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What Is ​Zoho Sites?

Zoho Sites stands out as a powerful website builder, and our expertise as Zoho consulting & development specialists further enhances its capabilities. This platform empowers businesses to create stunning and professional websites without the need for any coding knowledge. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily customise every aspect of their website, including layout, design, content, and functionality. Zoho Sites offers a diverse range of templates and themes, ensuring that businesses, whether small enterprises, bloggers, or e-commerce stores, can find the perfect look and feel for their online presence. Our role as Zoho consulting & development specialists adds a layer of expertise to optimise the website-building process, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the unique needs of each business. Beyond its standalone features, Zoho Sites seamlessly integrates with other Zoho applications and third-party tools. This integration allows businesses to leverage their website as a powerful marketing and communication tool. From showcasing products and services to capturing leads and interacting with customers, Zoho Sites, with our guidance, empowers businesses to create innovative ways of promoting their brand and informing their audience. The result is a user-friendly and streamlined website-building experience that delivers impactful results.

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How Zoho Sites Helps You

Design Websites

Zoho Sites empowers businesses to create and develop their professional websites, providing the means to establish a strong online presence for their brand. This digital presence ensures that customers can effortlessly discover the business on the internet. The design builder within Zoho Sites offers an efficient way for businesses to achieve a professional-looking website in just a matter of minutes. Moreover, it enables businesses to fully customise their websites, tailoring them to meet their specific requirements and preferences, thus providing a versatile and user-friendly platform for online representation.

Promote Business

Zoho Sites is a potent and effective marketing tool for businesses that goes beyond simply establishing an online presence. It facilitates the seamless integration of social media pages with websites, enabling businesses to bridge the gap between their digital platforms. By interconnecting their social media accounts, businesses can effectively channel their audience towards their websites, offering a more comprehensive and informative view of their brand and offerings. This integration enhances the customer's journey and reinforces the brand's online presence advertising their service to even more potential customers.

Interact With Customers

Zoho Sites serves a dual purpose, benefiting expanding businesses and also providing an effective means of engaging with customers. This interaction is facilitated through several features. Businesses can utilise the blog sections to post announcements and engage with their audience. It serves as a platform for communication and keeping customers informed. Comment boxes offer another avenue for users to interact with businesses, providing a space for feedback, questions, and discussions. This enhances customer engagement and the sense of community. The incorporation of forms on the website proves invaluable in interacting with customers.

Zoho Sites Partners

What Can We Do For You?

At Digital Scientists, our dedicated team of Zoho developers is committed to assisting businesses and organisations in establishing a robust digital presence, a pivotal aspect of our mission. This strategic undertaking empowers these entities to not only expand their customer base but also to captivate a broader and genuinely interested audience seeking the services and offerings they provide. Through our valued partnership with Zoho, our expert team is uniquely positioned to construct a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to effectively promote their services and products.
Our Expertise

Our team excels in offering valuable assistance to businesses as they forge a robust online presence, creating a platform tailored to their unique brand and marketing requirements. As Zoho developers in the UK, our Zoho-trained experts are well-equipped to design the most fitting and customised websites that align perfectly with the business's objectives. We take pride in ensuring that businesses can seamlessly interact with their customers through the digital platform we construct. Our commitment lies in fostering a strong and engaging online environment that enhances customer engagement and amplifies the business's reach.

Construct Robust Websites

Creating websites can be a challenging endeavor, particularly for users who lack the requisite knowledge and expertise. With our specialised team, we offer a solution to this challenge by taking on the task of building websites for businesses. We handle the entire process, from design to construction, involving the business every step of the way, ensuring that the resulting website meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. Every website crafted through our services on Zoho Sites is not only visually appealing but also safe, secure, and robust. This emphasis on security and reliability means that all websites created using the Zoho Sites editor can be trusted to perform consistently and protect user data, ensuring a dependable online presence for businesses.

Customise The Way You Want
Although Zoho Sites provides pre-made template sites, these templates may not always align with a business's unique vision and requirements. To bridge this gap, the Zoho Sites editor offers extensive customisation options, enabling businesses to create web pages that truly reflect their distinct brand identity and objectives. At Digital Scientists, we streamline this customisation process for businesses, eliminating the need for them to navigate the intricacies of the website development process. By furnishing our team with specific specifications and preferences, businesses can benefit from our expertise in building fully customised, robust websites. These websites serve as a solid foundation for organising and presenting all their essential information, ensuring a tailored and impactful online presence.
Captivate Users

Maintaining user engagement on a website is of paramount importance, given that, on average, users spend a mere 10-20 seconds assessing a website. Failing to capture and sustain a user's attention can lead to customer disinterest and potential loss. To address this challenge, our dedicated team at Digital Scientists specialises in enhancing websites constructed within Zoho Sites. We employ various strategies, such as incorporating captivating images, audio snippets, or videos, to ensure that users remain engaged and intrigued by the content and offerings presented by the business. This proactive approach is instrumental in retaining user interest and ultimately fostering a more positive and sustained online interaction.

Connect With Customers

Engagement stands as a crucial strategy for capturing and retaining a user's interest when it comes to businesses. With the assistance of our services at Digital Scientists, our expert team is adept at orchestrating various engagement tactics to ensure that users remain actively involved. We achieve this through the creation of engaging blog posts that provide valuable insights about the business. We also foster sustained interaction by enabling comments and discussions, creating an environment for meaningful conversations. Additionally, our team implements interactive forms that not only keep users engaged but also serve the dual purpose of collecting valuable insights for CRM systems, aiding in the identification of potential leads. This comprehensive approach to engagement helps businesses nurture user relationships and strengthen their online presence.

Capture Results
Effective website promotion is essential for driving traffic, and with Zoho Sites, businesses have the requisite tools at their disposal. Our team of experts complements these tools by providing strategic guidance to enhance traffic generation. By harnessing Zoho Sites' built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, specifically the robust features of Zoho Sites SEO, our team can optimise the website to improve its visibility on search engine queries. This optimisation aids in ensuring that the website ranks more prominently in search results, making it more accessible to the target audience. Furthermore, we leverage the traffic analytics feature within Zoho Sites to monitor the performance of each page on the website. This data-driven approach enables us to gauge the effectiveness of individual pages and identify areas that require improvement, ultimately contributing to the website's strong indexing and online visibility.

Zoho Sites Features


Drag & Drop Builder

Zoho Sites offers a drag-and-drop builder that simplifies the process of website creation for businesses. With this user-friendly feature, they can effortlessly click and drag any desired element, placing it precisely where they want it on their website.

Element Selection

Zoho Sites provides businesses with a diverse selection of elements to incorporate into their websites. Each of these elements comes with its own set of customisation options, empowering businesses to style and design them according to their specific needs.

Section Templates

Zoho Sites offers a time-efficient approach to designing websites through the use of section templates. With over 150 layout styles, these templates serve as a valuable resource for businesses, enabling businesses to construct their websites section by section.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Elevate the website experience of visitors by harnessing the power of fix and scroll options on Zoho Sites. With these dynamic features, organisations can create parallax effects, creating an animated scene as the user scrolls down the page.

Visual Shapers

Increase the visuals of websites with Zoho Sites' expansive collection of shapers, offering more than 25 styles to choose from. Whether businesses seek functional elements or decorations, Zoho's shapers empower businesses to craft a professional website.


HTML & CSS Editor

Zoho Sites empowers businesses with a robust HTML and CSS editor, placing control over the design of websites into the hands of the business. With this tool at their disposal, they have the freedom to shape every aspect of their website's design from the ground up.

Custom Classes

Zoho Sites empowers businesses to enhance their website by incorporating custom classes. This provides the flexibility to make modifications to individual elements or apply changes to multiple elements sharing the same class names.

Page Versioning

With Zoho Sites, every edit made to a page is automatically saved as a new copy of the website, providing a safety net for businesses. This ensures that they can rollback to a previous version of their website at any time, protecting the project from accidental changes.

Responsive Templates

Every website created is optimised for mobile devices. Rest assured that websites will perform flawlessly on phones, tablets, and desktop computers. To see how the website looks, businesses can use preview to determine whether any changes are needed.

Visual Editor

The visual editor allows businesses to customise their site exactly as they envision it, all without a line of code. With the visual editor, they can enjoy all the advanced features of traditional code-based editors, while designing their website in a user-friendly interface.

Custom Domain

In addition to its features, Zoho Sites empowers businesses to utilise custom domain names for their website. This capability allows them to enhance their brand visibility and promotion by selecting a domain that aligns perfectly with their business name.


Integrated Audio Player

Immerse website visitors in an audio experience with Zoho Sites' audio player. With this feature, businesses can effortlessly upload and showcase audio files directly on their website, allowing visitors to listen to these files conveniently while exploring the website.

Video Embedding

Zoho Sites goes beyond audio files and empowers businesses to embed videos from popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. With this powerful feature, they can promote their visual content alongside their website, creating a multimedia-rich experience for visitors.

Code Snippets

At times, businesses require more advanced widgets than the ones offered by Sites. To accommodate this, Sites provides a solution through code snippets. These snippets empower businesses to embed custom code into their website using small widgets.


By using the lightbox feature available in Zoho Sites, businesses can add emphasis and allure to images, enabling them to appear in full-screen glory with a dimmed background when clicked. This ingenious technique adds a sense of depth and immersion to images.

Element Animations

Animations serve as a powerful tool to grab attention and make elements stand out. With Zoho Sites' wide array of animation options, businesses can choose from a variety of effects such as sliding, bouncing, or fading, to add that extra spark to elements.


To maintain a well-organised website, Zoho Sites recommends utilising the power of photosets or galleries when adding images. These features allow businesses to compile images into a single cohesive element stopping the scattering of images.



Zoho Sites' allows businesses to invite individuals from within and outside organisations to assist in creating the website. With this feature, they have the flexibility to assign specific roles to contributors, ensuring a streamlined and secure collaboration process.

Member Portal

Control the security of websites with Zoho Sites' powerful member portal feature. This functionality empowers businesses to determine the accessibility of specific pages, granting public access or blocking some pages behind a credential restriction.

Access Restriction

Take full control over website visibility and ensure utmost privacy with Zoho Sites' access restriction feature. This powerful functionality empowers businesses to make their site private and manage who can view web pages using specific roles.



A blog serves as a platform to connect with audiences while attracting visitors. With Zoho Sites, businesses can create a blog and publish captivating posts, just as they would create and design a web page, ensuring a seamless integration on the website.


Zoho Sites uses the integration of comment boxes. These invaluable tools not only enhance communication between businesses and visitors but also facilitate the exchange of ideas, questions, and feedback, nurturing a sense of connection and collaboration.


Forms on websites allow appointment scheduling and gather valuable information from users. With Zoho Sites, businesses have the flexibility to create custom forms or choose from a selection of pre-built forms, empowering them to collect and analyse data effortlessly.


Search Engine Optimisation

Maintain a fresh and relevant online presence that attracts billions of web searches with the built-in SEO tools offered by Zoho Sites. The platform empowers businesses to optimise their website for search engines effortlessly, ensuring maximum discoverability.

Traffic Analysis

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making by optimising website content through comprehensive visitor behavior tracking, measurement, and analysis. With Zoho Sites' traffic analytics feature, businesses can gain valuable insights about their customers.

Site Map

Search engines can interpret and index websites, ensuring effortless discovery and frequent visibility for targeted users. With this feature, businesses can optimise their website's structure and content, making it easier for search engines to understand web pages.


SSL Encryption

Safeguard the online presence for website visitors with the added layer of security provided by SSL certification. By ensuring that websites are SSL certified, businesses not only protect sensitive user data but also gain favor with search engines for increased visibility.

Protected Site Download

Experience the freedom of taking websites on the go by easily downloading it with a few simple steps. With this feature, businesses can securely obtain a password-protected file of the website, ensuring that only they have access to its contents.


Zoho Sites prioritises the significance of adhering to GDPR guidelines, recognising the importance of data privacy and security. With the robust set of features, Zoho Sites empowers businesses to build functional websites that are fully GDPR compliant and safe.


Social Share

Zoho Sites can use social media by utilising their versatile and customisable social share icons. With the inclusion of social share buttons on websites, businesses empower their visitors to effortlessly share captivating content across a multitude of platforms.

Auto Publish

Streamline workflows and maximise efficiency by utilising the time-saving feature of scheduling blog posts for automatic publication across all social media accounts directly from a website, enabling businesses to save mass amounts of time.

Social Profiles

Zoho Sites offers businesses the ability to strategically showcase their social media presence on their website. By prominently displaying their social profiles, businesses create an avenue for visitors to connect with their brand across various digital platforms.

Zoho Sites SEO

How Can We Help You Grow?

At Digital Scientists, our proficient team possesses comprehensive expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Leveraging our extensive experience, we are well-equipped to play a pivotal role in promoting businesses, enhancing their visibility, and elevating their recognition. Through our SEO consultancy services, we offer businesses valuable insights and assistance in researching their target audience and identifying relevant keywords. By delving into the intricacies of audience preferences and effective keyword strategies, we aim to contribute to the development of a robust and highly tailored Zoho Site build, ensuring optimal relevance and impact for the businesses we support.
Can I Use SEO To Specifically Target A Blog Post?
Within Zoho Sites, the SEO configuration primarily centers on optimising the overall blog page rather than individual blog posts. As search engines initially present the blog in their results, a more refined search for specific blog titles will display the individual blog posts. This extends to the sentences within the blog posts, where well-indexed content appears on search engines for corresponding queries. This is why indexing and SEO management are key to building effective websites, to ensure that they can be picked up within search engines and noticed by customers.
Why Is My Website Not Showing Up On Search Engines?

Not all websites secure a place in search results, often due to oversaturation of queries. The absence of a website in search queries could be attributed to its ranking. Search engines prioritise presenting results from high-ranking, trusted sources with significant authority on the searched query. Elevating this ranking can be challenging without the right expertise. Our services at Digital Scientists specialise in optimising websites for search engines, ensuring businesses' websites get indexed and attain a high ranking. This strategic approach enhances visibility, making it easier for users to find the desired services.

Will Hiding My Site Name In Zoho Sites Hurt My SEO?
The site name feature in Zoho Sites may not align with every business's preferences for their website. However, there's no need to worry about its removal impacting the website's SEO performance. Disabling the site name or removing the website caption in Zoho Sites won't hinder the indexing of pages or harm the overall SEO ranking. The website will continue to function and index just as effectively after these modifications.
What Do The Priority And Frequency Settings Mean In Sitemaps?
Though not inherent to Zoho Sites, understanding the broader SEO landscape is crucial. The priority setting aids search engines in discerning the significance of pages for crawlers. This proves useful when prioritising URLs on the website, emphasising the more critical pages in the search index. On the other hand, frequency imparts general information to search engines and should be applied to pages that dynamically change with each access, rather than describing archived URLs. These considerations contribute to a more strategic and effective SEO approach.
How Can I Have Just My Homepage Appear In Search Engines?
This parameter isn't something you can manually configure; it's determined by the search engine, which selects the webpages to present. However, there are steps you can take to enhance the likelihood of your page appearing. Go to "page options" and access "page SEO." Confirm that "noindex" and "nofollow" are not activated. Then, go to "manage," proceed to "settings," and navigate to "robots text" to ensure that the page isn't disallowed. These adjustments can contribute to optimising your page's visibility on search engines.

Zoho Sites Queries

Is Zoho Sites Free?

Zoho Sites offers a 15-day free trial that grants businesses access to the fundamental features of the software. During this trial period, users can utilise the website builder and explore the core capabilities for creating a site. Beyond the free trial, Zoho Sites presents various subscription plans for businesses to choose from. These plans are designed to cater to diverse needs and requirements. The starter plan builds upon the features available in the free trial, providing users with access to the basic site builder, custom domain hosting, up to 500MB of data storage, and the option to implement custom code snippets, among other features. For those seeking more comprehensive features, the pro plan is available. It encompasses all the attributes of the basic plan and extends these capabilities. With the pro plan, businesses gain access to expanded file storage, support for up to three contributors per site, social sharing features, and additional functionalities, further enhancing the website-building experience. Click here to learn more.

What Is The Difference Between Zoho Sites And WordPress?
The debate between WordPress and Zoho Sites revolves around which platform is better suited for specific website needs. WordPress is a popular choice for building websites, especially for landing pages and small business sites. It offers a wide range of templates and extensive customisation options, making it versatile for various uses. On the other hand, Zoho Sites is a robust solution, particularly well-suited for larger businesses seeking to create professional websites. It excels in easy integration with other services and provides a variety of customisable templates. Zoho Sites boasts an intuitive and user-friendly builder, simplifying the website development process for businesses. The key distinction lies in the focus of these platforms. WordPress is traditionally associated with blog-oriented websites and, therefore, may be better suited for blogs. In contrast, Zoho Sites is tailored to cater to the needs of businesses, offering features and tools optimised for this purpose. Ultimately, the choice between WordPress and Zoho Sites depends on the specific requirements and goals of the website being developed. Both platforms have their strengths and can be valuable tools when used in the appropriate context.
How Do I Download A Zoho Site?
To initiate the site download process, it's essential to confirm that the hosting account associated with the website is subscribed to the Zoho Sites Pro plan, as this is the only plan that enables the download feature. Once this prerequisite is met, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to the site builder with the account that is hosting the site.
  2. Navigate to the "Settings" section.
  3. Under the "General" settings, there will be a button labeled "Download Site." Click on this button, and the download process will commence.

The downloaded content will be packaged into a zip file, containing the website and its associated files. It's important to note that these files are designed for backup purposes within the Zoho Sites environment and may not be easily migrated to other website hosting services. This feature primarily serves as a means of safeguarding the website against potential data corruption or loss, ensuring that businesses have a reliable backup readily available when needed.

What Is The Difference Between Zoho Sites And Zoho LandingPage?
Zoho Sites and Zoho LandingPage serve distinct purposes with notable differences in their applications. Zoho Sites is primarily employed for the creation of comprehensive websites, offering a wide array of customisation features, templates, and tools for designing and optimising websites to meet diverse business needs. It is a versatile platform suitable for building full-fledged websites tailored to a business's requirements. Conversely, Zoho LandingPage is designed for crafting specific landing pages, which are single web pages with a dedicated focus. These landing pages are often utilised for specific purposes, such as marketing campaigns or promoting individual products or services. Their primary role is to drive targeted marketing efforts and encourage specific customer actions, making them a powerful tool for achieving specific marketing objectives.
How Do I Add Google Fonts To My Zoho Site?

Integrating Google fonts into Zoho Sites is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Ensure that the desired Google fonts are installed on the device users are using.

  2. Access your Zoho Sites dashboard and navigate to "Settings" > "Files."

  3. Click on "Upload" to add the fonts that are needed. Upload them to the site's files.

  4. Return to the "Settings" menu and select the "Custom CSS Editor."

  5. Once the editor is open, users can copy and paste the following code:

@font-face {
font-family: 'fontname';
src: url('/Font.otf');
font-weight: normal;
font-style: normal;
  1. Replace 'fontname' with the name of the font that users want to use and adjust the URL accordingly.

  2. Save the code and exit the editor.

To add these fonts to the font dropdown, users can open the element console by right-clicking and pasting the following code:

Make sure to replace 'fontname' with the name of the font that is being used. Following these steps will enable users to incorporate
Google fonts seamlessly into their Zoho Sites. Click here to read more.
How Do I Create A Mega Menu?
A mega menu is a valuable design element that offers users an expansive overview of the website's menu structure, providing them with excellent visibility and accessibility to a wide range of pages. To create a mega menu, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the "settings" in the website's control panel.
  2. Under the "customise" section, select "menus."
  3. Click on the "new menu" button.
  4. A pop-up window will appear, prompting the user to enter a name for the new menu.
  5. Enter the desired name for the menu and click "OK."

With these simple steps, businesses can easily create and implement a mega menu to enhance the user experience on their website. Click here to learn more.

Can I Link Icons In Zoho Sites?
While many businesses often require the capability to use icon links for seamless navigation within their websites, Zoho Sites currently doesn't offer this functionality. Presently, the icons element in Zoho Sites primarily serves as a cosmetic feature without inherent linking capabilities. However, businesses can employ a practical workaround by utilising images instead of icons. To overcome this limitation, businesses can create their own custom icons as image files and incorporate them into their website's content. These custom icons can then be configured with clickable links that direct users to other pages or destinations within the website. This approach ensures that users can effectively navigate through the website using custom icons with embedded links.
How Do I Delete A Zoho Site?
Deleting a Zoho site is a simple procedure. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Log in to the Zoho site builder.

  2. Click on "Settings" in the site builder menu.

  3. On the left-hand side of the screen, there will be a section labeled "Others." In this section, there should be a "Delete Site" button.

  4. Click the "Delete Site" button, and it should initiate the deletion process.

It's important to note that sometimes a pop-up message may appear, which states "Downgrade this site to proceed." This message typically appears when users are trying to delete a paid site. Paid sites may need to be downgraded first before they can be deleted.

If the Zoho site is part of a Zoho One subscription, it's necessary to remove the site from the subscription before users can proceed with the deletion process. This ensures that all necessary steps are taken to remove the site properly.

How Do I Remove The Zoho Watermark?
Eliminating Zoho watermarks from websites created using Zoho Sites is a straightforward process. To remove the watermark, follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that the website is under a paid Zoho Sites plan. Watermark removal is not available for free plans.

  2. Go to the "Settings" section within the Zoho Sites account.

  3. In the "Settings" menu, locate "Preferences" under the "General" tab.

  4. Within the "Preferences" section, there should be a setting related to the Zoho Sites watermark, often labeled as "Powered by Zoho Sites."

  5. Select the radio button labeled "Hide" to disable the watermark.

By following these steps, the watermark should be successfully removed from the website, providing a cleaner and more professional appearance.

How Do I Speed Up A Zoho Site?
A slow website can lead to user frustration and increased bounce rates. To address this issue, it's important to take steps to improve the speed of the website. Here are some measures to consider:
  1. Optimise Images: Resize and compress images to ensure they are no larger than necessary for their display on the website. This can significantly reduce loading times.

  2. Minimise Integrated Applications: Only integrate and use applications that are essential for the website's functionality. Unnecessary applications can slow down the site.

  3. Reduce Embedded Scripts: Limit the use of embedded scripts, such as those from Google Maps or YouTube, as these can increase loading times. Consider using lazy loading for videos to load them only when a user interacts with them.

  4. Optimise File Types: Use modern, optimized file types for images, like WebP, which can provide better compression and quality compared to traditional formats like JPEG or PNG. This reduces the amount of data needed to load images.

By implementing these measures, businesses can enhance their Zoho site's speed and provide a smoother and more engaging experience for their users.

Zoho Sites Integrations


Zoho Sites offers extensive integration capabilities with a variety of applications to support businesses in their endeavors. A prime example of this synergy is the integration with Zoho CRM. When Zoho CRM is seamlessly incorporated into Zoho Sites, businesses can harness the power of embedded forms on their website to collect valuable leads. These leads are instrumental in gaining profound insights into their customer base, facilitating the targeting of new customers, and developing a strategic approach. As Zoho implementation partners, we ensure a seamless integration process that optimises the benefits of these applications for businesses. Furthermore, Zoho SalesIQ is another valuable application in this context. By integrating SalesIQ with Zoho Sites, businesses can access real-time insights about the visitors on their website. This feature enables proactive engagement with visitors, nurturing them into potential leads with the potential for long-term sustainability. Moreover, utilising tools such as Mailchimp, businesses can take their engagement to the next level by sending targeted campaigns to their leads. This strategy enhances interaction and communication between the business and its customers, ultimately fostering a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

Zoho CRM

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho Bookings

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho PageSense

Zoho Survey

Marketing Automation
Social Media

Zoho Sites stands out for its exceptional capability to seamlessly integrate with a wide spectrum of social media platforms, providing invaluable support to businesses as they navigate the intricacies of promoting their services across both their websites and various social channels. The integration of social media platforms into Zoho Sites confers a dual advantage that significantly bolsters the digital presence of businesses. This integration not only drives increased traffic to the business's social media pages but also encourages users visiting these social platforms to explore the business's website. The holistic approach to online presence enhancement propels the expansion of the customer base and facilitates the cultivation of a more extensive and diverse target audience. By bridging the divide between websites and social media platforms, Zoho Sites equips businesses with the tools to leverage the synergies between the two, fostering a dynamic and engaging online ecosystem that fuels growth and robust customer engagement. Notable social media platforms that can be seamlessly integrated into Zoho Sites include popular options like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, as well as an array of others, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the platforms that best suit their promotional strategies.









Effective analytics tools are essential for a comprehensive assessment of a website's performance. In this pursuit, Zoho Sites facilitates seamless integration with prominent platforms such as Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster's Tools. Leveraging these analytical instruments, businesses gain the insights necessary to refine their websites and inform their digital strategies. Furthermore, these tools are complemented by the built-in tag managers available within Google Analytics, which prove instrumental in defining and optimising keywords for the website. This strategic approach to keyword management enhances the website's visibility and impact. Moreover, these analytics tools enable businesses to diligently track key metrics, providing valuable data that determines the success of their websites. By monitoring these metrics, businesses can make informed decisions, fine-tune their online strategies, and ensure that their websites effectively fulfill their objectives and meet their performance goals.

Google Analytics

Bing Webmaster

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