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What Is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social is a powerful and versatile social media management tool that enables businesses to have complete control over how they monitor, track and interact with their social media channels. The software provides a range of features that can help streamline social media management, from scheduling and publishing posts to tracking post performance and engagement. With Zoho Social, posts can be scheduled to be published at the most optimal times, helping to maximise reach and engagement. The software also offers post reports that enables performance tracking of posts, including metrics such as likes, comments, shares and clicks. This data can be used to refine social media strategies and improve the effectiveness of the content. In addition to scheduling and analytics, Zoho Social also includes a range of features that can help engage with the audience more effectively. For example, the software to can respond to comments and messages across all social media channels, helping to build stronger relationships with followers and customers.

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How Zoho Social Helps You

Develop Business

Zoho Social provides businesses with the tools to ensure that their social media campaigns are performing effectively. One of these tools is the ability to generate analysis reports to show which social media channels are performing the best in terms of engagement and post summaries. By using these reports, teams can identify the strengths and weaknesses of campaigns and make decisions to optimise the social media strategy. Moreover, these reports can be customised and filtered by various demographics, such as country, and age groups. To help businesses identify the target audience and ensure that the campaigns are reaching the intended audience.

Automate Processes

One of the key benefits of Zoho Social is its ability to automate social media interactions. For example, by setting up a live stream of social media interactions, teams can stay up-to-date with the number of comments, likes, or shares on posts. This helps to better understand the audience's engagement levels and identify the best strategies for increasing engagement and building a strong social media following. Additionally, another key aspect is Social's scheduling capabilities enabling businesses to schedule their social media posts. This saves time and enables businesses to plan ahead to get their marketing strategy planned ahead of time.

Business Personalisation

A crucial aspect of social media management software such as Zoho Social lies in its personalisation features. These encompass scheduled post calendars, allowing businesses to set their posting schedule to create repeating posts or batch posts for a certain project and post them all at once instead of one after another. These also use customised workflows that establish approval rules for posts. Leveraging these options empowers businesses with an effective social media management platform, enabling teams to define specific approval processes. This ensures that all social media posts adhere to a standardised quality and align with established guidelines that are set by the business.

Zoho Social Partners

What Can We Do For You?

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, where social media management is pivotal for business growth, the initial steps can be daunting. However, our team at Digital Scientists, as trusted Zoho authorised partners with expertise in Zoho Social, is here to guide businesses. Leveraging our experience, we assist businesses in maximizing user engagement, strategically building their social media presence, and effectively expanding their audience.
Our Expertise
Nurturing business growth via social media is a challenging endeavor. Yet, with the expertise of our seasoned team at Digital Scientists, businesses can establish a tailored and resilient social media presence. Through a strategic approach involving regular posts to enhance user engagement and targeted outreach to specific audiences, we ensure a steady flow of traffic that propels the business forward.
Leveraging the scheduling feature in Zoho Social, our team at Digital Scientists excels in strategic planning for businesses. We can meticulously schedule posts, ensuring precision in their publication. Moreover, we guarantee that all social media channels associated with the business are seamlessly connected. This ensures each post is not just uploaded but is uniquely crafted to cater to the nuances of each platform, maximising its impact across the digital landscape.
Harnessing the power of Zoho Social, our team at Digital Scientists facilitates businesses in gaining profound insights from their posts. We employ live stream monitoring, a feature that meticulously tracks user interactions with posts, providing a comprehensive understanding of user engagement. Moreover, our team can craft a dedicated dashboard through Zoho Social for businesses. This dashboard presents crucial social media metrics in easily manageable columns, enabling businesses to efficiently monitor trends and identify significant variations that warrant attention and consideration.
Insights serve as invaluable assets, offering businesses a competitive edge in their marketing endeavors. With our adept team at Digital Scientists, we specialise in leveraging Zoho Social's features to construct robust and insightful reports. These reports delve into the specifics of the target demographic and meticulously scrutinise the performance of each social media page dedicated to promoting the business. Furthermore, we excel in refining social media posts until we identify the optimal-performing content. Utilising Zoho Social's analytics feature, we discern which posts yield the most favorable results, ensuring businesses can adapt and enhance their social media strategy for maximum impact.
Effective collaboration among users is pivotal for streamlined teamwork within a business. An instrumental facilitator of this collaboration is the implementation of roles. By meticulously defining roles, businesses can empower knowledgeable users while limiting the authority of those who may be less familiar. The collaborative aspect becomes particularly beneficial when crafting posts, as insightful feedback plays a crucial role in the design process. Leveraging this feature, our proficient team can adeptly create posts for businesses, adhering meticulously to the provided specifications, thereby ensuring that businesses receive precisely what they envision.

Zoho Social ​Features



Zoho Social provides a flexible and efficient way for businesses to post content on their social media channels. With Zoho Social, they can choose to post content immediately after creating it, or schedule it for a specific time or date using scheduling calendars.


With social media management software, businesses can easily get a comprehensive overview of what their brand is publishing for a week or month. This visualisation allows them to see their content plan in advance and make adjustments as needed. 


Zoho Social provides the flexibility to create drafts, giving businesses the ability to save them for future use instead of publishing them immediately. This feature enables collaboration with team members by sharing the draft post, allowing for feedback and edits.


With Social, businesses can streamline the content creation process by implementing a workflow that involves multiple team members. This allows for efficient collaboration and ensures that all content is thoroughly reviewed and approved before publishing.


Stacking social media posts in a queue using a scheduling tool helps to prevent overlapping release times in the schedule. This ensures that each of the posts is given the right amount of time to shine and reach its intended audience upon being posted. 


When it comes to managing social media for businesses, it's important to stay on top of customer engagement in order to gauge the effectiveness of the content. Zoho Social can help with this by providing live updates of customer engagement on social media posts.

Listening Dashboard

With the help of listening dashboards, businesses can easily find and keep track of relevant posts within the industry and see how well they are performing. This helps to gain insights into what works and allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.

Direct Inbox

With the help of Zoho Social, all direct messages sent to businesses by users can be consolidated in one place, making it easier for teams to view and respond to them. This helps in providing timely assistance to customers and addressing their concerns.


With the help of Zoho Social, businesses can keep track of who is mentioning or replying to them in any post. This creates a network of connections for the brand that engages with the social media content allowing them to see users who are loyal to the business.


Role Management

Zoho Social provides a way for businesses to safeguard their social media posts by assigning different roles and permissions to team members. These roles can include content writers, managers, and administrators, each with different levels of access.


With Zoho Social, teams can easily collaborate on posts shared with them. They can edit posts, provide feedback on draft content, and share ideas with one another using discussion threads. This process helps to ensure that the final product is optimised.

Client Feedback

Zoho Social provides the option to tag your clients in posts, enabling them to provide feedback on social media posts. By utilising the discussion thread feature, clients can provide their opinion on draft posts or provide their thoughts on the latest posts that are being published.

Real-Time Updates

Zoho Social offers real-time updates for all your posts and discussions, allowing seamless collaboration with clients or teams. businesses can stay updated with the latest messages from teams or the impressions generated from social media channels.

Activity Timelines

Zoho Social provides the capability to monitor activities with ease. The activity timelines are implemented to show businesses precisely what employees have accomplished throughout the day, including any updates on posts or any interactions with customers.


One of the advantages of using Zoho Social is that it allows businesses to easily view social media posts by filtering them according to preferences. This feature enables them to limit the number of options shown on the screen, making it easier to find specific posts.

Audience Reports

Audience reports are a valuable resource to help businesses understand and grow closer to their audience. These reports are generated by Zoho Social, and can provide detailed insights into the demographics, interests, and behaviors of followers.

Track Brand Performance

By leveraging the power of audience reports, businesses can gain valuable insights into their social media performance and identify areas for improvement. These reports provide them with key demographic information such as age groups or interests.

Content Trends

Analysing reports allows businesses to gain valuable insights into social media performance. They can identify trends and patterns in their content that resonates with their audience and understand what type of posts drive engagement.

Reach & Impressions

Reports generated by social media management software provide valuable insights into the performance of businesses on social media. By analysing these reports, businesses can track how their influence is growing on various social media platforms. 

Media-Specific Reports

Businesses can create social media specific reports such as Instagram reports that track engagement, such as the number of likes a post gets within a certain timeframe. This helps to understand the performance on specific media, creating more insights.

Zoho Social Queries

Why Can I Not Publish Posts To Instagram?

The restriction on Instagram posting is not an inherent issue with Zoho; rather, it stems from a challenge with the API utilised by Zoho to connect with Instagram. Rectifying this error involves a straightforward process to restore the functionality of the social system. Begin by logging into the connected Facebook account and navigating to "business integrations." Within this section, locate "Zoho Social" and opt to "remove" to disconnect Zoho Social. If prompted to delete all photos and videos, choose "no." Proceed to the Zoho Social dashboard, where users may find they can't post due to disconnection. In "settings," under "social channels," click "reconnect" next to Instagram. Follow the pop-up instructions, granting necessary permissions. Afterward, attempt posting again, and the issue should be resolved. It's important to note that this solution may not be foolproof and might require repetition.

Why Can't I Post Videos To My Social Media?
When businesses endeavor to share videos across multiple platforms concurrently, they may encounter challenges stemming from the distinct requirements of each platform. Platforms like X and TikTok, for instance, may not accommodate longer videos, with X allowing videos only between 5 and 140 seconds in length. LinkedIn imposes stringent criteria for acceptable video content. To facilitate successful multi-platform video sharing, businesses are advised to utilize videos with 720p quality in the mp4 file format. This approach enhances compatibility and ensures smoother compression, addressing the diverse specifications of various platforms.
Why Are My Instagram Links Unclickable?

In adherence to Instagram policies, any links included in posts are displayed as regular text and are not hyperlinked. For businesses aiming to guide users to specific websites, a recommended approach is to place those links within the account's bio. Subsequently, when creating a post, businesses can utilise captions such as "link in bio" to prompt users to visit the associated website.

Does Zoho Social Support Pinterest?
Certainly, Zoho Social seamlessly integrates with Pinterest. This integration empowers businesses to craft pins for boards within Zoho Social and promptly publish them to Pinterest. Moreover, businesses can schedule these pins for specific events or to establish a well-planned post timeline. Leveraging Zoho Social's collaborative features, multiple users can simultaneously contribute to the pin, ensuring efficient teamwork and the creation of a compelling end product.
Can I Reply To Instagram Direct Messages From Zoho Social?

Businesses can effectively respond to their Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) directly from Zoho Social, provided they have linked their business Instagram account to Zoho Social. Without this connection, responding to DMs is not possible. For businesses that were already connected to Instagram before this feature was introduced, they might need to disconnect and then reconnect their accounts to ensure the change takes effect. Refer to the first tab of this accordion for instructions on how to do this.

Can I See How My Posts Will Look Before They Go Onto My Timeline?
Yes, Zoho Social's Instagram grid view feature empowers businesses to preview the arrangement of their upcoming posts within the timeline of their Instagram accounts. This unique feature is exclusive to Instagram and is not available for other social media platforms. To utilise this feature, navigate to the scheduling calendar on Zoho Social. Locate the "Instagram preview" button in the top right corner and click on it. This action will load a preview showcasing how the Instagram page will appear with the scheduled posts.
Why Can't Zoho Social Tag In Instagram?

Zoho Social does facilitate various types of tagging on Instagram, encompassing image and location tagging. However, the API limitations connecting Zoho Social and Instagram restrict the display of suggestions when using @mentions. Businesses must manually input the full username of the account they wish to tag. Once the post is live, the user will be successfully tagged in the post.

Why Can I Not Customise Images On My Drafts?
The process is straightforward. When initially crafting a post, businesses have the ability to edit images. However, this functionality is currently unavailable when accessing a draft. Zoho is actively working on integrating this feature into the draft editing process. Presently, image editing is confined to the initial creation phase of a post.
Does Zoho Social Track My X Character Limit?
Currently, Zoho Social does not support the new formatting features and extended post count introduced in X Premium. The reason for this limitation lies in the recent introduction of these features, and Zoho developers have not yet had the opportunity to incorporate the necessary changes. Updates are underway, and once X enables its API to handle these features, Zoho will implement a solution. In the meantime, businesses must adhere to the default character limit and formatting options.
Can I Access My Zoho Social Calendar On My Phone?
Regrettably, the calendar feature available in the regular desktop version of Zoho Social is not currently supported in the mobile application. While developers are actively working on addressing this limitation, the feature remains unavailable for mobile devices at present. Enhancements are anticipated in future updates to provide a more comprehensive mobile experience for users.

Zoho Social Integrations

Social Media
Zoho Social seamlessly integrates with a diverse array of social media platforms, providing businesses with a robust toolkit to enhance their online presence. Notable platforms in this integration lineup encompass Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram, among others. This integration empowers businesses to actively connect with their audience, promptly responding to feedback and fostering meaningful interactions. Moreover, businesses can leverage these platforms as powerful tools for promotional endeavors, channeling traffic to their website through strategically crafted posts. Instagram integration, for instance, enables businesses to cultivate a visually compelling brand presence, leveraging refined images to establish a strong visual identity and tapping into viral trends using targeted keywords. Similarly, integration with X equips businesses with the capability to track trends efficiently, allowing them to capitalise on these insights when devising marketing strategies for their services.







Additional Applications
Zoho Social extends its integration capabilities beyond social media platforms to encompass a diverse range of applications, providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools. Noteworthy among these integrations are Zoho's own applications, such as Zoho CRM. This integration proves invaluable by enabling businesses to seamlessly generate leads from their social media profiles, thereby augmenting their client database and enhancing overall contact management. Additionally, integration with Zoho Desk serves to streamline customer support processes. Queries originating from social media platforms can be efficiently converted into support tickets, expediting response times and elevating the overall customer experience. Another impactful integration within Zoho Social is its collaboration with Canva. This integration empowers businesses to craft visually compelling designs for their posts, offering a platform for creative customization. By leveraging Canva's design capabilities, businesses can elevate the aesthetic appeal of their posts, reinforcing their brand identity and fostering engagement with their audience.


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