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    SEO Consultancy

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    Trusted by marketing professionals, small businesses and corporations across the United Kingdom.

Major Skillset: SEO

If you're looking for a consultant, auditor, training provider, sounding board, or full agency services provider, you can rely on a Digital Scientist.

SEO has been our bread and butter for the last few years. We understand the technical requirements of search engines, the guidelines, the need for best practices. 

We test, monitor, retest, deploy, then test some more; continually striving, continually improving. 

What our clients see is a positive trend, rankings growth, increased traffic, lead generation and, subsequently, growth in revenue. 

SEO is a mid to long-term strategy - in an ever-evolving digital landscape, the sooner you start, the sooner you will benefit.


Consultancy & Training


How we work with you

Retain an SEO Consultant

If you are a marketing professional looking for an expert sounding board, weekly guidance on your project, analysis, and rank tracking services, this option may be right for you.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, or corporates with in-

house teams looking for peer review of research, ideas, or live projects.

Hire Our Agency Services

If you're looking to fill a gap in your team or calendar, obtain a benchmark report, require an SEO site audit, meticulously 

researched keyword datasets,  strategy production, competition reporting, linking building campaigns, and more, you could reap the benefits of working with our trusted professionals.

Train With Us

Have a new marketing executive or internal team at your firm? We support in-house teams with projects large and small with a professional development program over 6 - 12 - 24 months.

This ensures the success of your firms' commercial objectives while investing in your team and their future prospects with the firm.

Entrust Your Project To Us

If you want to outsource your project in its entirety, we have all the latest tooling, skillsets, and frameworks to ensure its success.

Our disciplines include web design and development, and we work with HTML builders like Dreamweaver and CMS builders like ZOHO, WordPress, Wix, and more.

SEO Agency Services

Providing full-scope agency services, covering on site content, optimisation, technical works, domain-building, press and outreach services. 

Everything you need to make your SEO project a success.

SEO Research
On Site SEO
Off Site SEO
SEO Laboratory
SEO Research
True Data Science​
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Site & Page Strategy
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Search Volume
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Competitor Intelligence
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Keyword Datasets
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Local, National, International
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Keyword Difficulty
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Competitor Assessments
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On Site SEO
Site Architecture
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Internal Linking
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Content Optimisation
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Meta Data
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Image & Video SEO
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Forensic Data Capture
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Site & Page Design
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Content Generation
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Canonical Tags
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Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt
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Blog SEO
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Off Site SEO
Domain Authority
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Online Profile & Directory
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GMB & Bing Management
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Toxic Link Management
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Link Building / Acquisition
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NAP Submissions
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Press Release
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GSC & Analytics
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SEO Laboratory
Your Research Uploaded
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Full Position Monitoring & Traffic Analysis
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Google Search Console & Analytics Integration
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Effective SEO Delivery 
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Free Access For Digital Scientists Clients
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Transparency That Matters
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How We Handle Your Project

If you have already had a website built and want to improve its performance or feel as if it isn't performing at all, this is how we approach your project.

Market & SEO Research

The key to building an effective strategy starts with understanding your market and what they are searching for. We're typically handling hundreds of thousands of queries during this phase.

Data Analysis

Utilising your research, we build your strategy based on real-world data from multiple search engines and from assessing what your competitors are doing in your marketplace.

From this we will know how to develop your site, how many pages it needs to be, what content should ideally be included and can advise on costs and timescales.

Benchmarked Data

Where you are now versus our market research and keyword datasets. This helps us understand the necessary actions required to get you back on track.

Site Hierarchy, New Pages, Content Adjustments, Content Marketing Plans

Your site is ready to be published. Now we look at how you're going to engage with your clients, for example: via LiveChat with operators or AI bots. We also assess how to collect and handle data to develop your marketing campaigns and drive sales opportunities.

On-site Agency Works

Whilst a lot of the of the on-page SEO is conducted during the website build, now we work to optimise the site as a whole, conducting technical tasks and tweaking performance further. Our projects meet Google guidelines on ideal web vital scoring as a minimum

Where requested, we also continue to work on off-site SEO tasks and set up consoles, analytics, profiles and grow domain and backlink profiles. 

Off-site Domain & Backlink Management

Utilising your research we carried out in phase one, we build short to mid-term customer acquisition strategies covering search engine pay-per-click (PPC), social media campaigns & more.

SEO Laboratory Tracking

Utilising your research we carried out in phase one, we build short to mid-term customer acquisition strategies covering search engine PPC, social media campaigns and more.

90% of assessments we carry out show that the sites built had no marketing or SEO research conducted prior to building.

To build a website you require an understanding of your market, where your prospective customers are going online for information and to make their purchases, and what they are searching for, as a minimum. If you don't have this data, you are effectively building your site blind. 

Having a website doesn't automatically mean results, but building it correctly as a standalone strategy or as part of a larger marketing campaign will.

Before we can even quote for your project, we will need to understand your digital market and build your data.

 Let's See How You're Doing

Scan Your Site

Using our SEO Laboratory, scan your site to check for common errors and mistakes.

Want To Know More?

SEO Research

Research is a fundamentally important step in developing your SEO Strategy. 

Whether this is for local SEO, for national or international databases... an understanding and analysis of the data surrounding your market, sectors, geographical locations, current language linguistics or semantics, is centrally important in identifying the most effective keywords and search terms to bring results for your business.

When done wrong, this can cause significant damage as most on-site and off-site optimisation is based on this data. This will lead to potentially costly repairs to existing projects or requiring a complete restart.

Many businesses approach their strategy-making assumptions about the best keywords and are then surprised when the website generates low to no inbound inquiry; a result of the site being optimised through the use of bad data, an example of which being search terms that have no volume or are too challenging a target based on the websites' current level of on & off-site optimisation.

At Digital Scientists our systems are set up to quickly analyse datasets to identify the most effective keywords that best fit a short and long-term SEO strategy.

Typically our customers have many multiple datasets that can be up to thousands of keywords each; combined with the right on-site optimisation, this can provide efficient and effective first steps in your SEO journey.

On Site SEO

Once our data scientists have generated your keyword datasets, we will devise your on-site strategy. 

This will include assessments on the site architecture, URL(s), meta tags, page content, and crawlability including sitemap generation.

Our strategies will also include guidance on your press releases, blog, and wider social media activity.

Our Digital Scientists will also monitor all activity to ensure you do not have any competing pages that are incorrectly ranking or taking traffic away from desired landing pages.

For many organisations we also develop and maintain their automated sales & marketing systems. Introducing engagement platforms to improve conversation rates (such as Livechat AI & Bots, email auto traffic responders) to generate maximum opportunity from the traffic generated from a business's SEO strategy. This captures key lead generation data, to feed into marketing databases and systems and also collates data on visitors who don't raise an enquiry. This allows for both pro-active marketing campaigns and provides key intelligence to the sales team of businesses looking to make a purchase but for whatever reason failed to raise an inquiry. The result, an efficient, effective sales & marketing data-led, scientific approach that generates greater traffic, inquiry and qualified leads.

Quality Management, Environmental Management, and field-based paperless data-capture-submission systems are also available.

Off Site SEO

Off-site optimisations include backlink assessments, domain and link acquisition, toxic link removal and disavow, domain & page authority, press release distribution, and more.

We will also manage where appropriate, Search Consoles, Page Indexing, Google Analytics, Google Business Page(s), Google Tag Manager, marketing and SEO tools & systems if within our portfolio.

SEO Continuous Improvement

An effective SEO strategy should include routine assessments and subsequent actions to drive continuous improvement. 

In this regard, the trend is what becomes a key indicator of performance over time. 

Digital Scientist customers will see a positive overall trend in average positions, visibility, and subsequently traffic.

PDCA Cycle, Plan, Do, Check, Act. This is the fundamental approach behind our long-term strategies which are all adjusted over time. This includes the continuous addition of new datasets of keywords, adoption of new systems, and adapting to algorithm updates from major search engines. 

If you were looking at a local strategy for your SEO as an example, your keyword data may not change significantly over time; however, the actions of your competitors will. Our assessments always include the monitoring of your competitor's activities so you are responding before you lose any local market dominance.

Master your digital presence, with a Digital Scientist.

Your SEO Laboratory

Join our Digital Scientist laboratory and have access to your project from anywhere in the world. 

Review all key-controlled works and datasets, daily movements, and trends, covering all key SEO metrics. Unlimited access to monitor progress for your business, or to generate reports for your senior team and board. 

For consulting customers where works are carried out internally, access to our projecting consulting area is also provided. This allows for daily Q&A, alongside where we assign project tasks for your team(s) to carry out. 

Once tasks are complete, our Digital Scientists assess the work and close off these tasks, which subsequently count toward your project milestone. This provides insights into how far you are through completing works on a particular page, as a rate of percentage complete.

Your SEO Laboratory allows easy-adoption of Digital Scientists either carrying out the entire of SEO works, or supporting, training, and guiding existing teams within organisations.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is undoubtedly the most important consideration for any business, whether new or well established.

Google now processes 3.5 billion search queries every day. With no other comparable platform, a business ranking on google should be an absolute priority before considering investing significant sums in advertisements.

Achieving those key positions will undoubtedly require content updates, tweaks, and optimizations to the businesses website. These activities should, therefore, be carried out first by a competent agency that can ensure your key content and messages are maintained utilizing industry best practices.

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