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What Is ​Creator?

Zoho Creator stands as a powerful application development platform, offering individuals and businesses the capability to craft custom applications without the requirement for coding expertise. Our team at Digital Scientists, serving as Zoho consultants, recognises the platform's user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, enabling users with varying levels of coding experience to streamline processes and construct tailored applications to address business requirements. Designed for accessibility and ease of use, Zoho Creator provides a hassle-free solution, particularly beneficial for those lacking coding expertise but seeking efficient and effective processes. Whether automating repetitive tasks, tracking inventory, or creating simple workflows, Zoho Creator offers a diverse array of features and templates customisable to specific needs. By harnessing the capabilities of Zoho Creator, businesses can unlock their creativity and innovation, turning ideas into tangible solutions. Zoho Creator seamlessly integrates with other Zoho applications and third-party services, providing a platform for developing and deploying functional applications. Moreover, it offers extensive support and resources, including tutorials, documentation, and an active user community, ensuring users can quickly grasp the platform's capabilities and maximise the potential of their applications. Whether a small business owner, department head, or entrepreneur, Zoho Creator empowers users to take control of their processes and create impactful applications tailored to their unique needs.

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How Zoho Creator Helps You

Application Creator

Zoho Creator serves as an invaluable platform for businesses, boasting an array of impressive capabilities, with application creation taking center stage. Leveraging low-code solutions, Creator empowers users to construct an array of applications, tailor-made to address specific processes and tasks. This level of flexibility and adaptability ensures that organisations can effectively automate, streamline, and optimise their operations. Furthermore, Creator's scope expands to the realm of mobility. It offers the ability to develop mobile applications, catering to the dynamic needs of teams that are constantly on the move. These mobile apps act as invaluable tools for professionals seeking to access critical data, collaborate with their colleagues, and make informed decisions while outside the confines of their traditional workstations.

Analytics Dashboard

Zoho Creator empowers businesses to harness the power of rich data analytics through the creation of comprehensive analytics dashboards within their applications. These dashboards provide a centralised hub for all their data, allowing their teams to conduct in-depth analysis and uncover valuable trends and patterns. One of the standout feature of Creator is its ability to seamlessly import data from various services that businesses commonly use, such as Google Drive, Zoho Docs, or OneDrive. This integration ensures that all relevant data sources can be efficiently incorporated into the analytical process, resulting in a more holistic and informed approach to decision-making. Zoho Creator acts as a catalyst for businesses to transform raw data into actionable insights and drive growth and innovation within their organisations.

Automate Processes

Significant amounts of time within business operations are often dedicated to working on various processes. Zoho Creator's Blueprint Creator offers an innovative solution to this challenge by enabling the automation of these processes. Blueprints serve as the framework for defining how a particular process should unfold. This could include sequences of actions, such as sending automated reply emails. Through the intuitive visual mapping capabilities of Blueprints in Zoho Creator, businesses can streamline and automate these processes. This not only saves valuable time for their teams but also enhances efficiency, allowing team members to redirect their focus toward other critical tasks. The Blueprint Creator becomes a catalyst for boosting productivity and optimising workflows within the organisation.

Zoho Creator Partners

What Can We Do For You?

Embarking on the Zoho Creator journey may appear challenging for businesses initially, but with our team at Digital Scientists, navigating this platform becomes a well-supported and guided process. As adept Zoho developers, we specialise in crafting bespoke Zoho solutions that empower businesses to harness the full potential of Zoho Creator. Leveraging our expertise, we assist businesses in building essential applications, automating processes, and optimising efficiency. Our commitment extends to providing crucial analytics, unveiling market trends, and facilitating informed decision-making. Our overarching goal is to empower organisations, ensuring a seamless and productive experience with Zoho Creator.
Our Expertise
In our role as trusted Zoho partners, our team brings profound expertise to the realm of Zoho Creator. We excel in leveraging this platform to craft custom applications precisely aligned with the unique requirements of businesses. Our commitment lies in delivering applications that cater to specific business needs, ensuring businesses have precisely tailored processes for optimal operations.
App Creator
Leveraging our expertise as top Zoho app developers, the Digital Scientists team excels in crafting tailored business solutions that streamline essential processes through Zoho Creator. Our approach harnesses the user-friendly application development software within Zoho Creator. Additionally, our proficiency extends to deploying these solutions on the Zoho cloud, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Mobile applications are seamlessly generated, empowering teams to access and utilise these solutions while on the move.
Integration Creator

Beyond developing custom business applications, our teams, including skilled Zoho developers, excel in seamlessly integrating third-party applications into the Zoho ecosystem. This includes popular application suites like Google and Microsoft, enabling businesses to leverage their preferred applications alongside Zoho's suite. Our adept team utilises Zoho Creator's robust workflow capabilities to create cohesive and streamlined integrations between these services, ensuring a seamless experience across applications.

Business Processes
As Zoho developers, our team excels in utilising workflows to design automated business processes customized to specific business requirements. This time-saving approach automates tasks that were previously manual and labor-intensive. Leveraging the user-friendly workflow blueprints in Zoho Creator, our team can precisely define and automate instructions for each process, streamlining tasks such as approvals and email responses. This ensures greater efficiency in business operations.
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Our Digital Scientists team is adept at utilising Zoho Creator to derive valuable business intelligence. Through Zoho Creator's robust decision-making capabilities, our team can harness this platform to generate in-depth business analytics. These insights empower us to make informed recommendations and strategise the next steps that can bring long-term benefits to organisations. With Zoho Creator, we can expedite the data analysis process, crafting comprehensive data dashboards within minutes for quick and insightful decision-making.

Zoho Creator ​Features


Custom Applications

Zoho Creator empowers businesses to create custom applications from scratch, eliminating the need for writing complex lines of code. With its intuitive interface, businesses can easily define the desired processes and seamlessly connect them together.

Native Mobile Apps

Zoho Creator goes beyond just creating solutions for businesses—it also ensures that they have a mobile experience. When businesses build applications on Creator, mobile apps are automatically generated so that teams can access their data on the go.

Online Portals

Online portals play a vital role in streamlining processes for companies. By consolidating all the necessary data in a single, easily accessible location, these portals provide employees with a centralised hub for efficient information management.

No Code AI

If businesses are seeking to develop an application that can analyse trends and predict sales, or respond to user interactions, Zoho Creator offers a seamless solution by integrating artificial intelligence into the app-building process without any code needed.

Centralised Insights

With Zoho Creator, businesses can effortlessly consolidate data from various sources, including spreadsheets, and bring them together into a centralised location. By uploading their data into Zoho Creator, they unlock the power to analyse insights.

Automate Processes

Zoho Creator offers a powerful automation feature called "Blueprints" that allows businesses to automate their processes with precision. With Blueprints, teams can design every step of their business process, ensuring that no data is lost along the way.

Serverless Functions

Zoho Creator offers seamless migration capabilities, allowing businesses to move their apps across different cloud environments. With cloud-based development, they no longer need to rely on-premise infrastructure to create and manage their apps.

Unite Data

When businesses consolidate data in Zoho Creator, it undergoes automatic formatting and can be integrated into their apps. By bringing together disparate data sources, they create a unified pool of information that can be harnessed to make accurate decisions.


Data Migration

Zoho Creator strongly advocates for data migration to ensure the consolidation of all business data into a single, centralised location. This approach offers several benefits, such as enhancing the usability and extraction of valuable statistics from the data.

Data Merging

Prior to conducting any data analysis, it is crucial to merge the datasets into a unified database. This consolidation process ensures that all pertinent data is combined into a single repository, enabling comprehensive and efficient exploration of data.

Enhance Old Systems

Rather than discarding outdated and inefficient systems of the past, Zoho Creator offers a transformative solution by modernising and enhancing them to meet contemporary standards and effectively process large volumes of data.

Data Enrichment

To effectively organise a new database, implementing data enrichment is crucial. By employing data enrichment, businesses can remove unnecessary data, refine inconsistent data, and eliminate redundant entries that could potentially disrupt database integrity.

Unified Data Services

Zoho Creator incorporates a powerful feature known as Unified Data Services (UDS). UDS utilises a cloud-based data model to ensure secure, seamless, and straightforward data transfers within businesses and with the customers of the business.

Custom Integrations

Creator provides integration capabilities, enabling businesses to connect various applications and social media seamlessly to workflows. Whether businesses need to integrate Zoho apps or third-party services, Zoho Creator offers a robust platform to do so.


Data Modeling Tools

Data modeling tools in Zoho Creator play a crucial role in analysing data and uncovering valuable trends. Operating behind the scenes, these tools efficiently manage the back-end processes, allowing businesses to gain insights from their data.

Data Collection

There are various methods to collect data from users, one of the best approaches is through forms. In Zoho Creator, businesses can create forms that enable them to include fields tailored to requirements, ensuring that they collect the data needed.

Visual Relationships

Through the collection of data in forms, Zoho Creator uses background calculations that analyse relationships between the data and assess their impact. This functionality enables businesses to gain insights into how different data elements interact.

Data Visualisation Software

Zoho Creator empowers organisations to analyse data through graphs and charts, enabling easy visualisation of the data's significance. By using this powerful tool, businesses can identify trends to facilitate faster decision-making processes.

Centralised Data Insights

If businesses require processing data from diverse sources like Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms, Zoho Creator offers a centralised solution. It provides a single location where they can effectively analyse the accumulated data from various areas.

Custom Dashboards

To compare gathered data, the use of dashboards is recommended. These are customisable and can be tailored to meet specific search criteria. By using these, businesses can efficiently analyse and compare data, to ensure it meets their needs.

Data Fields

Data fields play a crucial role in data collection as they define the information that is gathered. In Creator, businesses can choose different types of data fields in a form. This wide range of field options allows them to collect and organize data according to business needs. 


Automated Processes

Zoho Creator offers businesses the ability to achieve full automation with minimal coding. It is a powerful tool that simplifies workflows. By using Zoho Creator, businesses can automate their processes, ensuring that they remain straightforward and efficient.

Repetitive Tasks

To mitigate the time-consuming nature of routine and repetitive tasks, Zoho Creator provides the capability to automate such tasks through the creation of workflows. These workflows specify the required actions, automating them on a businesses behalf.


Blueprints in Zoho Creator are an invaluable feature that greatly aids in the design of processes or programs. With visual blueprints, teams can effectively plan and map out the sequence of events that will unfold when specific triggers occur within a program.

Actionable Notifications

In order to maintain seamless operations within businesses, Zoho Creator allows them to schedule notifications that are triggered when specific events occur. These notifications can be set up for various purposes, such as alerting about unanswered support tickets.

Automated Approvals

To expedite the approval process, implementing automated approvals is highly recommended. By incorporating automated approval workflows, employees can request approvals for their work, simplifying the process and speeding up turnaround times. 

Business Flows

Achieve seamless integration and optimisation of software systems through business flows. These powerful tools enable businesses to establish connections between essential software, automating various processes such as customer communication.


Personalised Experiences

Zoho Creator offers a personalised experience to each user, and by extending this to customers, businesses can effectively promote tailored products. This approach allows businesses to cater to the preferences and needs of individual users.

Customisable UI/UX

Zoho Creator provides a user-friendly UI/UX builder that simplifies the process of creating user experiences without the need to start from scratch or deal with complex coding. With its easy-to-use interface, businesses can effortlessly design and customise experiences.

Language Accessibility

When developing processes or applications within Zoho Creator, businesses have the flexibility to tailor them to the user's language or other factors, ensuring a personalised experience and allowing businesses to cater to individual preferences.

Branded Apps

With Zoho Creator, businesses can effortlessly develop fully branded applications that are compatible across multiple devices, ranging from mobile devices to desktop computers. These applications can serve various purposes, such as user portals.


Secure Data

The data stored within Zoho is safeguarded through stringent security protocols and adherence to data privacy laws. These measures are in place to ensure the utmost protection and prevent any harm or unauthorised access to the stored data.

Secure Cloud Environments

Zoho Creator utilises a highly secure, enterprise-level cloud environment that offers comprehensive protection for every facet of a businesses operations. This robust cloud infrastructure ensures that all valuable data remains safeguarded against threats.

Individual Preferences

In Zoho Creator, users maintain full control over their data. User security is a top priority for Zoho, which is why user data will never be sold or compromised. Zoho ensures the utmost privacy and protection of data by strictly adhering to these principles.

Business And Regulations

Zoho Creator upholds industry regulations and maintains transparency through its protocols and policies. The platform has been honored with certificates from the ISO/IEC, validating its commitment to security and the protection of user and business data.

Governance Tools

Governance tools empower businesses to have complete control over every aspect of an application, ranging from its structure and design to its security measures. With these tools, businesses can shape the application exactly as they envisioned it.

App Lifecycle

With Zoho Creator, businesses have the power to take control of their application and define its structure according to their business requirements. For instance, they can leverage features like audit trails to track activities and gain insights into potential issues.

Access Controls

Zoho Creator offers access controls that enable businesses to determine access based on privileges assigned to different types of employees, such as developers. These access controls provide a level of control, allowing them to manage user access to the app.


Enterprise Wide Deployment

Zoho Creator offers an industry-standard solution for deploying applications. With just a single click, users can effortlessly distribute their application to the Mobile Device Management platform of their choice simplifying the deployment of the app.

Server-Less Developing

Developers can now enjoy a worry-free experience as Zoho Creator eliminates the need for server maintenance. All data is securely stored within Zoho's reliable cloud. This means that developers can focus on their core tasks without the burden of servers.

On-Premise Apps

When deploying an application in Zoho Creator, businesses have the flexibility to choose between launching it on-premise or in the cloud. With this choice, they retain complete control over the infrastructure and any critical mission data collected. 

Self-Service Portals

Deploying portal applications to employees or stakeholders offers several benefits, such as centralising data storage in a single knowledge base. This consolidation simplifies data management and ensures easy access to information from any location. 

Mobile Device Management

By integrating Mobile Device Management into an app, businesses gain the ability to deploy apps to a diverse user base, even across different operating systems. This integration ensures a smooth deployment process without encountering any issues.


Manage Apps From Ideation

Zoho Creator empowers businesses to develop applications and efficiently manage them through multiple versions and staged environments. This approach allows them to refine and enhance the design until a final version is achieved that meets requirements.

Collaborative Development

The multi-developer feature in Zoho Creator proves to be invaluable when developers need to collaborate on the same section of an application. This feature facilitates seamless teamwork, enabling developers to work together on a task for the app.

Logical Structure

Zoho Creator equips businesses with a powerful capability to visualise the relationships among application's form fields, enabling businesses to understand how each field relates to others and how they collectively shape the workflow within the app.


Zoho Creator includes an integrated Software Development Kit (SDK) that offers a wide range of UI styles and customisation options for applications. The SDK provides recommendations for styles, ensuring consistency and visual appeal across apps.

Zoho Creator Queries

Is Zoho Creator Free?
Zoho Creator extends a 15-day free trial period, allowing businesses to explore Creator's user-friendly features. Should they find it impressive, there are three subscription options to consider. The first option is the Standard plan, which grants businesses the ability to create a single application with their branding and personalisation. They can employ workflows to establish app rules. However, the Standard plan does not support integration with 3rd party applications, predictive analysis, or custom domains for applications. Moving up to the Professional tier, businesses enjoy the advantage of unlimited applications and a substantial increase in custom schedules, raising the limit from the standard 50 to 300. For those looking for advanced features, the highest tier, Enterprise, offers unlimited applications and the coveted ability to seamlessly integrate their applications with 3rd party applications beyond the Zoho Suite. This option unlocks even greater potential for businesses seeking comprehensive app solutions. Click here to read more.
Can Zoho Creator Create Gantt Charts?
Leveraging the robust capabilities of Zoho Creator, a wide range of reports can be generated, including Kanban boards and pivot charts. Among these, Gantt Charts are a popular choice for planning timelines. Zoho Creator equips users to create these types of reports with ease. To initiate the creation of a timeline report, commonly referred to as a Gantt chart, follow these steps:
  1. In Zoho Creator, navigate to the "Design" section.
  2. Click "Create" and then select "Report."
  3. A pop-up menu with various report options should appear.
  4. Choose the "Timeline" report option.
  5. Select the relevant dates for the report.
  6. Upon completing this, press the "Create Report" button.

The Gantt chart report will be generated and ready for data input, allowing users to efficiently plan and visualise timelines for their projects or tasks. Click here or here to read more.

How Do I View Generated IDs in Creator And Use Them For Approval Emails?
When working with Zoho Creator, each time a new record is entered, it's assigned a random ID by default, although this ID is not displayed. However, users can utilise this ID as needed. Here's how to make use of it:
  1. While in edit mode within Zoho Creator, navigate to the "View" tab.

  2. Under the "Display" section, there should be "Column Properties." Click on this option.

  3. In the "Label Name" field, check the box next to "ID."

  4. To incorporate this number, stay in edit mode, select "More Actions," and proceed to "Actions On Success."

  5. This will open the script editor, enabling the modification of the script for email actions.

  6. In the "To" field, add the recipient's email address.

  7. Craft the email message and include the ID using +input.ID. The final script should resemble this: "Your reference number is " + input.ID.

This way, users can dynamically include the unique ID in email communications when needed. Click here to read more.

Can I Import Excel Sheets Into Zoho Creator?

Importing Excel spreadsheets into Zoho Creator is a straightforward process. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Access Edit Mode: Ensure edit mode is enabled in Zoho Creator.

  2. Create a Form: In the design page, click the "Add New" or "+" button and select the "Form" option.

  3. Choose Import with Data: Select "Import with data" to initiate the import process.

  4. Select File Format: Now, choose the appropriate file format for the spreadsheet. There are three options:

    • Local Storage: This is for files stored on the device.
    • URL: Use a URL to reference the Excel file.
    • Cloud Service: Integrate a cloud service to access files.
  5. Upload and Wait: Depending on the file's size, the upload may take some time. During this process, Creator offers an "Access application" option, allowing users to access a live view of the application. To check the status of the upload, click the "View import status" button.

  6. Access and Use: Once the file has been fully uploaded into Zoho Creator, users are free to view and utilise it within the application as needed.

This streamlined process allows users to seamlessly integrate Excel spreadsheets into your Zoho Creator application for efficient data management. Click here to read more.

Can I Use JavaScript In Zoho Creator?
In Zoho Creator, the use of most JavaScript functionalities is restricted due to security concerns, as JavaScript code can potentially be exploited for malicious purposes. However, a recent development in Zoho Creator involves the introduction of widgets with JavaScript functionalities. Widgets are essentially extension applications designed to enhance tasks that go beyond the scope of basic features. When developing a widget for Zoho Creator, users are permitted to harness JavaScript to extend the application's capabilities prior to uploading it into Creator. JavaScript can be highly beneficial in creating and customising features, refining the app's interface, and integrating third-party applications. However, it's important to keep in mind that any JavaScript API used in your initial code will not be operational once the application is published. This is a security measure to ensure that the application's functionality remains secure and reliable. Click here to learn more.
How Do I Transfer A Creator Application?

Transferring applications within Zoho Creator is a straightforward process, quite similar to importing an Excel file. To begin, users need to export their applications from the Zoho Creator software. Here's a step-by-step guide to help with this:

  1. Start by accessing the application and click on "Edit this application."
  2. Navigate to "Settings" and then select "General settings."
  3. Within the General Settings, find a button labeled "Export application." Click on this button.
  4. Make sure that the data that is being exported is saved as a .ds file.

To import the application into another user's account, follow these steps:

  1. Access the other user's account and go to the "Solutions" page.
  2. Once on the Solutions page, click on the "Create solution" button. This will prompt a menu with three options: "Create from scratch," "Create from gallery," and "Import from file." Choose "Import from file."
  3. Upload the .ds file that was previously exported into the solution.
  4. Once the file finishes loading, the file has successfully transferred to another user.

This process ensures the seamless transfer of applications from one user to another within Zoho Creator. Click here to learn more.

Zoho Creator Integrations

Zoho Apps
Zoho Creator demonstrates exceptional capability in integrating seamlessly with various software, including other Zoho applications. Notably, it effortlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, streamlining business processes by automating lead retrieval and client investigation. This integration serves to significantly reduce the workload on businesses. Similarly, through integration with Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice, businesses can automate invoice creation and effortlessly manage their finances. Furthermore, Zoho Creator collaborates with Zoho Analytics to analyse gathered data and transform it into comprehensive reports, offering valuable insights for businesses. With our team of expert Zoho developers at Digital Scientists, these integrations can be executed with precision and ease.

Zoho CRM

Zoho Sites

Zoho Books

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Desk

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Flow

Exterior Apps
Zoho Creator offers a comprehensive range of integrations, extending beyond just Zoho applications, and we, as Zoho integration partners, specialise in optimising these connections for businesses. It seamlessly connects with widely used services, enhancing business efficiency. For instance, it integrates with Google Workspace, enabling seamless document and project storage. This integration ensures that all essential services are seamlessly linked together for streamlined operations. Moreover, Zoho Creator can integrate with finance applications like QuickBooks, simplifying financial tracking. It also collaborates with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, facilitating smooth client payments. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with SMS services such as Twilio or SMS Magic, centralising communication with clients for enhanced convenience and efficiency in client interactions.



Google Calendar





SMS Magic



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