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    Supporting The Community

    In addition to providing support for businesses, we are equally dedicated to fostering the growth of charities. We recognise the significance of amplifying the message of charitable organisations and offer our expertise and services to help them make a meaningful impact.

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Our Chosen Charities

We are committed to providing steadfast backing to charities that strive to enhance the quality of life here in the UK and abroad.

Our founder, James Eaton, briefly reflects on his upbringing to outline why he has chosen three charities to focus of our long-term donations, sharing:

'My father, a Royal Marine Commando, experienced a traumatic incident in Aden during the troubles. His elite convoy was attacked, resulting in the very sad loss of his unit aside from a lucky few. Despite surviving, he faced redeployment to Northern Ireland without any level of support. It wasn't until a stroke in 2015 that we discovered he had been unknowingly battling PTSD throughout his life, shedding light on his nocturnal outbursts triggered by any noise made by us his children. We endured years of physical and emotional abuse, followed by remorse or rationalising stating he allegedly had little control over his actions.

As I reflect on my late 30s, my anger has transformed into sadness for the years of familial torment. The absence of support from the British Military left us grappling with the aftermath. One sibling battled severe, long-term mental health issues, while my mother and the rest of us endured varying levels of mental health concerns and emotional trauma. In response, I've chosen Help for Heroes, Refuge, and Make-A-Wish as our long-term charitable partners. We contribute monthly to all three and plan to actively participate in fundraising events over the years.

Additionally, we extend our support to other charitable organisations by providing guidance and leveraging our skills to develop websites, donation systems, and other essential tools. We typically undertake a new project every six to twelve months, contingent on internal resources.
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Help For Heroes

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About Our Chosen Charities

Help For Heroes Logo

Help For Heroes

Help For Heroes supports veterans who may face difficulties such as health conditions or unemployment, filling the gaps left by professional bodies. They provide comprehensive assistance for physical and mental health, including medical care, rehabilitation, specialised sports activities, and psychological support. The charity also addresses unemployment by offering vocational training and employment opportunities, helping veterans regain financial stability. Help For Heroes fosters a sense of community and belonging through social events and peer support programs. They actively advocate for policy changes and raise awareness of veterans' needs to drive systemic change and ensure widespread support.
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Refuge Logo


Refuge is the largest domestic abuse support charity in the UK, providing assistance to women and children affected by domestic abuse. They have a rich history of over five decades, evolving their services to meet the changing needs of survivors. Their comprehensive range of support includes helplines, emergency accommodation, outreach programs, counseling, and legal advocacy. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Refuge remained dedicated, offering remote assistance and capturing over 500 perpetrators. They actively advocate for systemic changes and challenge societal norms to create a culture of zero tolerance towards domestic abuse.

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Make-A-Wish Logo


Approximately 63,000 children in the UK face life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, causing immense challenges for them and their families. Make-A-Wish empowers these children to choose a wish that brings joy and resilience, providing a transformative experience. Wishes create a ripple effect, fostering hope, togetherness, and cherished memories for the entire family. Make-A-Wish also advocates for these children, raising awareness and driving positive change in healthcare and support systems.

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Who We Sponsor

We sponsor charities by developing their websites and maintaining their systems, enabling them to focus on their mission while spreading their message to their intended audience of users. 

Yiga For Children Foundation Logo

Yiga For Children Foundation

The Yiga For Children Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children in Uganda who have experienced homelessness and abandonment. Founded by Yiga Ben, the foundation provides essential services like safe shelter, nutritious meals, education, and healthcare. They embrace a holistic approach, creating a nurturing environment where children feel safe and supported. Through their advocacy, they raise awareness about homelessness and abandonment in Uganda.

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Ben Yiga & His Children
Zimbabwe Airlinks Logo

Zimbabwe Airlinks Foundation

The Zimbabwe Airlinks Foundation is dedicated to transforming transportation in Zimbabwe, focusing on affordability, safety, and connectivity. They aim to make air travel more accessible and affordable for all Zimbabweans. Additionally, the foundation strives to bridge the gaps between remote and underserved regions by establishing air links, empowering communities, promoting tourism, and unlocking economic potential. Their commitment to safety, efficiency, and sustainable development contributes to the growth of the tourism industry and stimulates economic opportunities across the country.

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Please note you can contact us to discuss your organisations needs if you are registered, or planning on registering, a charity. 

We will work with international organisations who aren't registered in the UK so long as we can identify trustees and have evidence of their activities.

Please also note we will not take applications for support from large charities who have heavy and inefficient levels of beauracy and layers of management in paid roles. We prefer to commit our limit resources on small to mid sized charities who have a direct impact on their chosen areas.

Charities That We Have Supported (2021/2022)

World Food Programme Logo

World Food Programme

The World Food Programme (WFP) is a renowned charitable organization combating global food insecurity. They provide vital food assistance to vulnerable populations, with a comprehensive and holistic approach to address the root causes of hunger. Their emergency response teams swiftly mobilize to save lives during crises, while their school feeding programs nourish young minds and remove barriers to education. WFP also focuses on resilience-building initiatives, empowering communities to become self-reliant. Through strategic partnerships, they amplify their impact and garner international support.

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Prostate Cancer UK Logo

Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK is a leading charity in the fight against prostate cancer, raising awareness and funding groundbreaking research. Their efforts empower individuals to take proactive measures, improving early detection and intervention. With a comprehensive approach, they provide support to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, offering valuable resources and emotional assistance. Prostate Cancer UK's commitment to advancements in medical science brings hope to those affected and improves outcomes for individuals battling prostate cancer.

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