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What Is Zoho Assist?

Leveraging the capabilities of cloud-based technology, this application emerges as a vital tool for remote access support, addressing any issues users may encounter. Our team of Zoho specialists employs this remote access software to establish a secure and on-demand connection to designated computers, giving users full control to diagnose and resolve problems effectively. Whether it's troubleshooting, software configuration, or technical support, deliver timely assistance from any location, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance.

Screen Sharing

File Transfer

Share files with others with a generous file transfer limit of up to 2GB. When transferring files, data remains protected throughout the entire process, utilising a secure and encrypted pathway.


Utilise convenient LiveChat features that allows users to instantly access support and connect with knowledgeable technicians. This powerful tool enables seamless communication between employees or technicians and the users.

Session Scheduling

Schedule sessions for users who may not be available immediately to address their technical issues. This convenient feature allows users to choose a time that is suitable for them and ensures they are comfortable.

Voice/Video Chat

Empower technicians to provide interactive and efficient support to customers by leveraging the power of voice and video chat. Through voice chat capabilities, technicians can effectively communicate with users, explaining the problem at hand.

Rebooting & Reconnecting

Remote connections can be established even in scenarios where computers need to be rebooted. This means that the connection between the technician and the computer remains active throughout the process.

Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic tools are valuable resources utilised to assess the overall condition of a computer system. These powerful tools perform tests  to analyse various aspects of the computer, enabling technicians to identify and diagnose potential issues.

Remote Options

With remote computer access tools, businesses gain a remarkable level of control over the computers they are connected to. This includes the ability to perform essential actions such as shutting down, restarting, locking, and even hibernating the remote computer.

Session Recording

By utilising the feature of recording support sessions, businesses gain valuable resources that can be leveraged in various ways. These recordings serve as a comprehensive reference, enabling reviews of past sessions and can also be used as resources to train new employees easily.

Session Confirmation

Session confirmation is a vital feature that ensures users have complete control when granting remote access to technicians. It allows users to provide explicit confirmation before initiating a remote connection, ensuring comfort and security throughout the process.
Screen Sharing

Screen Swap

Enabling screen sharing between users and technicians is an invaluable feature that facilitates efficient problem-solving and enhances the support experience. By allowing users to present their screen to the technician, technical issues can be swiftly identified.


Screen annotation is a powerful tool that technicians can utilise to provide clear and precise guidance during a support session. With screen annotation capabilities, technicians can type, mark, or highlight relevant information directly on the user's screen.

Mobile Support

This software extends its capabilities to mobile devices, providing users with the convenience of sharing their screens with just a single tap. This mobile compatibility ensures that users can receive efficient support no matter where they are.

Action Log

Action logs provide management with a comprehensive record of all the actions performed by technicians during support sessions. These logs capture important details such as when technicians took control of a user's screen or dialogues during the session.

Two-Factor Authentication

To ensure the highest level of security for user accounts, the application implements a robust two-factor authentication mechanism. This multi-layered approach adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding against unauthorised access and potential breaches.

Session Timeout

To ensure the utmost security and privacy of devices, the software includes an automatic timeout feature that terminates idle sessions after a predetermined period of inactivity. This proactive measure helps prevent unauthorised use of devices and ensures user safety.


To ensure the highest level of security and protect the confidentiality of data, robust encryption is employed for all connections between a technician's device and a user's device. This encryption ensures that all data transmitted between devices remains hidden.


operate seamlessly with your existing firewall settings, eliminating the need for any additional configuration. The software is designed to work harmoniously within your network environment, leveraging the existing firewall protection.

Customer Widget

By incorporating a customer widget on a website, businesses can streamline the process of connecting users with their technicians. With just a simple click, users can effortlessly transition from browsing the website to initiating direct communication with a technician.


Businesses have the flexibility to customise and rebrand the software to align with their unique brand identity. By incorporating their logo, company name, and website URL, businesses can seamlessly integrate the remote desktop experience into their brand ecosystem.

User Management

Administrators in the support desk have the authority to assign roles to users, granting them defined privileges and access within the system. This role-based assignment enables administrators to tailor the level of permissions and responsibilities for each user.


The remote help desk provides the flexibility to create departments, enabling users to connect with the department that aligns with their specific issue. By organising the support structure into departments, users can streamline their communication.


Reports provide valuable insights into the performance of support over time, using customer feedback and issue resolution data from departments. By analysing these reports, businesses can gain an understanding of their support session effectiveness.

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How Zoho Assist Helps You

Customer Support

Effectively aid customers and clients in resolving problems and issues by leveraging remote screen sharing technology to view their screen and understand the situation firsthand. By directly addressing the issue, businesses ensure swift resolution and completion. This hands-on approach builds customer trust and loyalty, fostering long-term relationships and encouraging repeat business.

Business Operations

Streamline business processes by implementing automated support portals. When users submit requests, they are automatically queued and attended to by a technician as soon as possible. This automation optimizes the support process by organising a queue of customers, who can then be efficiently redirected to the appropriate departments as needed.

Business Operations

Streamline business processes by implementing automated support portals. When users submit requests, they are automatically queued and attended to by a technician as soon as possible. This automation optimizes the support process by organising a queue of customers, who can then be efficiently redirected to the appropriate departments as needed.

System Integration

Integrate this application with other platforms to establish a unified system for seamless data sharing. By connecting Assist to the business's existing applications, organisations can maximise the utility of the application. Utilising it as a central hub allows businesses to integrate their systems and leverage their preferred platforms effectively.

Zoho Assist Partners

What Can We Do For You?

Providing assistance to users facing issues is vital for business growth. By actively engaging with clients and customers in resolving their concerns, it fosters trust and confidence in the business. With the expertise of our team at Digital Scientists, we offer support in setting up personalised support help desks, tailoring them to align with the business's branding and refining the portal until it meets desired specifications.
Our Expertise
Drawing upon our expertise in this platform, we establish a sturdy groundwork for business support teams to excel. Our specialisation lies in setting up support portals, enabling businesses to promptly deploy their support systems using the resilient frameworks we offer. Moreover, our team can seamlessly integrate business branding into the portals and facilitate the transfer of existing systems.
With our team of Zoho specialists, businesses can rely on us to craft tailored support portals that meets their specific needs. We adeptly construct departments within the portal, ensuring streamlined processes that are easy for users to navigate. By customising these portals, we enhance user experience, efficiently connecting them to the relevant departments for prompt issue resolution and bolstering customer trust in the process.
Utilising the diverse customisation features available within the application, our team excels in tailoring the system to align with the unique requirements of each business. This encompasses various aspects such as rebranding the support portal to mirror the brand identity, configuring personalised email templates, and even aiding in the establishment of specific departments tailored to different facets of the business.
Moving to new systems can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to migrating data. However, our skills with this application can simplify this process by offering seamless integration with existing systems. We provide comprehensive support to connect any current systems with Assist, ensuring a smooth transition and a unified, easy-to-manage system for businesses.

Zoho Assist Queries

Is Zoho Assist Free?

There is a 15-day free trial for users to explore its features. Additionally, there is a free plan available, offering basic features as an introduction to the platform. For more advanced capabilities, businesses can upgrade to the £8/month standard tier, which includes features like file transfers, remote device rebooting, and custom reports. The £12/month professional tier provides access to the mobile app, scheduled support sessions, and portal rebranding. For comprehensive functionality, the £19/month enterprise tier offers departments, session recordings, and service queues. Choose the plan that best suits the business's needs. Click here to learn more.

Can I Connect To Other Operating Systems In Assist?

Certainly, with Zoho Assist, technicians can establish connections to any operating system they need, whether it's a Windows device connecting to a Mac or a Mac connecting to a Linux device. The application facilitates seamless connections across different operating systems, ensuring versatility and compatibility for technicians.

Can I Connect To Mobile Phones In Assist?
Technicians have the capability to connect to mobile devices, including both Android and iOS devices. However, for this connection to be established, users must have the Zoho Assist mobile app installed on their devices.
Can I Invite Another Technician To A Session?

Certainly, additional technicians can be invited to support sessions provided they are part of the business. To invite another technician, navigate to "Session" > "Invite" and select the desired technician from the list, then send the invitation.

How Do I Generate Assist Reports For Technicians?
To utilise this feature, you need an admin account. Once logged in as an admin, go to "Reports" > "Technician" and click "show" to view specific details of the sessions conducted by a particular technician.
How Do I Add My Google Contacts To Assist?

To import Google contacts into Assist, businesses have two options. They can integrate Google Suite and import contacts directly through that connection, or export contacts as a .csv file. Once exported, navigate to "Settings" > "Remote Support" > "Contacts" > "Google" > "Import" in Assist. Select the .csv file and click "Import" to complete the process.

How Do I Add Technicians To The Business?
Only an admin account can invite technicians to the business. When logged in as an admin, go to "Settings" > "General" > "Manage Technicians" > "Invite Technician." Enter the necessary details of the technician to be invited and click "Invite". This section also allows businesses to manage technician details and view their performance metrics.
Can Assist Support Other Languages?

Certainly, Zoho Assist does support multiple languages. To access them, go to "Settings" > "General" > "Preferences" > "Locale Settings." Currently, Zoho Assist supports languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Bulgarian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Zoho Assist Integrations

Zoho Applications

Numerous Zoho applications offer integration possibilities. For instance, SalesIQ's live chat feature can seamlessly connect to a support portal, streamlining customer interactions. Additionally, businesses can leverage Flow to craft custom workflows, enabling personalised integrations with various applications. Desk serves as an effective support portal, generating tickets whenever customer assistance is needed. Lastly, integration with Booking facilitates users in scheduling appointments with technicians.

Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho Flow
Zoho Desk
Zoho Bookings
External Applications

Assist offers integration with external applications like Zendesk and Freshdesk, transforming them into the primary support portal for the business. Technicians can initiate remote support processes directly from these platforms. Moreover, integration with Microsoft Teams or Slack enables the incorporation of live chat features, providing businesses with swift and efficient communication channels with clients.

Google Suite
Microsoft Teams
Service Now
Spice Works

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