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What Is Bookings?

Zoho Bookings offers a comprehensive solution crafted to optimise the intricacies of business meeting bookings, addressing potential pitfalls associated with scheduling errors like double bookings. With seamless calendar integration, this service diligently oversees and organizes all appointments, providing businesses with a hassle-free experience. Our team of Zoho consultants ensures the user-friendly setup of Zoho Bookings, complemented by timely notifications that equip businesses with the readiness needed for upcoming meetings, averting any unforeseen complications. Furthermore, the intuitive dashboard empowers businesses to effortlessly oversee and coordinate their entire schedule from a centralised and convenient location.

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How Zoho Bookings Helps You

Set Up Schedules

By harnessing the capabilities of Zoho Bookings, teams can orchestrate a seamless scheduling system, enhancing transparency and facilitating adherence to strategic client engagements. This empowers businesses to plan client interactions with a well-defined timetable, ensuring that each client receives dedicated and focused attention. Moreover, automated reminders serve as invaluable tools, keeping teams well-informed about upcoming meetings and enabling them to efficiently structure days to optimise interactions.

Assisting In Teamwork

The schedules generated by Zoho Bookings offer substantial benefits to teams. In addition to enhancing clarity regarding individual meeting commitments, these schedules provide valuable insights into the availability of colleagues. This fosters a culture of seamless collaboration, enabling team members to support each other effectively. When assistance is needed, team members can readily identify the availability of their peers and seek their support as necessary, facilitating a more efficient and cooperative work environment.

Creating Reliable Reports

The advantages provided by Zoho Bookings go beyond just simple scheduling; its generated reports are instrumental in supporting business operations. These reports encompass a wide range of data, allowing teams to evaluate the performance of their specialists and detect trends in service preferences among customers. Through an analysis of these insights, businesses can create targeted strategies to cater to users seeking the most popular services. This approach enhances a business's capacity to meet customer demands.

Zoho Bookings Partners

What Can We Do For You?

At Digital Scientists, we recognise the paramount importance of fostering client interactions and communication for businesses. This fundamental process serves as the bedrock for building strong, enduring relationships. Our team harnesses the capabilities of Zoho Bookings to help businesses establish efficient schedules and appointment calendars, simplifying and optimising their time management. Furthermore, we can implement timely reminders to ensure punctuality for meetings, and by connecting Zoho Bookings with CRM systems, we facilitate the seamless transition of client interactions into valuable leads.

Our Expertise
Our Digital Scientists team boasts extensive expertise in Zoho Bookings, effectively utilising the platform to streamline scheduling and seamlessly transform client interactions into valuable leads within our CRM system. Our adept team simplifies these processes, swiftly setting up user-friendly booking pages that enhance client engagement with businesses and ensuring a quick and hassle-free experience.
At Digital Scientists, our team excels in crafting online calendars to optimise and streamline business operations. These well-structured schedules effectively eliminate the risk of double bookings, ensuring a well-organised plan for team tasks. Whether viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis through the calendar dashboard, these schedules empower teams to remain up-to-date with their responsibilities, promoting enhanced productivity and efficient task management.
At Digital Scientists, we offer seamless integration of Zoho Bookings with your CRM system, ensuring efficient connectivity. Our expertise allows businesses to not only manage their schedules and meeting times but also to leverage collected leads and effortlessly nurture them into loyal clients. This integration streamlines your workflow, enhances lead follow-up, and promotes a more holistic approach to customer relationship management.
At Digital Scientists, we excel at automating business processes. We can help businesses set up schedule reminders and notifications, ensuring teams receive timely alerts about upcoming appointments with clients. These reminders can be personalised through SMS messages or emails, ensuring that team members have the information they need to be at the right place at the right time for their meetings.
Booking Pages
At Digital Scientists, we're proficient in constructing custom booking pages tailored to the unique requirements of businesses. These booking pages serve as a crucial communication bridge between businesses and their users. We ensure these pages reflect the branding and identity of the business, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers. Our focus is on building booking pages that align perfectly with the business's objectives and are easy for customers to navigate.

Zoho Bookings Features

Suiting Needs

Sync Your Calendars

Zoho Bookings seamlessly integrates with calendar applications, including Google Calendar, consolidating all your calendars into a central hub. This integration allows Bookings to effortlessly schedule appointments for clients without requiring direct involvement.

Set Up Buffers

Prior to a meeting, teams may wish to gather notes or get ready for questions. By implementing buffers, Bookings provides them with the opportunity to prepare for upcoming meetings, allowing them to set aside dedicated time between meetings for this.

Avoid Surprises

To avoid unexpected last-minute surprises, businesses can configure Bookings to accept appointments within a predefined time window. This guarantees that businesses are well-prepared for scheduled meetings, minimising the need for rescheduling.

Plan Breaks

To ensure both that businesses and their teams have breaks, Bookings enables them to establish break times. This prevents any meetings from being scheduled during these intervals, giving them the opportunity to recharge and prepare for upcoming events.

Mark Time-Off

To accommodate holidays or days off, Bookings permits the marking of time-off periods. This guarantees that no meetings are arranged on these days, and if any have been scheduled, they can be rescheduled to a more suitable time on a later date.

Last Minute Cancellations

To prevent last-minute cancellations that can disrupt schedules, Bookings empowers businesses to establish specific time limits in which clients can cancel meetings so they can be rescheduled. Furthermore, to discourage cancellations, there can be a set fee.


Manage Team Members

For efficient organisation, businesses have the capability to allocate each user their own calendar, where all their meetings and tasks are tracked. These calendars can sync with Zoho Bookings, facilitating the scheduling of meetings around other priorities.

Map Departments

To separate departments within organisations, Bookings offers the option to segregate workspaces, creating distinct booking pages for each department. This enables users to schedule meetings with the team they require, reducing booking errors.

User Roles

To facilitate the alignment of team skills, Bookings enables businesses to define member roles and outline each user's skill set to clients. This allows clients to gain insight into team strengths and make bookings with the team that have the specific skills they require.

Charge Premiums

To ensure that specific users are not overbooked, businesses has the option to apply premiums to certain users, resulting in an additional charge for booking their services. This approach can be applied to users known for their skills, making their services exclusive.

Link CRMs

Zoho Bookings can be integrated with CRM systems to add new potential leads or update existing ones. This integration empowers businesses to enhance their CRM capabilities, delving deeper into the profiles of users who are most likely to benefit from their services.

Booking Form Parameters

To enhance meeting prep, Zoho Bookings offers additional booking form parameters. This useful feature enables businesses to collect any essential data tailored to the specific needs of the departments that clients are scheduling meetings with.

Mobile App

If employees are on the move and need to view team schedules, no need to worry, as Bookings offers a mobile app. With this app, they can view schedules remotely and assess them from both iOS and Android phones to ensure the team is up-to-date with priorities.

Push Notifications

To guarantee that your team stays informed, Bookings employs notifications to keep them alerted. These notifications can be triggered when appointments are booked or when clients cancel, ensuring that they always stay on top of their schedules.

Suiting Needs

One-On-One Meetings

To enhance appeal to clients, businesses can arrange one-on-one meetings for interviews or consultations. Leveraging these meeting tools streamlines their workflows and simplifies the process of conducting meetings for their entire team by using Bookings.

Paid Meetings

To maximise business profitability during meetings, they have the flexibility to establish paid meetings. Payment can be processed either in full before an appointment, partially prior to the meeting, or as a deposit, ensuring that the value of the meeting is realised.

Online Or Offline

To ensure the comfort of users, Zoho Bookings grants businesses the flexibility to utilise any meeting software, such as Zoom or Zoho Meeting. This preference can be specified in the form, ensuring that they are aware of the client's preferred platform.


To keep the entire team informed about each other's activities, Zoho Bookings generates calendar dashboards. These dashboards enable them to access and view their own or another user's calendar, providing insights into their schedule for a specific timeframe.

Revenue By Staff

To ensure that businesses seize popular trends, Zoho Bookings provides the ability to filter their services or staff based on revenue. This feature allows businesses to identify what contributed the highest revenue per meeting, assisting in informing decisions.

Customer Reports

To obtain precise insights into customers, Bookings enables the generation of customised reports with specific filters tailored to business needs. These reports can uncover trends in bookings, revenue, and customer behaviour, providing valuable data.

List Reports

List reports allow businesses to track the revenue generated from a range of conditions like the number of appointments across services or the number of appointments booked by a paying user. This valuable feature aids in gaining deeper insights.

Appointments By Status

To streamline organisations, Zoho Bookings offer the ability to categorise meetings into different statuses: confirmed, completed, no-shows, cancelled, or rescheduled. These enable teams to manage calendars efficiently and take cancellations into account.



For a booking page that reflects the identity of businesses, Bookings provides the flexibility to incorporate branding elements, ranging from page titles to background images. This feature helps users recognise that the Booking page is affiliated with a specific business.


To enhance user visibility of a booking page, Bookings offers the option for businesses to embed the page directly onto their website. This integration seamlessly aligns the booking page with their site, reinforcing brand consistency and making it easily accessible.

Host Domain

To enhance the visibility of a meeting booking page, Bookings permits businesses to link it to their hosting domain. This not only provides the page with a valuable SEO boost but also imparts authority, as it becomes associated with their website domain.


3 Types Of Booking

With Bookings, clients have the ability to book 3 types of meeting. They can opt for workspace booking to reserve a space for an entire team, service booking to schedule a service, or team member booking to specifically book a particular user for a meeting.

Workspace Booking

Workspace booking, as 1 of the mentioned booking types, enables customers to select a team for their services. With workspace booking, users have the flexibility to choose a preferred team, or the system can allocate one automatically if there is no selection.

Manual Booking

Some users may not be familiar with the booking process, and in such cases, they can contact your business by phone and provide their details to schedule a meeting. Once this is added to the booking system, an invitation can be sent to them via email or SMS.

Staff Booking

Staff booking permits clients to schedule appointments with specific team members of their choice. They can make their selection based on a team member's skill set or their communication style, ensuring maximum engagement.

Language & Timezones

To ensure that businesses can accommodate users from various regions, Bookings comes equipped with built-in language and time zone detection. This capability enables teams to communicate seamlessly with clients at their convenience.

Terms & Conditions

To ensure that customers are informed about terms and services in advance, it's advisable to include a terms and conditions notice within the booking form. This notice will provide users with insights into business processes and clarify any legal statements.

Service Booking

The final among the booking types, service booking empowers clients to directly schedule specific services they require. This simplifies the booking process, sparing clients from the need to provide detailed information in the booking form, as the most suitable team can attend to their service needs.

Customer Self-Service

To prevent teams from managing updates to user meetings, customers have the option to take control. With Bookings, they can book, cancel, and reschedule their meetings if they are unable to attend the scheduled time. This feature allows teams to concentrate on their own tasks without disruptions.

Customer Portal

To streamline the booking process for loyal clients, businesses can establish a customer portal. This portal enables regular clients to log in, facilitating the booking of new appointments, reviewing their past meetings, and accessing their schedule to see upcoming appointments with ease.

Appointment Confirmation

To ensure that clients know the status of their appointments, Bookings sends out meeting confirmations via email and/or SMS. These notifications serve to inform users when their meetings have been successfully booked, canceled, or rescheduled.

Appointment Reminders

To minimize the chances of users forgetting or overlooking their scheduled meetings, Zoho Bookings employs reminders that can be sent at regular intervals to both clients and teams alike. Ensuring that appointments are well-managed and attended.

Email Branding

To enhance trust in email communications, Booking allows businesses to use their own branding. This includes applying brand colors and logos to emails, thereby strengthening their brand recognition and assuring clients that they are legitimate.

Email Personalisation

To create a personalised email interaction with customers, it's essential to customize each email. This could involve addressing clients by their name or sending the email from a familiar source, such as a recognised team member.

Booking Variables

To enhance email personalisation, utilise booking variables, which automatically tailor each email to the client they are addressing. This can involve including meeting links, booking confirmations, and other relevant details to provide a customised experience.

SMS Reminders

Based on survey data, research indicates that users are more inclined to open SMS messages compared to emails. Sending SMS reminders increases the likelihood of users opening and remembering their meetings, thereby reducing the rate of no-shows.

Zoho Bookings Queries

Is Zoho Bookings Free?
Zoho Bookings offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different business needs. While there is a free plan available, it provides only basic features. For more advanced capabilities, businesses may consider the Basic or Premium plans. The Basic plan offers features like calendar synchronisation, the ability to create online meetings, customisation of Bookings emails, and the option to invite up to 10 guests per meeting, among other functionalities. On the other hand, the Premium plan encompasses all these features and more. It includes a dedicated client portal, a booking page hosted on the business's domain, and support for recurring group events such as webinars, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking enhanced booking capabilities. Click here to learn more.
How Do I Redirect The Client After The Booking Form Is Complete?
Upon creating a Zoho Bookings form for clients, businesses have the flexibility to design a customised confirmation page. This post-form completion destination serves as a valuable resource, displaying a comprehensive summary of the booking details. This ensures that clients can review and verify the accuracy of the information they provided. Furthermore, Zoho Bookings offers the option for businesses to specify a particular URL for redirection once the form is completed. This allows for diverse possibilities, including redirecting users to the company's homepage or a specially crafted confirmation page on the business website, enhancing the overall user experience and brand engagement. Click here to learn more.
Can I Add Leads From Zoho Booking To My CRM System?
Generating leads from Zoho Bookings is a straightforward process facilitated by a dedicated plugin that establishes seamless integration with Zoho CRM. To embark on this lead creation journey, the initial step is to install the requisite plugin for Zoho Bookings. Following installation, it's imperative to configure the plugin effectively. This entails designating the account as an administrator and authorising the plugin's usage. Once these preliminary steps are accomplished, businesses can delve into configuring the plugin, enabling it to initiate field mapping from the form. Consequently, leads are effortlessly gathered throughout the process, streamlining lead generation and enhancing business efficiency. Click here to learn more.
Can I Book Group Meetings In Zoho Bookings?
Indeed, Zoho Bookings facilitates group bookings, particularly beneficial for scheduling webinars or training workshops. These group booking sessions can be configured to accommodate a predetermined number of participants, a flexibility businesses can leverage. Additionally, group bookings can be configured as recurring sessions spanning multiple days, enhancing the convenience of the scheduling process. To initiate a group booking, administrators should navigate to the "Services" section and proceed to add a new service. Within this menu, various service types are available, including group bookings. Selecting the "group booking" option, administrators can proceed to complete the necessary details. Upon finalisation, adding the service renders it accessible to users, streamlining the booking process for group events. Click here to learn more.
How Do I Remove The Sign Up And Sign In Buttons From A Bookings Form?
Eliminating the sign-up and sign-in buttons can significantly enhance the user experience of your form. Their removal streamlines the form, reducing user confusion and ensuring a straightforward process for filling it out. To achieve this, access the bookings page, proceed to the settings, and navigate to the booking form section. Within the settings, unchecking the "Booking as a registered user" option will cause the sign-up and sign-in links to vanish, resulting in a more user-friendly form. Click here to read more.
Can I Mark A Meeting As Completed Before The Duration Is Over?
Indeed, you have the ability to mark meetings as complete even before they conclude. This feature eliminates the need to wait until the meeting formally ends, offering a time-saving advantage. Previously, users had to wait until the specified duration was over before marking the meeting as finished, but this functionality streamlines the process and enhances efficiency.
How Do I Set Breaks In A Zoho Bookings Schedule?
Configuring break times in Zoho Bookings is a straightforward process. Start by accessing your profile and selecting "Working Hours." This action will take you to a page where you can set your working hours. To incorporate break times into your schedule, input the first portion of your shift, such as 9 am to 1 pm, followed by the second portion after a 30-minute break, for instance, 1:30 pm to 5 pm. The correct format should appear as follows: "9 am to 1 pm + 1:30 pm to 5 pm." This adjustment ensures that your schedule accurately reflects your break times. Click here to learn more.

Zoho Bookings Integrations

Zoho Apps

Zoho offers a suite of complementary applications that seamlessly integrate with Zoho Bookings, providing businesses with valuable opportunities. Zoho CRM empowers businesses to effectively cultivate and assess client leads, determining their potential value. The Meetings application facilitates client interactions, enabling teams to explore client needs and how their services can be of assistance. Additionally, it can seamlessly work in conjunction with Zoho Assist or Desk to resolve any technical issues clients may encounter. By using Calendar in tandem with Bookings, teams can efficiently manage their appointments and schedules. Furthermore, SalesIQ offers insightful data on popular services and frequent team member bookings, enhancing the understanding of client preferences.

Zoho CRM

Zoho Assist

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Flow

Zoho Sites

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho Calendar

Zoho Desk


To streamline schedule management, calendar applications can generate external schedules for businesses to adhere to. Notable examples of such applications include Google Calendar, which can seamlessly integrate with Zoho Bookings to produce a user-friendly schedule, providing teams with clear instructions on their tasks. Another viable option is Office365, which features a built-in calendar, enabling teams to conveniently monitor appointments and tasks from a centralised platform.

Google Calendar


Online Meetings
To ensure effective communication with clients during their appointments, it's advisable to utilise online meeting applications. These options encompass Microsoft Teams, which offers chat channels and video calls for efficient client interaction, and Zoom, a dedicated voice and video chat platform designed to facilitate seamless communication. By integrating Zoom with Zoho Bookings, whenever a Zoom video chat invitation is created, it's automatically dispatched to the designated client, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Lastly, there's Google Meet, which shares similarities with Zoom as it's also a dedicated voice and video chat platform. Both Zoom and Google Meet are user-friendly and straightforward to set up, ensuring a hassle-free communication experience for both teams and clients.

Microsoft Teams


Google Meet

CRM & Marketing

To ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience with Zoho Bookings, it offers the flexibility to integrate with existing CRM systems from various services, such as HubSpot and Salesforce. If a business stores CRM data in HubSpot, they can effortlessly establish a connection with Zoho Bookings to continue gathering and updating user information. Similarly, Zoho Bookings can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, allowing them to maintain a consistent data flow. Moreover, for effective marketing of booking systems, businesses can leverage Clicksend and MailChimp. These services enable them to conduct email or SMS campaigns targeting users in their CRM systems, informing them about the new services that they have available.





Team Chats
Effective communication among team members is paramount, and having dedicated collaboration tools is essential for ensuring productivity. Zoho Cliq is one such service that plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless team communication and collaboration through a centralised chat platform. Beyond streamlining business workflows, Cliq offers features like task management, reminders, and work agendas, helping teams stay organised and efficient. Similarly, Slack is another user-friendly and secure application that operates in a manner similar to Zoho Cliq. It not only enables easy communication among team members but also provides a straightforward method for sharing files within businesses, promoting efficient collaboration.

Zoho Cliq


Online Payment
To enhance the efficiency of payment processes, businesses can seamlessly integrate PayPal services, expediting payment processing and simplifying the entire transaction. Furthermore, by employing Stripe's integration techniques, businesses can guarantee the security and resilience of all payments during transfers. Additionally, the implementation of Razorpay allows businesses to accept payments from various channels, including desktop and mobile devices, as well as through SMS or email.




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