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    A platform designed to enhance sales, support, and marketing efforts on a website or application. It identifies visitors and engages them with automation tools, and through communication methods such as messages, audio calls, and emails.
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What Is Zoho SalesIQ?

The platform stands as website software strategically crafted to elevate customer engagement, and our Zoho consultancy ensures businesses harness a multifaceted array of communication channels. The platform's versatility empowers businesses to create user tickets, a feature that simplifies issue resolution, and integrate chatbots that efficiently address frequently asked questions. This allows customer service agents to pivot their focus towards driving conversions and delivering exceptional support.

Visitor Tracking
Communication & Resources
Visitor Tracking

Visitor Insights

Employ real-time visitor insights that are categorised into various priority sections according to established criteria. This enables businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their website's activity and monitor visitor behavior effectively to later create leads.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a vital tool for businesses, aiding in the identification of the most valuable users. Businesses can establish custom rules to compute lead scores, taking into account factors like site engagement duration, traffic source, and geographic location.

Chat Routing

Customers can have a frustrating experience when they have to explain their problem multiple times to different agents. With the chat routing feature, customers can be directed to the department they need assistance from right away.

Chat Triggers

Configure designated chat triggers to activate when users accomplish predefined tasks on the website, such as visiting a specific page or clicking on a particular button. By leveraging these triggers, businesses can effectively nurture their leads and guide them towards desired actions.

Codeless Bot Builder

Not every business has a team of experienced coders to develop chatbots. Hence, the codeless bot builder feature offers a solution. This feature enables businesses to craft powerful and versatile chatbots without requiring any coding expertise, capable of handling various tasks as needed by the business.


Chatbots offer an efficient solution for managing customer queries, saving time and effort. They automate the response process, swiftly addressing commonly asked questions or issues, thereby streamlining customer support operations.

Custom Bots

Businesses have diverse options to create Chatbots tailored to their needs. For companies with coding expertise, the code editor provides a fully customisable Chatbot experience, surpassing other available options.

Communication & Resources


Livechat serves as a potent tool for businesses to engage with customers in real-time. Through this feature, visitors can effortlessly interact with support staff, getting their queries and concerns addressed promptly by a knowledgeable employee.

Audio Calling & Screenshare

The livechat feature also offers users an audio calling option, enabling them to verbally communicate their queries or concerns to support employees. This feature allows users to share their screens, facilitating a clearer understanding of issues through visual demonstration.

Remote Access

Agents can request access to users' devices, granting them the ability to take remote control of the device for hands-on troubleshooting. With this feature, agents can swiftly identify and resolve any issues that users may be experiencing, ensuring efficient problem resolution.


In addition to providing livechat support, it is important for businesses to have support documents available for users who prefer to troubleshoot issues on their own. These documents can also serve as an alternative to livechat support when agents are unavailable.


Answer bots are invaluable tools for businesses in managing queries. However, there are instances of recurring questions. In such cases, the Chatbot can store these common inquiries and compile them into a FAQ, ensuring that users can readily access answers to their questions.

Bot Resources

Chatbots are highly beneficial for managing user queries. However, they require learning from the questions they receive to generate answers. Establishing a knowledge base for bot resources enables these Chatbots to store inquiries and their corresponding solutions, facilitating efficient responses to users.

One Click Leads

Transform website visitors into leads effortlessly with the one-click lead feature. By simply clicking once, new visitors to the website can be seamlessly incorporated into the CRM system. This system retains their contact information and pertinent details for future utilisation.

User Details

As agents interact with clients via the live chat feature, they can collect valuable information to enhance the potency of their leads. By gaining insights into users' preferences and needs, businesses can adjust their strategies accordingly.

Chat Transfer

It's not unusual for employees to encounter issues beyond their expertise. In such cases, they can escalate the query to another employee with more knowledge in that specific field, ensuring it's handled by someone better equipped to address it.

Employee Messaging

Effective collaboration is vital in business, particularly in resolving customer queries. With this feature, employees can collaborate remotely in real-time through one-on-one chats. This ensures seamless communication within teams, minimising the risk of miscommunication.

Message Boards

Keeping employees informed is crucial for the success of any business. Fortunately, there is a convenient way to achieve this. By utilising the message boards feature, the business can create team message boards where employees can communicate important issues or announcements to the entire team.

Performance Metrics

There is a variety of features available to help businesses streamline their services. One such feature is the ability to monitor a team's performance in real-time using specified metrics. This provides businesses with an overview of their team's efficiency in answering queries, the volume of visitors, or any other metric that is required.

Chat Monitoring

To facilitate training for new employees or oversee the performance of existing ones, businesses can leverage the chat supervision feature. This functionality allows supervisors to monitor live chats between agents and customers in real-time, as well as review transcripts of past chat interactions.

Chat Censoring

In today's digital era, online customer support services have become indispensable for businesses. However, this also exposes businesses to the risk of receiving inappropriate comments from users. To mitigate this risk, the chat censoring feature offers a solution. This feature filters out specified terms or words, preventing them from reaching employees' attention.

GDPR Compliant

The application prioritises compliance with laws like GDPR, ensuring full adherence to protect customer data and uphold user consent consistently. It employs a user-friendly process to transparently inform users about data storage practices and the handling of their data thereafter.

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How SalesIQ Helps You

Marketing To Users

Gain deep insights into user interests and needs through interactions with team members. With this invaluable knowledge, businesses can efficiently route clients to the most suitable team member who can address their specific requirements, as well as keep them engaged for the whole conversation.

Manage Sales

This platform provides businesses with a detailed engagement history, highlighting where users have spent their time, thereby offering valuable context for addressing their needs. Using this, business can tailor their conversations to the user increasing sales and lead conversion.

Manage Sales

This platform provides businesses with a detailed engagement history, highlighting where users have spent their time, thereby offering valuable context for addressing their needs. Using this, business can tailor their conversations to the user increasing sales and lead conversion.

Assist Users

To achieve a seamless helpdesk experience, agents can efficiently manage both existing support tickets and incoming inquiries through real-time chats within SalesIQ. By updating the situation in real-time, queries can efficiently be answered and any issues can be resolved without having to wait.

Zoho SalesIQ Partners

What Can We Do For You?

The platform may initially seem complex to implement and utilise effectively within your business. However, our expertise at Digital Scientists, as trusted Zoho partners, can simplify this process. We excel in a wide array of services, including setting up live chat widgets for websites, seamlessly integrating solutions with other services, and developing chatbots tailored to specific business needs, which can be seamlessly incorporated into business websites.
Our Expertise
As Zoho experts and partners, we boast an in-depth understanding of the service, allowing us to navigate its intricacies effectively. Our proficient team is skilled in crafting efficient chatbots, preloaded with answers to the most frequently asked customer queries. We can seamlessly integrate these chatbots into a backend system, ensuring that users are efficiently routed to real team members for ongoing support. Moreover, we excel in establishing reporting mechanisms for these sessions, providing businesses with comprehensive metrics to gauge their team's performance accurately.
Visitor Insights & Lead Scoring
Our Digital Scientists team excels in tracking visitor insights to pinpoint the areas on business websites where customers are most engaged, crafting customised views tailored to the unique needs of businesses, ensuring that the business gains the most insightful perspectives. Additionally, we extend our support to businesses by implementing lead scoring systems that guide our clients toward the most valuable and promising leads visiting their website. We meticulously define scoring rules that encompass key factors such as their traffic source, time spent on the website, last active time, and the frequency of past visits, among others.
Resource Libraries
Rather than relying on large teams to address each customer's needs, businesses can enhance efficiency by employing chatbots and FAQs to assist customers with common queries. The implementation of a resource library becomes essential in this process, as it houses an extensive repository of the most frequently asked questions along with their respective answers. As Zoho partners, our team at Digital Scientists is well-equipped to seamlessly craft a robust knowledge base tailored to your business's specific requirements.
Fuel Engagement
Facilitating engagement between businesses and customers is vital, and a seamless integration of Zoho CRM is a powerful solution. This integration empowers businesses to harness valuable insights about potential clients and streamline lead generation efforts. Our experienced team can expertly configure the linkage between the CRM system and the platform. We can also assist in establishing the necessary processes to efficiently capture and nurture prospective clients, thereby contributing to the growth and success of businesses and organisations.

Zoho SalesIQ Queries

Is Zoho SalesIQ Free?

Yes, Zoho SalesIQ does have a free service. However, this provides only the most basic features. The free plan includes pre-programmed chatbot responses, file sharing, and integrations with other Zoho apps to name a few features. However, it is recommended that businesses upgrade to higher subscription tiers. Starting with the basic tier at £8/month, building upon the features provided by adding advanced visitor information, integration with social media platforms, FAQs, articles and even chat triggers. Building upon this further is the professional tier at £14/month, adding custom widgets, real-time reporting and chat monitoring. The last tier is the enterprise tier with £20/month. This includes chat translations, AI software, and chat tagging. To learn more, click here.

Can I Set Notifications For When A Chat Is Missed?

Certainly, businesses have the option to configure notifications for missed chats. These notifications serve as reminders for team members to promptly respond to messages. However, it's important to note that these notifications are only active when a user is online. By default, if a user is inactive in SalesIQ, they won't receive notifications. To adjust this setting, navigate to "Settings" > "Portal Settings" > "User Availability Configuration" and disable the first option, "Treat Idle Users As Offline". To read more, click here.

How Do I Route Chats To Specific Departments?
Although SalesIQ doesn't offer direct chat routing to departments, there's a workaround. Utilising the chat routing feature within chat triggers, businesses can direct chats to all relevant team members in the department. This can be achieved through one-by-one routing, where the chat is sent to one agent at a time, or simultaneous routing, sending the chat to all relevant users simultaneously. To learn more, click here.
Can I Use SalesIQ To Send Customer IP Addresses To Zoho CRM?
Certainly, if integrated with Zoho CRM, SalesIQ should automatically transfer visitor details to the CRM system if the "Add Visit Details" setting is activated. This setting can be found in the integration settings under "Settings" > "Integrations" > "Zoho CRM" > "CRM Configurations". Upon inspection of the visits section, the IP addresses of these visitors should be visible in the system. To read more, click here.
Can SalesIQ Bots Be Triggered On Click?
To enable the chatbot to trigger upon being clicked by a user, follow these steps: Go to "Settings" > "Zobot" > "Choose The Bot" > "Bot Profile" > "Configuration" > "When Should The Bot Initiate Chat?". In this menu, select the option "When Visitors Click The Widget" to activate the chatbot trigger. To read more, click here.
Can I Personalise SalesIQ To Suit My Business?
Certainly, SalesIQ offers various options for personalisation to align with each business's identity. For instance, businesses can customise their SalesIQ portal by renaming it to their business name through "Settings" > "Brands". By accessing the current brand profile, users will find the "Configurations" page where the brand name can be modified. Additionally, to incorporate a company picture, navigate to "Settings" > "Company Profile" and select the company display picture to upload a new image. To read more, click here.
How Do I Set Work Hours For Chatbots?
Configuring work hours for chatbots is a simple process. Just go to "Settings" > "Brands" and select the applicable brand. Then, navigate to the "Business Hours" section. Here, there is three options: "24 hrs/7 days", "24 hrs/5 days", or "Custom Hours". Choose the option that aligns with the business's operating hours. To read more, click here.
How Do I Set Up An Automated Wait Message?
Configuring this process is straightforward. First, go to "Settings" > "Websites" > "Live Chat Widget" > "Chat Window" > "Response Message". Here, the response message can be customised based on various scenarios, such as when the team is busy or when a customer is waiting. To set the time limit for these messages, navigate to "Settings" > "Websites" > [Select the relevant website] > "Live Chat Widget" > "Chat Window" > "Configurations". Here, the "Set The Chat Waiting Time" option will be found. Choose the desired time limit, then click "Update" to save the setting. Click here to read more.

SalesIQ Integrations

For streamlined and efficient management of marketing campaigns, the platform offers seamless integration with a diverse range of marketing solutions. These integrations include Zoho CRM for lead and prospect management, Salesforce to support operations, Zoho Campaigns for automated mailing list creation, Mailchimp for lead identification and email marketing campaigns, ActiveCampaign for user identification and engagement from marketing initiatives, Google Tag Manager to facilitate chat event creation, Bronto for contextual insights into website visitors, and Campaignmaster for user management and identification from marketing campaigns.
Zoho CRM
Active Campaign
Sales Force
Google Tag Manager
Zoho Campaign
Mail Chimp
Campaign Master
Customer Support
Strengthening customer support processes is paramount for business growth. Through seamless integration with customer support applications, businesses can establish an all-encompassing support solution. Notable applications that can be effortlessly integrated include Zoho Desk, which automates the conversion of chats into tickets and facilitates user redirection to Desk. Additionally, Zendesk offers features for configuring automatic ticket generation and syncing comprehensive support data.
Zoho Desk
The service offers versatile website integration capabilities, compatible with a wide range of platforms. Whether businesses operate on Zoho Sites, WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, Unbounce, or Virb, features can be seamlessly added without the need for any coding. This allows businesses to effectively track website visitors in real time, enhancing their understanding of user behavior and improving the overall customer experience. Moreover, the integration with these platforms enables businesses to engage with users, promptly address their needs, and maintain their interest, thereby fostering more meaningful customer interactions.
Zoho Sites
Word Press
Using various ecommerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, and OpenCart, businesses can enhance customer engagement during website visits, engaging with visitors building brand loyalty and steadily converting them into buyers, potentially boosting cart values. Furthermore, the addition of live chat features directly on the website enables swift resolution of payment issues and concerns, contributing to a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience.
Big Commerce
Square Space
Open Cart
Social Media & SMS
Leads and inquiries can originate not only from business websites but also from various social media platforms. Through seamless integration with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Telegram, and LinkedIn, businesses can offer immediate assistance to users utilising the chat features available within these social media profiles. This integration ensures that companies are promptly notified of any user queries, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and facilitating quick responses to potential leads and inquiries.
Whats App
Integrating analytical solutions is essential for leveraging comprehensive insights from collected data. By harnessing the power of solutions such as Zoho Analytics, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Mixpanel, Matomo, and Kissmetrics, businesses can access comprehensive reports on user engagement and support metrics. These integrations play a pivotal role in facilitating data-driven decision-making. Moreover, the generated reports enable businesses to evaluate whether their teams are meeting their key performance indicators (KPIs) or identify areas where improvements may be required.
Zoho Analytics
Google Analytics
Kiss Metrics

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