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What Is
Zoho Assist?

Leveraging the capabilities of cloud-based technology, Zoho Assist emerges as a vital tool for remote access to your computer, addressing any issues it may encounter with efficiency. Our team of Zoho specialists employs this remote access software to establish a secure and on-demand connection to the designated computer, giving users full control to diagnose and resolve problems effectively. Whether it's troubleshooting, software configuration, or technical support, Zoho Assist empowers you to deliver timely assistance from any location, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance.

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What Does
Zoho Assist Do?

Zoho Assist is an invaluable remote access service designed to empower your business technicians with the ability to securely access and take control of your customer's devices, with their explicit permission. By directly engaging with the problem at hand, technicians gain a firsthand understanding of the issue, eliminating the need for customers to describe it in detail. This seamless interaction not only enhances problem-solving efficiency but also boosts customer satisfaction by providing personalised support tailored to their specific needs. With Zoho Assist, your business can ensure that technicians receive comprehensive training and exposure to various technical challenges. By immersing themselves in real-time troubleshooting scenarios, they sharpen their skills and expertise, preparing them for a wide range of issues they may encounter in the future. This proactive approach not only streamlines problem resolution but also cultivates a culture of continuous learning and improvement within your technical team. By leveraging Zoho Assist's remote access capabilities, your business can deliver exceptional customer service, expedite problem resolution, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

How Does Zoho
Assist Develop Business?

Zoho Assist not only contributes to the development of your business by ensuring customer satisfaction but also enhances overall business operations through its robust reporting capabilities. These reports provide valuable insights into your support activities, including the number of sessions conducted, session durations, and individual technician performance metrics. By analysing this data, you can identify trends, measure productivity, and assess the workload distribution among your technicians. This enables you to make informed decisions about resource allocation and identify areas where additional training or support may be needed. Furthermore, Zoho Assist offers extensive customisation options that align with your brand's identity and theme. Every interaction and communication, whether it's an email or a screen request, can be fully customised and branded with your business's logo, colors, and other personalised elements. This level of customisation adds a professional touch to your customer interactions and strengthens brand consistency across all touchpoints. By leveraging the powerful reporting capabilities and customisation options of Zoho Assist, your business can not only optimize support operations but also reinforce your brand image, ultimately fostering long-term customer loyalty and driving business growth.

How DoesZoho
Automate Business?

Zoho Assist utilises automation in various aspects of its processes to enhance efficiency and streamline support operations. One notable feature is the provision of diagnostic tools to your technicians, enabling them to perform comprehensive scans of users' devices. These diagnostics encompass hardware, software, and services, helping identify and pinpoint any issues or problems within the device. By automating this diagnostic process, Zoho Assist empowers your technicians to quickly and accurately assess the root causes of technical issues, facilitating more efficient troubleshooting and resolution. In addition to diagnostic tools, Zoho Assist offers robust permission management capabilities through role-based access control. This means that users can be assigned specific roles within the system based on their status or responsibilities in your organisation, such as admin or technician. By assigning appropriate permission roles, you can regulate and restrict the actions and access levels of your technicians, ensuring that only authorised individuals have the necessary privileges. This automation helps safeguard your users' devices and sensitive information, preventing unauthorised access and maintaining a secure support environment. Through the integration of automation, Zoho Assist enables your team to streamline diagnostic processes, enhance troubleshooting efficiency, and enforce secure access controls. By harnessing these automation features, your business can deliver faster, more effective support while maintaining the highest standards of security and user privacy.

How Does Zoho Assist
​Help Customer Engagement?

Zoho Assist equips your technicians with a diverse range of tools to effectively assist and support users in resolving their technical issues. With these tools, your technicians can ensure that users are kept informed and engaged throughout the support process. They have the flexibility to choose from three options to interact with users: text chat, voice chat, and video chat. Text chat allows technicians to communicate with users through instant messages, providing real-time updates and guidance. This method ensures clear and concise communication, enabling technicians to relay instructions and troubleshoot issues effectively. Voice chat enables technicians to engage in direct audio conversations with users. By leveraging voice communication, technicians can provide personalised assistance, verbally guide users through troubleshooting steps, and address any concerns or questions in real-time. Video chat takes the support experience to the next level by allowing technicians to visually demonstrate solutions to users. With this capability, technicians can share their screens or use a webcam to showcase specific steps or actions, ensuring a more immersive and hands-on support experience. Furthermore, Zoho Assist prioritises user consent and security through its session confirmation feature. Before a technician can establish a connection with a user's device, the user must explicitly agree to grant access. If the user declines or does not authorise the connection, the session cannot proceed. This stringent security measure ensures that only authorised users can initiate remote sessions, safeguarding their privacy and protecting against unauthorised access. By providing a range of communication options and enforcing user consent, Zoho Assist ensures that users remain engaged, informed, and in control throughout the support process. This commitment to user satisfaction and security contributes to a positive support experience and builds trust between your business and its customers.

Can You Customise
Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist offers extensive customisation options to align the software with your business's brand identity and meet your specific needs. One such customisation feature is rebranding, which allows you to personalise the user experience by incorporating your business's color scheme and logo into various elements. This ensures that any requests or interactions made through Zoho Assist carry your distinct branding, fostering a consistent and professional image. Rebranding extends to email communications as well, enabling you to customise email templates with your business's branding elements. This ensures that all emails sent to users, whether it's session confirmations or support updates, reflect your business's unique identity and create a cohesive experience for users. Personalised reports are another powerful customisation feature provided by Zoho Assist. You have the flexibility to define the specific fields and data points that are important for your business. By capturing and organising relevant data, these customised reports provide valuable insights that can inform your business decisions and help you optimise your support operations. In addition to rebranding and personalised reports, Zoho Assist offers the option to integrate a user portal into your website. This user portal acts as a convenient gateway for users to initiate remote sessions with technicians. By simply entering a unique session ID provided by your business, users can seamlessly connect with your support team directly from your website. This streamlined process enhances the user experience, eliminates the need for additional steps, and reinforces your brand presence throughout the support journey. With these customisable features, Zoho Assist empowers your business to tailor the software to match your brand identity, gather meaningful data, and provide a seamless support experience for your customers.

How Secure Is
Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist prioritises the security and protection of both users and technicians by implementing various measures to maintain secure connections throughout the remote support session. One key aspect of this is the active log feature, which records and maintains a comprehensive audit log of all actions performed remotely. This log captures any edits or changes made during the session, providing a transparent record that can be utilised for administrative purposes and audits. This ensures accountability and allows for a thorough review of the activities conducted during the remote session. In addition to the active log, Zoho Assist employs two-factor authentication (2FA) to bolster the security of connections. With 2FA in place, only authorised technicians and users can gain access to establish a connection. This extra layer of authentication adds an additional level of protection, ensuring that only authorised individuals can initiate or join a remote support session. To further safeguard the privacy and security of both parties involved, Zoho Assist includes an automatic termination feature. If a technician remains inactive for a predetermined period of time, the connection between the technician and the user is automatically terminated. This proactive measure helps to prevent any unauthorised access or potential security breaches in case a technician forgets to disconnect after completing the session.

By combining an active log, two-factor authentication, and automatic termination, Zoho Assist ensures secure and accountable remote support sessions. These measures protect the privacy of users, maintain the integrity of the connection, and foster a safe and trustworthy environment for both technicians and users throughout the support process.

Zoho Assist

Screen Sharing

File Transfer

Zoho Assist enables users to securely share files with each other, offering a generous file transfer limit of up to 2GB. When transferring files, Zoho Assist ensures that data remains protected throughout the entire process, utilising a secure and encrypted pathway.


Zoho Assist offers a convenient LiveChat feature that allows users to instantly access support and connect with knowledgeable technicians. This powerful tool enables seamless communication between your employees or technicians and the users.

Session Scheduling

Zoho Assist offers the flexibility to schedule sessions for users who may not be available immediately to address their technical issues. This convenient feature allows users to choose a time that is convenient for them and ensures they are comfortable.

Voice/Video Chat

Zoho Assist empowers technicians to provide interactive and efficient support to customers by leveraging the power of voice and video chat. Through voice chat capabilities, technicians can effectively communicate with users, explaining the problem at hand.

Rebooting & Reconnecting

With software like Zoho Assist, remote connections can be established even in scenarios where computers need to be rebooted. This means that the connection between the technician and the computer remains active throughout the process.


Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic tools are valuable resources utilised to assess the overall condition of a computer system. These powerful tools perform tests  to analyse across various aspects of the computer, enabling technicians to identify and diagnose potential issues accurately.

Remote Options

With remote computer access tools like Zoho Assist, you gain a remarkable level of control over the computers you are connected to. This includes the ability to perform essential actions such as shutting down, restarting, locking, and even hibernating the remote computer.

Session Recording

By utilising the feature of recording support sessions, you gain valuable resources that can be leveraged in various ways. These recordings serve as a comprehensive reference, enabling you to review past sessions and train new employees easily.

Session Confirmation

Session confirmation is a vital feature that ensures users have complete control when granting remote access to technicians. It allows users to provide explicit confirmation before initiating a remote connection, ensuring comfort and security throughout the process.

Screen Sharing

Screen Swap

Enabling screen sharing between users and technicians is an invaluable feature that facilitates efficient problem-solving and enhances the support experience. By allowing users to present their screen to the technician, technical issues can be swiftly identified.


Screen annotation is a powerful tool that technicians can utilise to provide clear and precise guidance during a support session. With screen annotation capabilities, technicians can type, mark, or highlight relevant information directly on the user's screen.

Mobile Support

Zoho Assist's remote support software extends its capabilities to mobile devices, providing users with the convenience of sharing their screens with just a single tap. This mobile compatibility ensures that users can receive efficient support no matter where they are.


Action Log

Action logs provide management with a comprehensive record of all the actions performed by technicians during support sessions. These logs capture important details such as when technicians took control of a user's screen or dialogues during the session.

Two-Factor Authentication

To ensure the highest level of security for user accounts, Zoho Assist implements a robust two-factor authentication mechanism. This multi-layered approach adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding against unauthorised access and potential breaches.

Session Timeout

To ensure the utmost security and privacy of devices, Zoho Assist includes an automatic timeout feature that terminates idle sessions after a predetermined period of inactivity. This proactive measure helps prevent unauthorised use of devices and ensures safety.


To ensure the highest level of security and protect the confidentiality of data, Zoho Assist employs robust encryption for all connections between a technician's device and a user's device. This encryption ensures that all data transmitted between devices remains hidden.


Zoho Assist operates seamlessly with your existing firewall settings, eliminating the need for any additional configuration. The software is designed to work harmoniously within your network environment, leveraging the existing firewall protection.


Customer Widget

By incorporating a customer widget on your website, you can streamline the process of connecting users with your technicians. With just a simple click, users can effortlessly transition from browsing your website to initiating direct communication with a technician.


With Zoho Assist, you have the flexibility to customise and rebrand the software to align with your unique brand identity. By incorporating your logo, company name, and website URL, you can seamlessly integrate the remote desktop experience into your brand ecosystem.

User Management

Administrators in the support desk have the authority to assign roles to users, granting them defined privileges and access within the system. This role-based assignment enables administrators to tailor the level of permissions and responsibilities for each user.


Zoho Assist's remote help desk provides the flexibility to create departments, enabling users to connect with the department that aligns with their specific issue. By organising the support structure into departments, users can streamline their communication.


Reports in Zoho Assist provide valuable insights into the performance of support over time, using customer feedback and issue resolution data from departments. By analysing these reports, businesses can gain an understanding of their support session effectiveness.

Zoho Assist

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