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What Is ​Zoho Sign?

Zoho Sign stands as a sophisticated software offering a seamless and efficient solution for digitally signing a wide range of documents. Our team of Zoho consultants in the UK ensures that Zoho Sign eradicates the cumbersome process of printing, physically signing, and then scanning documents, leading to a significant reduction in time, effort, and costs associated with traditional paper-based transactions. Zoho Sign's flexibility shines through as it enables users to digitally sign documents from anywhere, making it particularly convenient for those with active, on-the-go lifestyles. Furthermore, the software employs robust authentication and encryption features to guarantee the utmost security and privacy for all digital documents.

How Zoho Sign Helps You

Sign Off On Documents

In an age of digital transformation, Zoho Sign emerges as a powerful solution to the document signing process. This software offers an approach that eliminates the need for in-person signatures. With Zoho Sign, individuals can securely sign documents digitally, utilising their stored electronic signatures. By using Zoho Sign, users ensure the authentication and security of every signed document while bidding farewell to the cumbersome and time-consuming process of physical signatures. This modern approach enhances efficiency, increases convenience, and significantly reduces the time and effort associated with traditional document authentication.

Configure Workflows

Zoho Sign empowers users to design and implement effective document signing workflows, ensuring that documents are signed efficiently and correctly. With this feature, users have the flexibility to define the sequence in which individuals should sign the document and the manner in which it should be delivered. This capability is instrumental in automating the signing process. Zoho Sign facilitates the creation of a structured list of designated signatories, automatically dispatching the document to each individual using their preferred method of communication. The result is a streamlined, organised approach to document signing that enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Track Statuses

Zoho Sign offers a valuable feature that allows users to monitor the status and progression of their documents during the entire signing process. This functionality enables users to ascertain whether the document has been sent, viewed, and signed, along with identifying those who have interacted with it. This level of oversight keeps the document signing process efficient. Users can readily identify any pending signatures, ensuring that all users have signed the document. Additionally, Zoho Sign enables users to set up automatic reminders, preventing important documents from being ignored. These reminders serve as a helpful tool to prompt users to complete the signing process in time.

Zoho Sign Partners

What Can We Do For You?

At Digital Scientists, we understand the challenges associated with the time-consuming task of signing important documents. However, our team is well-versed in effectively harnessing the power of Zoho Sign to streamline and secure official documents and emails using an automated signature system. With our expertise, businesses can expedite and simplify the document signing process, ensuring the legitimacy and security of their vital business materials.
Our Expertise
Our experienced team possesses a wealth of knowledge in effectively utilising Zoho Sign as we partner with the software. We excel in automating various processes, including sign-off automation and reminders. With our expertise, we can guide businesses in automating their signing processes, reducing the time spent on cumbersome tasks such as signing off on invoices. This efficiency ensures smoother operations and greater productivity.

Our team at Digital Scientists is equipped to assist businesses in a wide array of processes, and one key area of focus is document management. With our support, businesses can seamlessly back up their documents to cloud solutions like Google Drive or Office 365. Furthermore, we can facilitate the import of documents from these cloud services into Zoho Sign, ensuring all documents are stored in a centralised location. Another critical process we specialise in is setting up signing workflows. This entails creating a list of users who are required to sign off on essential documents. Whenever a document needs verification, it is automatically sent to these designated individuals for their signature. Our team ensures that these processes are efficiently managed, enabling documents to be signed off promptly and without delays.

Additionally, our team is proficient in customising signature templates for businesses. We can create a foundational template for signatures, complete with brand logos and colors, ensuring that the brand identity is consistently reflected in each signature. These brand elements are crucial for authenticating and legitimising documents and emails. Without them, signatures may lack the necessary context for recipients to identify businesses. By incorporating these features, we guarantee that emails and documents are not only legitimate but also clearly authenticated, reinforcing the brand identity in every interaction.

Zoho Sign Features

Document Management
Remote Collaboration
Document Signing
Document Management

Easy Import

By using Zoho Sign, businesses can easily import documents from other services like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. This ensures that they can send off important documents even if they are stored on other cloud platforms and allows for full versatility.

Cloud Backup

Zoho Sign understands the importance of data protection and provides ample options to backup templates and documents to preferred cloud services such as OneDrive, Zoho Workdrive or Dropbox allowing for seamless data management.

Multiple File Formats

Zoho Sign is a versatile platform that supports an extensive range of file formats, providing businesses with the flexibility they need to sign off on various types of documents. With Zoho Sign, they can sign off on files in formats such as pdf, docx, jpg, png, and many others.

Field Addition

Zoho Sign offers a highly customisable signing process for documents. One of the most useful features is the ability to add custom fields that must be completed before the document can be signed to ensure businesses get the information that they need.

Remote Collaboration

Real-Time Commenting

Zoho Sign offers a feature where users with access to a document can leave comments to provide additional context about the document before signing off on it. This feature enables real-time updates, eliminating the need to send the file back and forth.


Zoho Sign comes with an essential feature that helps to ensure that all documents are signed on by their deadline. With its timed reminder feature, a reminder can easily be set to alert the signer to sign the document before the deadline with constant alerts. 

Document Recall

Zoho Sign's recall feature allows users to retrieve a document that has been sent for signing in case of errors or changes in the content. This feature is particularly useful when a mistake is noticed or if the document is found to be incomplete after sending it.

Complete Control

Zoho Sign provides a hassle-free and easy way to manage document responses, allowing quick and efficient approval or decline requests or send documents to the necessary signing parties using only a few clicks of a button to send it off. 
Document Signing

Multiple Signatures

Zoho Sign offers a unique feature that allows users to upload multiple signature options to test and choose from, ensuring that the signature used is the best fit for the specific document and allowing them to choose the signature that they want the most.

In-Person Signing

Zoho Sign provides a quick and efficient way of getting signatures through in-person signing. With this feature, users can use their laptop or mobile device to perform in-person signing, which is a real-time signing session hosted by a user.

Mobile Signing

Zoho Sign offers the convenience of being accessible on mobile devices, allowing users to sign documents on-the-go, eliminating the need to be tied to a desktop computer. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Zoho Sign provides a solution for businesses to streamline their workflow by offering a templates. This feature allows users to create and save frequently used documents or signature details as a template, reducing the need to recreate them each time. 


In addition to its practical purpose, the signature feature in Zoho Sign can also be used as a branding tool. By incorporating brand colors, logos, and other details into a signature, it can add a professional touch to signed documents of a business.

Vernacular Signing

Zoho Sign is a versatile software that supports a range of languages, making it easier for users to sign off on documents in their preferred language. This feature, also known as vernacular signing, enables users to sign and read documents in their native language.

Advanced Authentication

Zoho Sign takes the security of accounts seriously, and employs multiple measures to protect them. One of the key ways it does this is through multi-factor authentication, which requires two or more pieces of evidence to verify the identity of a user.

Audit Trails

Audit trails are a valuable tool that allows businesses to keep track of the signing process. With Sign, they can easily access a record of which documents have been sent to users, which ones have been signed, and which ones require reminders or follow-ups.


Zoho Sign is a software that strictly adheres to local and international laws, such as eIDAS in the EU and the ESIGN Act in the US, ensuring that all data stored is secure and that transactions of data are protected against any attempts by hackers to gain access.

Bank-Level Security

Zoho Sign employs robust security measures to ensure that all documents and data are kept safe and secure from malicious attacks. The software utilises high-grade encryption, which means that only authorised users can access the documents.

Zoho Sign Queries

Is Zoho Sign Free?

Certainly, Zoho Sign offers a free option, but it's limited to just one user and basic features. This free plan provides access to in-person and digital signatures, reminders, notifications, document and folder management, and more. However, businesses looking for more advanced capabilities can explore other subscription options. Upgrading to the Standard plan grants access to everything in the free plan and additional features such as integration options and approval actions, which can significantly enhance document workflows.

For even more extensive features, the Professional plan offers unlimited documents, template uses, and the ability to rebrand emails and signatures to maintain a consistent and professional image. The Enterprise plan, the most comprehensive option, allows for bulk document signing, automatic cloud backups, bulk document sending, and various other advanced features, making it ideal for larger businesses with high-volume document management needs. These flexible subscription tiers provide businesses with the choice to select the plan that best suits their requirements. Click here to learn more.

Is Zoho Sign Safe?

Zoho places the utmost importance on the security and protection of sensitive client data across its services. The company implements rigorous security measures to safeguard user data comprehensively. From the moment documents are uploaded, Zoho initiates encryption, a process that encodes the data into an indecipherable format, which can only be deciphered with the corresponding encryption key. This stringent encryption ensures that any data stored on Zoho's servers remains securely shielded from unauthorised access. Furthermore, Zoho incorporates authentication mechanisms to verify the identity of users during sign-in procedures. Employing multi-factor authentication, Zoho establishes multiple layers of security, requiring users to successfully navigate through several steps to access their accounts. For instance, users need to provide their login credentials, followed by a one-time password sent to their registered email address or mobile phone via SMS to validate their login. This layered approach significantly enhances the security of user accounts and their data. Specifically in the context of Zoho Sign, documents signed or transmitted through the service are encrypted in transit, and only the designated document recipients possess the unique decryption keys. This ensures that only authorised individuals can access and decipher the document, maintaining a high level of security and data privacy. Zoho's stringent security practices guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of user data throughout their services. Click here to learn more.

Can I Sign More Than 1 Document At A Time?
To send multiple documents for signature simultaneously using Zoho Sign, an enterprise-level business plan is needed, which provides this feature. The process is straightforward. On the Zoho Sign dashboard, click on "Send for Signatures." A prompt will appear, allowing users to either drag and drop or import the necessary files into Zoho Sign. Simply select the required files and then press the "Upload" button. Once this is done, the documents will be available on the dashboard, ready to be sent to the designated users for signing. This streamlined process enables users to efficiently manage and send multiple documents for signature. Click here to learn more.
How Do I Collect An In-Person Signature In Zoho Sign?
Preparing documents for in-person signatures is a straightforward process. Initially, users should select the "send for signatures" option and upload the document(s) that require signing. Following this, the document should be specified as intended for in-person signing. This will prompt the appearance of two new sections: "host" and "signer." Hosts are the individuals responsible for overseeing the signing session, while signers are the users who will sign the document. Designate the host and input the details of the signer(s) in the signer section. If there are multiple individuals who need to sign the document, their information can be added aswell. Once this is complete, press "continue." The host will receive the document and can retain it until the signer is present to sign it in-person. This procedure simplifies the process of facilitating document signatures during face-to-face interactions.
How Do I Change The Type Of Signing Someone Can Use?

Configuring the signing method is a straightforward procedure, but it's important to note that only users with administrator accounts can determine the signing method. Begin by accessing the "settings" tab and proceed to "account settings." This will display a list of options, including the "signature input modes." By entering the "signature input modes" section, businesses can choose the preferred signing method for their documents. This option allows businesses to specify whether signers should use typed signatures, drawn signatures, or uploaded signatures. This flexibility ensures that businesses can achieve the desired level of authentication for their documents, tailoring the signing process to their specific needs.

How Do I Add Another User To The Signature List?
This feature, too, is exclusively accessible to users with administrator accounts. In the event of mistakenly adding the wrong user to a signing list or omitting someone crucial, there's no need to panic. Zoho Sign offers a convenient function that allows users to add and remove participants as needed. To get started, head to Zoho Sign and locate the "Users" page within the settings. Here, users will find a "pending invitations" button, which displays the list of recipients the document was sent to. To remove a user, simply delete their invitation. Conversely, to add a user, click the "add user" button and input their details accurately. This will invite them to the signing session and ensure all the right participants are included.

Zoho Sign Integrations

Zoho Apps

Numerous Zoho applications seamlessly integrate with Zoho Sign, with a prime example being Zoho Mail. When using Zoho Mail, businesses can utilise Zoho Sign to imprint signatures at the bottom of their emails, enhancing their security and legitimacy by affixing personal signatures. This ensures that every email sent through Zoho Mail carries a trustworthy and verified seal. Furthermore, Zoho CRM offers integration with Zoho Sign to ensure that closed deals are fortified with signatures, instilling reliability and credibility in business interactions, potentially leading to new opportunities. Additionally, Zoho Invoice can also be integrated with Zoho Sign to guarantee that any invoices sent are authenticated with business signatures, further solidifying the trustworthiness and authenticity of financial transactions. In summary, Zoho Sign's integration with various Zoho apps like Zoho Mail, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Invoice enhances the security, legitimacy, and reliability of email communications, deal closures, and financial transactions through the addition of personalised signatures.

Zoho CRM

Zoho Desk

Zoho Mail

Zoho Writer

Zoho Flow

Zoho People

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Invoice

Google Apps

Google applications are highly valued and widely adopted for their versatility across various industries. When integrated with Zoho Sign, these applications become even more powerful and versatile. For instance, in Gmail, Zoho Sign can be seamlessly employed to add official and legitimate signatures to emails, enhancing their credibility and professionalism. Moreover, Zoho Sign can be effectively utilised with documents shared via Google Drive. This integration simplifies the signing process for clients, ensuring a straightforward and efficient method for signing important documents. In summary, integrating Google applications with Zoho Sign enhances their utility and effectiveness, allowing businesses to add official signatures to Gmail emails and simplifying the document signing process for clients using Google Drive, ultimately streamlining communications and document management workflows.


Google Drive

Google Suite

Microsoft Apps

The same rationale for integrating Google applications applies to Microsoft applications, which are also widely used and versatile. These popular services can seamlessly integrate with Zoho Sign, including applications like Microsoft Outlook. When a user sends an email from Outlook, they can easily add their official signature, affirming the legitimacy of the email. Furthermore, Zoho Sign can be utilised with Microsoft Office applications, enabling businesses to affix signatures to documents created within Microsoft Office, thus confirming their authenticity and official status. In summary, Zoho Sign's integration with Microsoft applications, including Outlook and Microsoft Office, enhances their functionality by allowing businesses to add official signatures to emails and documents, bolstering their credibility and professionalism.

Office 365

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams


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