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What Is Zoho Projects?

This platform distinguishes itself as a comprehensive project management service, providing businesses with an efficient platform for planning, tracking, and collaborating on upcoming projects. With a plethora of features, businesses can create seamless and efficient project plans to ensure comprehensive coverage when projects commence. Leveraging the expertise of our Zoho certified consultants, businesses can harness this powerful suite of tools to establish detailed timetables, task plans, and reports. This enables them to monitor progress effectively, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Time Tracking

Work Breakdown

Breaking down a project into smaller, more manageable tasks is a crucial aspect of effective project management. The work breakdown method involves dividing a project into simpler tasks, such as task milestones, sub-tasks, and task lists to assist in project organisation.

Issue Management

During the maintenance stage of a project, it's essential to keep track of errors and glitches that arise to ensure the project runs smoothly. Creating a list of these issues can help businesses pinpoint the problems that need fixing and prioritise them based on their severity. 

Gantt Chart

When using a Gantt Chart for a project, businesses can visualise the project timeline and track the progress of tasks in a clear and organised manner. This tool then allows the break down of the project into smaller tasks, which can be assigned to team members with specific deadlines.

Portfolio Dashboard

Portfolio Dashboards provide a view of the project, enabling businesses to obtain a detailed visual of how the project is progressing. These dashboards include project updates, budget management, and other essential information to keep track of the project.


Businesses can leverage the reminder feature to ensure that everyone is on track with their assigned tasks and deadlines. This feature allows reminders to be set automatically for deadlines and tasks, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Project Baseline

A project baseline is a valuable tool that allows businesses to visualise the expected progress of their project at each stage. By setting a baseline, they can compare actual progress to the projected timeline and identify any delays or issues that need to be addressed.


Blueprints serve as potent tools that empower businesses to effortlessly craft customised functions across the application, automating processes from task allocation to report gathering.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) play a crucial role in ensuring project success. With SLAs, businesses can establish rules that must be followed to meet expectations. For instance, SLAs can set deadlines for fixing issues that arise during the project.


With project management software, businesses can ensure that everyone is on the same page with automatic notifications. Notifications can be sent to clients, team members, and administrators to keep them updated on the progress of the project.


Businesses can harness the capability of crafting custom rules to create processes triggered by specific events. They can specify the conditions under which rules activate and the sequence in which rules are executed, ensuring a comprehensive rule set. For instance, if the severity of an issue escalates, it automatically gets assigned to a team member for prompt resolution.


This feature seamlessly integrates with rules. Upon rule activation, businesses can set up webhooks to dispatch reminders or SMS notifications to team members via third-party platforms such as Slack. This ensures timely action on triggered rules, enhancing efficiency and accountability within the team.


Project management software provides businesses with comprehensive control over the layout and structure of projects, ensuring they align perfectly with specific business requirements. With this software, businesses have the flexibility to customise the project layout fully.

Custom Fields

With project management software, businesses have the ability to enhance data capture by adding custom fields tailored to their specific needs. These custom fields provide a means to collect accurate and relevant information, such as email addresses or phone numbers.

Custom Views

Task custom views offer a powerful feature that allows businesses to streamline their project management according to their specific needs. Businesses can filter tasks based on tags or IDs, enabling them to quickly prioritise the most important tasks.

Custom Status

Custom statuses offer a valuable tool for technicians to efficiently track the progress of tasks or projects within a project. By utilising custom statuses, technicians can apply specific labels or tags to tasks, providing clear visibility about the state of each task.


This feature enables businesses to efficiently create templates for graphs, charts and task lists to create a baseline of what they whould look like. These can then be saved and used later for the same processes.


In projects with a large number of tasks, locating specific tasks can become challenging and time-consuming. However, utilising tags and IDs can significantly enhance task management and simplify the process of finding and filtering tasks as each task can be given a tag.
Time Tracking


Timesheets are a valuable tool that empower businesses to track and manage their time on specific tasks within a project. With the help of timers and precise time tracking features, timesheets enable accurate monitoring and control over project progress.


Monitoring the project budget offers insights into how the project's financial aspects influence the company's resources. It enables the analysis of actual project expenses against projected costs, facilitating informed decision-making regarding resource allocation and project management.

Automatic Timers

Timers are invaluable tools that facilitate accurate tracking of the time spent by team members on individual tasks. With the ability to automatically start and stop when a user initiates or completes a task, timers provide a convenient way to record task progress.


By leveraging both timesheets and automatic timers, businesses can generate precise invoices that capture the time invested in tasks and calculate the corresponding costs incurred throughout the project's duration.


The calendar feature offered by the platform is particularly valuable among its array of features. It provides a visual representation of the project timeline, enabling businesses to display and track the completion status of tasks as the project progresses.

Task Reports

This feature grants businesses the ability to generate both basic and advanced task reports, providing valuable insights into various aspects such as task status, completion percentage, or task priority within the project.

Issue Reports

Issue reports serve as valuable tools for businesses to monitor the status of errors and problems within the project. These reports provide an overview of the issues encountered, their current status, and whether they have been resolved or are still pending.

Planned Cost VS Actual Cost

This feature is crucial for evaluating the success of a project. By comparing projected costs against actual costs, businesses can use this feature to gain insights into the financial performance of the project, helping them assess its overall success.

Project Dashboard

Dashboards serve as visual representations of a project's progress, consolidating information in the form of reports, charts and schedules. These dashboards provide a holistic view of the project, enabling tracking of various aspects to make informed decisions.


Feeds within project management software facilitate effective communication and collaboration among teams through features such as comments, mentions, and attachments. These dynamic feeds provide a platform for exchanging information or ideas.


Chats provide a dedicated and personalised communication platform within project management software, allowing selected team members to engage in focused discussions. These chatrooms offer a private space where ideas and updates can be shared.


This feature provides document management that empowers businesses to create, store, and seamlessly share documents with team members. With automatic version control integrated into the software, every user has the most updated version of the document.

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How Zoho Projects Helps You

Plan Robust Projects

Utilise Gantt charts and calendars to craft comprehensive and efficient project plans, ensuring tasks are clearly defined and completed within deadlines. These tools enable businesses to map out the project's development process and make informed decisions on its progression to ensure that the project is completed to a high standard.

Effectively Develop Business

Businesses can leverage this platform to enhance their operations through analytics and project outcomes. By employing analytics, businesses can identify key metrics relevant to their goals, such as user retention or sales. Utilising these metrics, businesses can prioritise areas for development within their projects.

Effectively Develop Business

Businesses can leverage this platform to enhance their operations through analytics and project outcomes. By employing analytics, businesses can identify key metrics relevant to their goals, such as user retention or sales. Utilising these metrics, businesses can prioritise areas for development within their projects.

Tailor Projects To Fit Requirements

Businesses can customise the platform to meet their specific needs. They can generate custom reports that reflect the metrics they prioritise and create tailored tasks with unique deadlines and reminders for completion. Additionally, businesses can manage their teams, controlling access to specific project components to ensure each member focuses on their designated tasks.

Zoho Projects Partners

What Can We Do For You?

At Digital Scientists, we offer expertise in optimising the platform to align with the specific project development requirements of businesses. Whether it's setting up task lists or defining user privileges, our team can assist in every aspect of the application. We specialise in building, automating, and refining projects to ensure that businesses have a streamlined and user-friendly platform.
Our Expertise

As Zoho partners, our team at Digital Scientists excels in all things Zoho, including this platform. With our expertise, businesses can leverage this application to create straightforward and intuitive project plans, streamlining development and fostering business growth. We can assist in setting up tasks, calendars with reminders, and profiles to ensure everything is organised and ready for use.

User Administration
Establishing administrative roles and user permissions is crucial during a project's development phase. With the support of our team at Digital Scientists, businesses can rest assured that we'll handle their administration setup efficiently. This encompasses defining user permissions, adding clients to relevant projects, and configuring resource utilisation charts. Our goal is to enable businesses to effectively allocate their teams to specific tasks and streamline their project management processes.

Streamlining processes through automation is invaluable during project development, preventing resources from being squandered on mundane tasks. At Digital Scientists, we excel in automating various processes to optimise efficiency. Whether it's automatically assigning tasks to available team members or establishing business rules to adjust task severity, our team is adept at automating tasks as needed. We're committed to simplifying project workflows and maximising productivity for our clients.

Reports and Charts
Gathering analytics and statistics on project metrics is paramount for project success. At Digital Scientists, we specialise in creating comprehensive reports and dashboards to provide businesses with the analytics necessary to evaluate project performance effectively. Leveraging our expertise, our team can develop portfolio dashboards rich with reports and charts, or generate issue reports that offer insights into bugs and errors within the project. We're dedicated to empowering businesses with actionable insights to drive project success.
Our team not only aids in project management but also specialises in tailoring projects to suit specific business requirements. Whether it's customising menu layouts and dashboards or creating templates for tasks and task lists, we excel at adapting elements to align with the unique needs of businesses. Our goal is to ensure that businesses are fully satisfied with the presentation and functionality of their projects by providing tailored solutions that meet their expectations.
Our team is well-equipped to integrate established platforms into the project development process. This may involve incorporating document management services like Google Drive or collaborative applications such as Slack to facilitate effective communication among team members. With our expertise, we can seamlessly integrate any necessary applications to ensure the smooth operation of the project.

Zoho Projects Queries

Is Zoho Projects Free?
Certainly, Zoho Projects offers a 10-day free trial for businesses to explore its features. Additionally, there's a free tier available, accommodating up to 3 users and 2 ongoing projects, with 5GB of storage space, basic issue reports, core task management features, feeds, and document sharing. Upgrading to the £4/user/month premium tier provides unlimited projects, 100GB of storage, 20 project templates, Gantt charts, blueprints, custom views, and business rules. Further, the £8/user/month enterprise tier offers 120GB of storage, custom fields, baseline rules, service level agreements, webhooks, and full integration capabilities. For more information, click here.
How Do I View All My Project Tasks?

To access all tasks on the dashboard, go to "Overview" > "Tasks" and choose the "My Open" view to display all assigned tasks.

What Languages Does Zoho Projects Support?
The platform offers support for numerous languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and more. To switch the default language of the application, follow these steps: Go to "Setup" > "Personal Preferences" > "Profile" and click the edit icon next to the user's name. Choose the desired language from the language field dropdown menu, then click "update" to save the preferences.
Do Dependencies Carry Over From Task List Templates?
Unfortunately, task dependencies are not transferred from task list templates. However, they are retained in project templates. When creating a new task list, choose "Choose from project templates" and select a task list from the available options.
What Is The Difference Between Project Templates and Task Templates?
Project templates serve as pre-designed frameworks for projects, facilitating time and effort-saving during project creation by providing a ready-made structure to build upon. Conversely, task templates store task lists and their associated tasks, enabling businesses to recycle frequently used tasks across various projects, ensuring consistency and efficiency in task management.
How Do I Convert Tasks Into Sub-Tasks?
Converting a sub-task into a task is straightforward. First, click on the reorder icon, then drag and drop the sub-task outside of its parent task. This action automatically converts the sub-task into a standalone task. To perform the reverse operation, click the reorder icon on a task, then drag and drop it over another task. This action transforms the task into a sub-task of the target task.
How Do I Let Users Know That They Have Been Added To The Portal?

To notify users about their addition to the portal, click the add icon at the top of the page and hover over the grid icon to reveal more options. Then, select "User." For existing members, choose their email addresses from the menu. For new users, input their email addresses, select their role and profile, and enter their hourly rate. Once done, check the "Notify added users" box and click "Add."

Zoho Projects Integrations

Zoho Apps
Businesses have access to a wide array of integrations that aid in project planning. For instance, Zoho People enables businesses to track employee statuses and allocate tasks accordingly. Meanwhile, utilising Zoho Mail and Meetings facilitates seamless collaboration and progress sharing within the team. Additionally, integrating with Zoho Books and Invoice streamlines expense tracking, offering insights into project budget adherence.
Zoho CRM
Zoho Desk
Zoho Mail
Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho Books
Zoho People
Zoho Invoice
Work Drive
Zoho Flow
Zoho Meeting
Google Apps
Businesses can seamlessly integrate Google applications like Gmail for efficient team communication via email. Additionally, Google Drive integration allows for easy creation and sharing of documents among team members. Other valuable integrations encompass Google Tasks for task tracking and Google Calendar for monitoring progress and deadlines.
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Tasks
Google Sheets
Microsoft Apps

Microsoft applications can seamlessly integrate into this platform, offering a wide array of functionalities. From Office 365 serving as a central database for all Microsoft applications to OneDrive that can create and store project-related documents. Outlook and Microsoft Teams facilitate communication within the team, ensuring everyone stays informed throughout the project. Additionally, Excel can be used to track tasks and easily import them into other services for streamlined project management.

Office 365
One Drive
Other Apps

Businesses have the option to integrate a variety of additional applications, further enhancing their project management capabilities. Dropbox serves as a convenient repository for files and documents, while Github offers robust code repositories when necessary. Integrating Slack streamlines team communication, while Zapier automates processes, simplifying project progression and efficiency.


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