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What Is Marketing Automation?

As Zoho consultants, we understand the power of Marketing Automation in streamlining and automating marketing processes, simplifying the management and analysis of vast amounts of data. This tool allows businesses to consolidate all their statistics into a centralised dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of their performance. A key advantage of Marketing Automation lies in its ability to track customer behaviour and engagement across various channels, including email, social media, and website interactions. This tracking facilitates a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences, enabling personalised marketing campaigns. Beyond monitoring customer behavior, Marketing Automation also enhances the effective management of sales pipelines. Through automated lead nurturing and scoring, businesses can prioritise leads based on engagement levels and conversion potential, empowering sales teams to concentrate efforts on the most promising prospects.

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How Zoho Marketing Automation Helps You

Generate & Nurture Leads

The process of collecting and aggregating leads stands as a fundamental pillar for businesses, providing the groundwork for nurturing enduring customer relationships. In this context, Zoho Marketing Automation emerges as a powerful tool, equipping businesses with the means to efficiently amass leads through meticulously crafted landing pages, user-friendly signup forms, and strategically executed multichannel campaigns. This streamlined approach accelerates the lead gathering process, liberating businesses to channel their energy into the art of cultivating and fortifying resilient customer connections. With Zoho Marketing Automation as their ally, businesses can harness the potential of their leads and transform them into loyal, long-term patrons through personalised engagement strategies and targeted interactions.

Campaign Planning

Lead acquisition is pivotal for businesses for creating strategic campaigns to attract users to their digital domains. Zoho Marketing Automation serves as a valuable resource in this endeavor, enabling businesses to plan and assess their marketing. With this software, businesses can proactively map out their campaigns, establish well-defined objectives, fine-tune budget allocations, and outline the specific tasks that need to be executed during each campaign phase. This approach allows businesses to evaluate their return on investment and ascertain the relevance of their marketing campaigns. As a result, businesses can make informed decisions about the continuance and optimisation of their marketing efforts, ensuring that every campaign contributes to their lead generation goals and overall success.

Convert Leads

While leads are incredibly valuable in their own right and contribute to business growth, their potential is fully realized when they are successfully converted into paying customers. Zoho Marketing Automation offers a seamless pathway to achieve this conversion. Leveraging the wealth of data accumulated by the business when gathering leads, companies can evaluate the prospects and potential of each lead. By assessing the worthiness of these leads for conversion into customers, businesses can make informed decisions on which leads to pursue and transform them into loyal, revenue-generating customers. This efficient process not only enhances conversion rates but also fosters sustained business growth. Gaining valuable customers not only boosts revenue but also enhances the overall reputation and success of the business.

Zoho Marketing Automation Partners

What Can We Do For You?

As authorised Zoho partners, we acknowledge that Zoho Marketing Automation might pose a challenge for beginners or those less technologically inclined. However, our expert team at Digital Scientists holds a distinguished partnership with Zoho. We specialise in the comprehensive suite of Zoho services, making us well-equipped to guide and support businesses effectively. With an in-depth understanding of Zoho Marketing Automation, our team is adept at helping businesses efficiently gather and nurture valuable leads, ensuring they capitalise on the full potential of this powerful marketing tool.
Our Expertise
In our role as Zoho partners, the proficient team at Digital Scientists excels in leveraging the complete spectrum of Zoho applications. Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise, we specialise in tailoring these applications to align seamlessly with the unique requirements of businesses. For example, we skillfully configure and execute targeted marketing campaigns within Zoho Marketing Automation, efficiently gathering and nurturing leads. Furthermore, our adept team supports businesses in the crucial task of lead assessment, ensuring a focus on the most promising and valuable prospects.
Lead Generation
With our dedicated team at Digital Scientists, we are well-equipped to empower businesses with the lead generation they require for an efficient marketing system. Whether through the creation of tailored landing pages or the execution of multichannel marketing campaigns, our team can deliver valuable insights and fresh leads, facilitating a streamlined and highly effective lead generation process that surpasses conventional methods.
Lead Nurturing
In addition to lead generation, our team excels at lead nurturing for businesses. To enhance campaign conversion rates, it's essential to automate the lead nurturing process, ensuring that leads are engaged in a timely and personalised manner. By entrusting our team to automate this process using workflows, we can establish automatic and tailored messages that are delivered to leads through the most suitable communication channels. This approach significantly improves the chances of lead conversion and ultimately contributes to business success.
Lead Conversion
Zoho Marketing Automation simplifies lead conversion with the click of a button, but our team takes it a step further by leveraging the insightful analysis reports it generates. With these reports, we gain valuable insights into the performance of different campaigns. This knowledge empowers us to identify the most effective campaigns for lead generation and allows us to fine-tune our strategies to specifically target those areas. The outcome is an influx of qualified leads, resulting in a higher return on investment for businesses.
Campaign Planning
Our team excels in devising strategic marketing campaigns for businesses. With the built-in marketing planner of Zoho Marketing Automation, we gain a comprehensive overview of all ongoing marketing processes within a business. This vantage point enables us to plan and execute campaigns that not only enhance return on investment but also efficiently generate valuable clients, which are crucial for a business's growth and success.

Zoho Marketing Automation

Lead Management
Sign-Up Forms
Multichannel Marketing
Campaign Planning
Lead Management

Capture Leads

One of the most important goals for any business is to capture leads, as these potential customers are the lifeblood of companies. One of the best ways to obtain leads is by integrating features such as sign-up forms and by using social media widgets. 

Keep Leads Engaged

In order to establish a strong relationship with potential customers, it is crucial to keep them engaged with the brand. One way to achieve this is by providing informative, personalised and relevant content to leads to keep them engaged and interested in the business.

Pick Based On Engagement

Calculating lead scores is an essential step in determining the quality of leads based on their engagement levels. With lead scoring, businesses can segment leads based on their behaviour and assign scores to each of them, helping to decide which leads are ready.

Deliver The Best Leads

To optimise the efficiency of sales teams, it's important to ensure they are targeting the right leads. By analysing lead scores and determining which leads are ready, businesses can make sure sales teams focus their efforts on the most promising leads. 

Know Your Leads

Tracking leads from their initial engagement in marketing campaigns is crucial for businesses to gain insight into their audience's interests and behaviour on their webpage. By analysing this data, businesses can determine the interests of each lead and group them.
Sign-Up Forms

Web Behaviour Tracking

To create a personalised experience for users, it is essential to track their behaviour on websites. By analysing their navigation patterns, businesses can identify which pages they frequent and what type of content they are interested in looking for.

In-App Tracking

Marketing Automation can provide valuable insights into how users interact with websites, allowing businesses to optimise the user experience. By tracking the pages and products that users visit, they can better understand user interests and preferences.


Design A Flow

Zoho's Marketing Automation tool provides a customisable platform that allows businesses to design and build their own marketing workflows. With this feature, they can create tailored marketing campaigns to target specific users to track engagement.

Build Logical Journeys

In Zoho's Marketing Automation tool, businesses can customise their own website flows with various paths to track different types of users. This allows for a more tailored approach to understanding how different user segments engage with websites. 

See How They Perform

Tracking a lead's journey from the beginning to end allows for a more in-depth understanding of their behaviour, leading to more personalised marketing strategies. With a detailed report, businesses can analyse how long each lead spent on specific pages.

Multichannel Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help build relationships with leads over time. By sending regular newsletters, updates, and other content to website subscribers, businesses can keep them engaged and informed about goings on within the business.

SMS Marketing

With Zoho Marketing Automation, businesses can send SMS messages to leads through popular SMS players such as Twilio SMS API and Clickatell. These messages can be personalised and targeted to specific segments of the mobile audience.

Social Media Marketing

In today's digital age, social media marketing has become an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. By leveraging popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses can extend the reach of their promotional messages.

Campaign Planning

Set Objectives

To ensure a successful campaign, careful planning is crucial. First, consider which medium will best reach the target audience, whether it be social media or email. Then, clearly define the target audience that the business is aiming for through marketing.

Costs VS Profit

Setting objectives is crucial for any marketing campaign as they provide a clear direction for marketing to follow. Along with setting objectives, predicting the return of a campaign is important to measure its success, if the profit outweighs the cost, it was successful.


Lead Insights

Lead insight analytics is a tool that enables businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their lead generation strategies. By analysing data on the number of leads generated over a period of time, businesses can identify which tactics are the most effective.

List-Based Reports

List-based reports are a valuable tool as they provide insights into the effectiveness of their email campaigns. These reports enable businesses to compare different mailing lists, analyse the engagement levels of each list, and identify active and inactive lists. 

Lead Attribution Reports

Lead attribution reports provide insights into the effectiveness of campaigns by viewing which sources are generating the most leads, such as email, search engines, or social media. By analysing this data, businesses can optimise their marketing strategy.

Campaign-Based Reports

Campaign-based reports are essential to analyse the performance of marketing campaigns. With these reports, businesses can gain insights into the number of clicks, the engagement rate, and the conversion rate of each campaign.

Zoho Marketing Automation Queries

Is Zoho Marketing Automation Free?

Zoho Marketing Automation offers a free trial, providing businesses with access to its fundamental features. However, subscribing to a paid plan opens the door to a wealth of additional capabilities. The standard plan, for instance, provides access to basic marketing features, a fundamental journey builder, and integration with over 40 other applications. The professional plan, which builds upon the standard, unlocks an advanced journey builder, enhanced lead segmentation capabilities, and a marketing planner. At the highest tier, the enterprise plan, businesses can enjoy the full-featured journey builder for Marketing Automation, pop-up functionality, and advanced lead attribution. These represent just a few of the numerous features awaiting businesses within Zoho Marketing Automation. Click here to learn more.

What Is The Difference Between Marketing Automation & Campaigns?

Zoho Marketing Automation and Zoho Campaigns, while sharing some similarities, have a key distinction between them. Zoho Campaigns primarily functions as an email marketing tool designed for sending marketing emails through mass mailing processes. In contrast, Marketing Automation serves as a comprehensive multichannel marketing tool that empowers businesses to engage with customers across a range of communication channels.

Why Can't I Sync Marketing Automation With Zoho CRM?
During the integration process of Zoho CRM with Zoho Marketing Automation, users might encounter a pop-up message that reads "Organization already integrated." While this error can be initially perplexing, it is straightforward to address. The reason behind this message is that Zoho CRM can integrate with both Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Automation, but not simultaneously. To resolve this error, users need to make a choice between using either Zoho Campaigns or Zoho Marketing Automation, and proceed with integrating the selected application accordingly.
How Do I Delete Multiple Leads At A Time?
Zoho Marketing Automation provides the capability to delete up to 200 leads at a time, but for a more streamlined process, businesses can utilise Journeys. To achieve this, businesses should follow these steps:
  1. Select the Mailing List: Choose the mailing list from which leads should be deleted.

  2. Utilize If/Else Statements: Within the Journey builder, use if/else statements to establish specific criteria that leads must meet. If they meet the conditions, they will proceed through the journey; otherwise, they will be deleted.

  3. Apply the "Delete from List" Function: Incorporate the "delete from list" function within the Journey. This function will automatically remove all leads that meet the specified conditions from the chosen list.

By employing Journeys in this manner, businesses can efficiently manage lead deletions based on defined criteria, ensuring a more organised and automated process. Click here to learn more.

How Do I Remove Leads From Journeys?
Eliminating leads from Journeys in Zoho Marketing Automation is a straightforward procedure. Within the Journey builder, there is a designated section known as "Ejection Criteria." This criteria sets the conditions that a lead could have. If a lead satisfies these conditions, they will be ejected from the Journey, and any changes made to their records within that specific Journey will also be kept. This functionality simplifies the process of updating leads and prevents them from undergoing irrelevant Journeys, ensuring a more efficient and tailored lead management process. Click here to learn more.
Do Journeys Adhere To GDPR?
In short, yes, Zoho Marketing Automation complies with GDPR guidelines. GDPR statuses in Marketing Automation are managed at an individual contact level. This means that if users have not provided consent, those leads will not be included in any email communications sent through the Marketing Automation tool. This ensures that businesses using the platform adhere to the requirements of GDPR regarding user consent and data privacy.
How Can I Make Personalised Greetings On Zoho Marketing Automation?
Zoho Recruit offers a seamless solution for importing resumes from various file formats, including Word and PDF documents. Thanks to its integration with Daxtra, a powerful resume parsing software, Recruit supports a wide range of file types such as doc, docx, odt, HTML, txt, rtf, dot, and pdf. This versatile feature simplifies the process of capturing candidate information from different file formats, streamlining recruitment efforts. Click here to read more about this process.

Zoho Marketing Automation

Zoho Apps
Zoho Marketing Automation offers seamless integration with various other Zoho applications, enhancing its capabilities and expanding its utility for businesses. Our Zoho implementation specialists ensure that it integrates seamlessly with Zoho Commerce, facilitating the creation of online stores that not only track leads through their purchase journeys but also employ customised lead nurturing campaigns to follow up with potential customers. Moreover, Marketing Automation seamlessly integrates with Zoho Backstage, where businesses can harness the power of events to fuel their marketing campaigns, enabling the expansion of their user base and, consequently, the gathering of more leads. Additionally, the integration with Zoho Creator enables the seamless transfer of leads from Marketing Automation to Creator, where an effective engagement plan can be meticulously crafted using blueprints and workflows. These integrations not only streamline lead management but also extend the functionalities of Marketing Automation, ensuring that businesses can optimise their lead conversion strategies.

Zoho Commerce

Zoho Creator

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Forms

Zoho Backstage

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Survey

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Books

Social Media
Zoho Marketing Automation seamlessly integrates with various social media platforms, expanding its outreach and lead generation capabilities. For instance, it connects with Facebook, allowing for the creation of lead-generation forms that enable businesses to generate leads directly from Facebook and seamlessly transfer them to Zoho Marketing Automation for active engagement. Additionally, the integration with "X" empowers businesses to schedule their posts on the platform and gain insights into post engagement, facilitating the analysis of potential leads worth pursuing. The integration with both Tumblr and LinkedIn opens up opportunities for businesses to share their campaigns with a wider audience of clients, reaching out to a diverse user base and acquiring new leads for active engagement. These integrations not only streamline lead generation but also broaden the avenues through which businesses can effectively interact with potential customers, increasing the scope of their lead acquisition strategies.





Engagement stands as a cornerstone of Zoho Marketing Automation, as it plays a pivotal role in lead generation. An effective way to enhance customer engagement is by integrating the platform with services like Twilio, Clickatell, Message Media, or SMS Magic. These integrations enable businesses to actively connect with their customers through instant text messages, fostering interactions that are crucial in nurturing leads and establishing a solid foundation for customer relationships.


Message Media


SMS Magic

CRM Applications
Integrating CRM systems such as Salesforce or Zoho CRM is pivotal to Zoho Marketing Automation, ensuring that businesses can manage and nurture leads with utmost efficiency. This seamless integration with CRM applications simplifies lead management processes and facilitates the conversion of leads into loyal customers. This enhancement in operational efficiency significantly boosts overall productivity. At Digital Scientists, we leverage our expertise to provide seamless CRM integration services, helping businesses streamline their marketing and lead generation activities for maximum effectiveness and success.


Zoho CRM

Cloud Storage
Expanding the pool of leads within your Marketing Automation system can be achieved through integration with popular cloud storage solutions like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. This integration empowers businesses to seamlessly import their contacts from these applications into their Marketing Automation system, effectively tracking them as leads. This strategic approach enables businesses to gather vital data and statistics on potential clients, enhancing their ability to plan and execute targeted marketing strategies with precision.



Google Drive



Other Apps

Numerous other applications can be seamlessly integrated into Zoho Marketing Automation to further enhance its functionality. These integrations encompass a wide range of services, including: Office 365 that provides the ability to track campaign details using its built-in calendar functionality, facilitating efficient campaign management and scheduling, PayPal which enables the automatic import of users who have made purchases from your business, effortlessly adding them as leads in your Marketing Automation system and Survey Monkey that allows businesses to effortlessly send surveys to clients and leads, providing valuable insights that can propel the business forward and enhance customer engagement.

Office 365



Survey Monkey



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