on the "Composite Products" option. Finally, click "Save" to finalise the settings. To learn more, click here.

Is Commerce Part Of Zoho One?
Yes, Commerce is included within the Zoho One suite. So by purchasing a license for Zoho One, businesses will have access to create a storefront.
What Is The Difference Between Zoho Sites And Commerce?

Zoho Sites serves as a robust platform primarily geared towards the creation of comprehensive websites. It offers an extensive range of customisation features, templates, and tools tailored to meet diverse business needs. This versatile platform is ideal for developing fully functional websites aimed at informing users about a business, with the flexibility to tailor designs to specific requirements.

On the other hand, Zoho Commerce is specifically designed for crafting online stores, enabling businesses to sell products seamlessly over the internet. Its core purpose is to facilitate the distribution of products to customers, ensuring efficient delivery of goods.

How Many Stores Can Be Created On An Account?

There's no limit to the number of stores an account can create; businesses can establish as many stores as they wish. However, each account can only have one free trial store concurrently. Therefore, to set up multiple stores, businesses will need to upgrade each site individually.

Can I Set Up Two Different Prices For Different Buyers?
For this specific need, there's a feature called "Price Lists" that comes in handy. It allows businesses to establish special prices for selected portal members, offering discounts and exclusive rates to regular customers. To activate price lists, navigate to "Settings" > "Preferences". Under "Product Settings", toggle "Custom Prices" to enable it, then save your changes. To create a new price list, go to "Settings" > "Price List" and select "Add Price List". Enter the necessary details, such as the name of the price list and the prices for the products.
How Do I Display Specific Products On The Homepage Of My Store?
To showcase specific products on the homepage effectively, it's advisable for businesses to organise them into categories or collections. This approach sets them apart from other products, and the entire collection can then be featured on the desired page prominently. With our services as Portsmouth web designers, we can ensure that these collections are displayed front and center on the homepage.
Why Are My Product Specifications Not Displaying?
To guarantee that product specifications are visible, navigate to "Settings" > "Preferences" and ensure that they are enabled. Select the "Show" option on the radio button to activate their display. If this doesn't resolve the issue, it might be related to customised themes. In such cases, review the HTML/CSS editor to ensure there is no overlapping code affecting the display of specifications.
Why Am I Getting A Products Already Exist Error When Importing Products?
To successfully import products from a spreadsheet, it's essential to include both a "Product ID" and a "Variant ID" in the file. These IDs will populate the corresponding fields for the products. Double-check that these fields are accurately mapped, and the products should import into the inventory without any issues.

Zoho Commerce Integrations


Businesses can harness the power of integration with various marketing applications, including Zoho Campaigns, to craft automated email campaigns. These campaigns ensure that customers stay informed about discounts and promotions, fostering increased engagement. Moreover, integrating with Zoho Marketing Automation provides businesses with the capability to strategise campaigns, create custom workflows, and test landing pages for customer feedback. Another valuable integration is Google Shopping, which enables businesses to enhance customer traffic and drive conversions, thereby facilitating a seamless shopping experience.

Marketing Automation
Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho Campaigns
Zoho Survey
Mail Chimp
Google Shopping
Shipping Carriers

This application offers integration with a variety of postal carriers, such as DPD, FedEx, DHL, and UPS, ensuring efficient delivery of orders to customers. Through these integrations, businesses can guarantee timely deliveries with minimal delays or issues, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Payment Gateways

Additionally, this application seamlessly integrates with various international payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal, providing businesses with an efficient and straightforward method to collect payments from customers via online transactions.


Furthermore, this platform offers a multitude of integrations aimed at enhancing productivity. These integrations include Zoho PageSense, which provides insights into customer interactions through A/B testing and heat maps, Zoho Books for streamlining accounting tasks such as invoicing, Zoho CRM for personalized customer experiences, Zoho Inventory for synchronising online and offline orders and managing inventory, Zoho Flow for integrating other applications seamlessly, and Google Analytics for tracking website traffic and shaping business strategy. These integrations collectively provide businesses with a comprehensive overview of all assets within a unified dashboard, facilitating informed decision-making and maximising efficiency.

Zoho CRM
Zoho Books
Zoho PageSense
Zoho Inventory
Zoho Flow
Google Analytics

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