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What Is Bookings?

This application offers a comprehensive solution crafted to optimise the intricacies of business meeting bookings, addressing potential pitfalls associated with scheduling errors like double bookings. With seamless calendar integration, this service diligently oversees and organises all appointments, providing businesses with a hassle-free experience. Our team of Zoho consultants ensures the user-friendly setup, complemented by timely notifications that equip businesses with the readiness needed for upcoming meetings, averting any unforeseen complications. Furthermore, the intuitive dashboard empowers businesses to effortlessly oversee and coordinate their entire schedule from a centralised and convenient location.

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Suiting Needs

Sync Calendars

Effortlessly sync with calendar applications like Google Calendar, consolidating all schedules into one central hub. This integration streamlines the process of scheduling appointments for clients, eliminating the need for manual input and ensuring efficient time management.

Set Up Buffers

Before meetings, teams often need time to gather notes or prepare for discussions. By incorporating buffers, they can allocate dedicated time between meetings for these tasks, ensuring adequate preparation and minimising disruptions.

Avoid Surprises

To prevent unexpected last-minute surprises, businesses can set up the platform to only accept appointments within a predetermined time frame. This ensures that businesses have ample time to prepare for scheduled meetings, reducing the likelihood of rescheduling.

Plan Breaks

To ensure that both businesses and their teams have breaks, the application allows them to set up designated break times. This ensures that no meetings are scheduled during these periods, giving teams the chance to recharge and prepare for upcoming events.

Mark Time-Off

To accommodate holidays or scheduled days off, businesses can mark time-off periods. This ensures that no meetings are scheduled during these days. If any meetings have already been arranged, they can be rescheduled to a more suitable time on a later date.

Last Minute Cancellations

To mitigate last-minute cancellations that may disrupt schedules, businesses can set specific time limits within which clients are allowed to cancel meetings for rescheduling. Additionally, to deter cancellations, businesses can impose a predetermined fee that must be paid in case of cancellation.

Manage Team Members

For streamlined organisation, businesses can assign each user their individual calendar, tracking all their meetings and tasks. These calendars can synchronise with a central dashboard calendar, aiding in scheduling meetings around other commitments and providing visibility into everyone's availability within the team.

Map Departments

To streamline operations and enhance clarity, businesses have the option to segment workspaces, establishing separate booking pages for each department. This functionality allows users to schedule meetings with the specific team they need, minimising booking errors and ensuring smoother coordination across departments.

User Roles

To ensure optimal utilisation of team expertise, businesses can designate member roles and delineate the skill sets of each user to clients. This enables clients to understand team strengths and make bookings with the team possessing the specific skills they require, fostering better alignment between client needs and team capabilities.

Charge Premiums

To maintain a balanced workload and ensure that specific users are not overbooked, businesses can implement premiums for certain users, resulting in an additional charge for booking their services. This strategy can be applied to users renowned for their skills, making their services exclusive and incentivising clients to prioritise their bookings accordingly.

Link CRMs

Integrated with CRM systems, this feature enables businesses to add new potential leads or update existing ones seamlessly. By leveraging this integration, businesses can enhance their CRM capabilities, gaining deeper insights into the profiles of users who are most likely to benefit from their services.

Booking Form Parameters

To bolster meeting preparation, businesses can establish supplementary booking form parameters. This valuable feature empowers businesses to gather essential data customised to the unique requirements of the departments with which clients are scheduling meetings.

Mobile App

When employees are on the move and require access to team schedules, there's no need to fret. This capability is readily available through the mobile app. With this application, they can remotely view schedules and assess them from both iOS and Android phones, ensuring the team remains up-to-date with priorities.

Push Notifications

To keep the team informed and on track, businesses can utilise notifications as a means of staying alerted. These notifications can be configured to trigger when appointments are booked or when clients cancel, ensuring that the team remains abreast of their schedules at all times.
Suiting Needs

One-On-One Meetings

To elevate client engagement, businesses can facilitate one-on-one meetings for interviews or consultations. By leveraging these meeting tools, they streamline their workflows and simplify the process of conducting meetings for their entire team.

Paid Meetings

To optimise business profitability during meetings, businesses can exercise the flexibility to set up paid meetings. Payments can be processed either in full before an appointment, partially prior to the meeting, or as a deposit, ensuring that the value of the meeting is realized. This is typically utilised for consultation meetings, where a fee is charged.

Online Or Offline

To prioritise user comfort, businesses have the flexibility to utilise any meeting software, such as Zoom or Zoho Meeting, or even schedule in-person meetings if the client prefers. This preference can be specified in the form, ensuring that they are aware of the client's preferred meeting method and can accommodate accordingly.



To ensure the entire team stays informed about each other's activities, businesses can create calendar dashboards. These dashboards allow team members to access and view their own or another user's calendar, providing insights into their schedule for a specific timeframe.

Revenue By Staff

To capitalise on trending services, businesses are equipped with the capability to filter their services or staff based on revenue. This functionality enables businesses to identify which services generated the highest revenue per meeting, aiding in informed decision-making.

Customer Reports

For accurate insights into customer behaviour, businesses can activate the creation of customised reports with tailored filters to suit their specific needs. These reports delve into trends in bookings, revenue, and customer behaviour, offering invaluable data for analysis.

List Reports

List reports empower businesses to track revenue generated under various conditions, such as the number of appointments across different services or those booked by paying users. This capability aids in gaining deeper insights into business performance and customer behaviour.

Appointments By Status

To enhance organisational efficiency, businesses can categorise meetings into different statuses, including confirmed, completed, no-shows, cancelled, or rescheduled. This categorisation system enables teams to manage calendars effectively and adapt to changes such as cancellations.



To create a booking page that resonates with the brand identity, businesses have the freedom to integrate various branding elements, including page titles and background images. This customisation option ensures that users recognise the booking page as associated with the specific business.


To improve the visibility of a booking page for users, businesses can choose to embed the page directly onto their website. This integration seamlessly integrates the booking page with their site, ensuring brand consistency and enhancing accessibility for users.

Host Domain

To enhance the visibility of a meeting booking page, businesses can link the page to their hosting domain. This not only provides the page with a valuable SEO boost but also imparts authority, as it becomes associated with their website domain.


Resource Booking

Resource Booking is a powerful tool that empowers customers to reserve specific resources for a predetermined period. This feature proves invaluable for businesses looking to efficiently manage their inventory or rent out equipment. By allowing customers to book resources such as equipment, facilities, or spaces, businesses can optimise resource utilisation while generating additional revenue streams.

Workspace Booking

Workspace booking, one of the highlighted booking types, allows customers to choose a specific team for their services. With this feature, users can select their preferred team or let the system automatically assign one if no choice is made.

Staff Booking

Staff booking enables clients to schedule appointments with specific team members according to their preferences. Whether it's based on a team member's skill set or communication style, clients have the flexibility to make selections that align with their needs, ensuring optimal engagement throughout the booking process.

Language and Timezones

To cater to users from diverse regions, this platform features built-in language and time zone detection. With this functionality, businesses can effortlessly communicate with clients in their preferred language and schedule appointments according to their local time zone, ensuring seamless interaction and convenience for all parties involved.

Service Booking

The last of the booking types, service booking, allows clients to directly schedule the specific services they need. This streamlines the booking process, eliminating the necessity for clients to provide detailed information in the booking form, as the most appropriate team can address their service requirements.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure customers are well-informed about terms and services prior to booking, it's recommended to integrate a terms and conditions notice within the booking form. This inclusion offers users clarity on business policies and legal statements, enhancing transparency and trustworthiness.

Customer Portal

To simplify the booking process for loyal clients, businesses can implement a customer portal. This portal allows regular clients to log in, making it easy for them to book new appointments, review past meetings, and access their schedule to view upcoming appointments effortlessly.

Customer Self-Service

To alleviate the burden on teams managing updates to user meetings, customers are empowered to take control. They can book, cancel, and reschedule their meetings if they are unable to attend at the scheduled time. This feature enables teams to focus on their tasks without interruptions.

Appointment Confirmation

To keep clients informed about the status of their appointments, Bookings sends out meeting confirmations via email and/or SMS. These notifications notify users when their meetings have been successfully booked, canceled, or rescheduled.

Appointment Reminders

To reduce the likelihood of users forgetting or overlooking their scheduled meetings, the platform utilises reminders that can be sent at regular intervals to both clients and teams. This ensures that appointments are well-managed and attended.

Email Branding

To bolster trust in email communications, businesses can incorporate their own branding. This involves integrating brand colors and logos into emails, thereby reinforcing brand recognition and providing clients with confidence in the legitimacy of the messages.

SMS Reminders

According to survey data, research suggests that users are more likely to open SMS messages compared to emails. Sending SMS reminders boosts the chances of users opening and recalling their meetings, thereby decreasing the rate of no-shows.

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How Zoho Bookings Helps You

Set Up Schedules

Utilising the application's features, teams can establish a streamlined scheduling system, enabling customers to book essential services, resources, or workspaces to address their needs or queries effectively. Additionally, automated reminders can be leveraged, ensuring that teams stay well-informed about their schedules and enabling them to organise their days efficiently to maximise productivity.

Assisting In Teamwork

The scheduling feature provides significant advantages to teams, offering the business and fellow staff members insights into their colleagues' availability. This fosters a collaborative culture, empowering the team to offer mutual support and assistance whenever needed.

Assisting In Teamwork

The scheduling feature provides significant advantages to teams, offering the business and fellow staff members insights into their colleagues' availability. This fosters a collaborative culture, empowering the team to offer mutual support and assistance whenever needed.

Creating Reliable Reports

The benefits offered by the platform extend beyond basic scheduling; its generated reports play a crucial role in supporting business operations. These reports compile a diverse array of data, enabling teams to assess the performance of their specialists and identify trends in customer service preferences. By analysing these insights, businesses can develop targeted strategies to meet the needs of users seeking the most sought-after services.

Zoho Bookings Partners

What Can We Do For You?

At Digital Scientists, we understand the vital role that client interactions and communication play in the success of businesses. These interactions form the foundation for building lasting and meaningful relationships. As Zoho Bookings consultants, we can leverage the capabilities of the application, our team assists businesses in establishing efficient schedules and appointment calendars, streamlining and optimising their time management processes. Additionally, we implement timely reminders to ensure punctuality for meetings. By integrating the platform with CRM systems, we facilitate the smooth transition of client interactions into valuable leads.

Our Expertise
Our Digital Scientists team possesses extensive expertise in leveraging the application to streamline scheduling and seamlessly integrate client interactions into valuable leads within CRM systems. With our adept team leading the way, we simplify these processes by promptly setting up user-friendly booking pages. Through our partnership with Zoho, we can enhance client engagement with businesses, ensuring a swift and hassle-free experience for all involved.
At Digital Scientists, our team specialises in creating online calendars designed to optimise and streamline business operations. These meticulously organised schedules mitigate the risk of double bookings, providing a well-coordinated plan for team tasks. Whether accessed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis via the calendar dashboard, these schedules empower teams to stay ahead of their responsibilities, fostering heightened productivity and streamlined task management.
At Digital Scientists, we specialise in seamlessly integrating our platform with CRM systems, ensuring efficient connectivity. Our expertise enables businesses to not only manage their schedules and meeting times but also to leverage collected leads and seamlessly nurture them into loyal clients. This integration streamlines workflows, improves lead follow-up, and fosters a more comprehensive approach to customer relationship management.
We specialise in automating business processes, particularly focusing on assisting businesses with setting up schedule reminders and notifications, ensuring that teams receive timely alerts about upcoming appointments with clients. Additionally, we offer assistance in personalising SMS messages or emails, ensuring that both the team and customers receive the necessary information tailored to the messages they receive.
Booking Pages
At Digital Scientists, we're proficient in constructing custom booking pages tailored to the unique requirements of businesses. These booking pages serve as a crucial communication bridge between businesses and their users. We ensure these pages reflect the branding and identity of the business, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers. Our focus is on building booking pages that align perfectly with the business's objectives and are easy for customers to navigate.

Zoho Bookings Queries

Is Zoho Bookings Free?
Zoho offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to suit different business requirements. While there is a free plan available, it offers only basic features such as 1 workspace, 1 service, and online meetings, among others. For more advanced capabilities, businesses may opt for the Basic or Premium plans. The Basic plan, at £4.80/staff/month, includes features like calendar synchronisation, appointment reports, customisation of emails, and the ability to invite up to 10 guests per meeting, among other functionalities. On the other hand, the Premium plan at £7.20/staff/month encompasses all these features and more. It provides a dedicated client portal, a booking page hosted on the business's domain, and support for recurring group events like webinars, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking enhanced booking capabilities. Click here to learn more.
How Do I Redirect The Client After The Booking Form Is Complete?
Redirecting customers after completing the form is a simple process. Begin by clicking on the edit icon within the "Policies and Preferences" section of a workspace. Then, choose "Show Your Own Confirmation Page". A pop-up will appear displaying a box labeled "Enter Page URL". Simply input the desired redirection page into this box and click "Save".  Click here to learn more.
Can I Add Leads From Zoho Booking To My CRM System?
To integrate with their preferred CRM system, businesses can follow these steps. As Zoho specialists, we recommend businesses integrate with Zoho CRM. Begin by installing the necessary plugin for Zoho Bookings. After installation, configure the plugin to ensure it's installed for trusted users, such as admins. Once the installation is complete, a pop-up will prompt you to "Authorise". Clicking this will redirect you to another page, where you'll need to select "Okay" to grant access to the CRM account. Once this authorisation is completed, the CRM will be connected to Bookings. Next, to add leads, choose the module within the CRM where the information should be stored, and select the corresponding fields. Finally, designate the appropriate booking page, and the connection process is finalised. Click here to learn more.
Can I Book Group Meetings In Zoho Bookings?
The platform offers support for group bookings, which is particularly useful for scheduling webinars or training workshops. These group booking sessions can be customised to accommodate a set number of participants and can be set up as recurring sessions spanning multiple days. To initiate a group booking, administrators should navigate to the "Services" section and add a new service. Within this menu, various service types are available, including group bookings. By selecting the "group booking" option, administrators can proceed to fill in the necessary details. Once finalised, adding the service makes it accessible to users, simplifying the booking process for group events. Click here to learn more.
How Do I Remove The Sign Up And Sign In Buttons From A Bookings Form?
To remove the sign in and sign up buttons, access the bookings page, proceed to the settings, and navigate to the booking form section. Within the settings, unchecking the "Booking as a registered user" option will cause the sign-up and sign-in links to vanish, resulting in a more user-friendly form. Click here to read more.
Can I Mark A Meeting As Completed Before The Duration Is Over?
Users have the ability to mark meetings as complete even before they officially end. With Bookings software, businesses are not constrained to wait until the scheduled duration concludes, eliminating the necessity to wait for the meeting to formally end. This feature offers a time-saving advantage for businesses.
How Do I Set Breaks In A Zoho Bookings Schedule?
Configuring break times in the software is quite simple. Begin by accessing the profile and selecting "Working Hours." This will lead users to a page where they can define their working hours. To include break times in the schedule, input the first segment of the shift, such as 9 am to 1 pm, followed by the second segment after a 30-minute break, for example, 1:30 pm to 5 pm. The correct format should be as follows: "9 am to 1 pm + 1:30 pm to 5 pm." This adjustment ensures that the schedule accurately accounts for break times. Click here to learn more.

Zoho Bookings Integrations

Zoho Apps

Zoho offers a suite of complementary applications that integrate seamlessly with the platform, presenting valuable opportunities for businesses. Zoho CRM empowers businesses to effectively nurture and evaluate client leads, discerning their potential value. Zoho Meetings facilitates client interactions, allowing teams to explore client needs and how their services can be helpful. Moreover, it can seamlessly collaborate with Zoho Assist or Desk to address any technical issues clients may face. By utilising Calendar alongside Bookings, teams can effectively organise their appointments and schedules. Additionally, SalesIQ provides insightful data on popular services and frequent team member bookings, enriching the understanding of client preferences.

Zoho CRM
Zoho Assist
Zoho Meetings
Zoho Flow
Zoho Sites
Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho Calendar
Zoho Desk

To streamline schedule management, calendar applications can generate external schedules for businesses to adhere to. Notable examples of such applications include Google Calendar, which can seamlessly integrate with Zoho Bookings to produce a user-friendly schedule, providing teams with clear instructions on their tasks. Another viable option is Office365, which features a built-in calendar, enabling teams to conveniently monitor appointments and tasks from a centralised platform.

Google Calendar
Office 365
Online Meetings
For effective communication with clients during their appointments, it's recommended to use online meeting applications. Microsoft Teams provides chat channels and video calls for efficient client interaction. Zoom focuses on voice and video chats, offering a platform designed for seamless communication. Lastly, Google Meet, similar to Zoom, is dedicated to voice and video chat. Both Zoom and Google Meet are user-friendly and easy to set up, ensuring a hassle-free communication experience for both teams and clients.
Microsoft Teams
Google Meet
CRM and Marketing
To ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience with the platform, businesses should integrate it with their existing CRM systems. Bookings offers businesses multiple options such as HubSpot and Salesforce. HubSpot allows businesses to establish a connection and gather customer data from the platform, while Salesforce enables a more consistent data flow. Moreover, for effective marketing of booking systems, businesses can leverage Clicksend and MailChimp. These services enable them to conduct email or SMS campaigns targeting users in their CRM systems, informing them about the new services they have available.
Sales Force
Click Send
Mail Chimp
Team Chats
Effective communication among team members is paramount, and having dedicated collaboration tools is essential for ensuring productivity. Zoho Cliq is one such service that plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless team communication and collaboration through a centralised chat platform. Beyond streamlining business workflows, Cliq offers features like task management, reminders, and work agendas, helping teams stay organised and efficient. Similarly, Slack is another user-friendly and secure application that operates in a manner similar to Zoho Cliq. It not only enables easy communication among team members but also provides a straightforward method for sharing files within businesses, promoting efficient collaboration.
Zoho Cliq
Online Payment
To enhance the efficiency of payment processes, businesses can seamlessly integrate PayPal services, expediting payment processing and simplifying the entire transaction. Furthermore, by employing Stripe's integration techniques, businesses can guarantee the security and resilience of all payments during transfers. Additionally, the implementation of Razorpay allows businesses to accept payments from various channels, including desktop and mobile devices, as well as through SMS or email.

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