Email marketing software that drives sales.

Create, send and track email campaigns that help you build a strong customer base.

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Become a star marketer.


Build your audience, run targeted email campaigns, and increase your reach. Campaigns helps you become the marketer you always wanted to be.


One campaign, five minutes.


Pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop editor, and easy list management make email marketing as simple as possible.

Integration with CRM.


If you keep your subscriber data in CRM, you can sync your account with Zoho Campaigns, send out emails, and see the results inside your CRM account for an easy follow-up.

Automate your email marketing.


Send follow-up emails with ease using our marketing automation tools. Email workflows and autoresponders let you trigger emails based on a subscriber's activity.

Take the guess-work off your campaigns.


Test, improve, and succeed. Insightful reports tell you every detail of your campaign performance—unique opens, clicks, shares, and more.

Permission-based email marketing.


Achieve better engagement rates by managing approval. Send email campaigns only to those who have opted to receive your emails.

Personal connections with personalized campaigns.


Go beyond the first name. Make your messages dynamic so that every subscriber feels that your message is written just for them.

Campaigns on the go.


Take control of your marketing campaign wherever you are.

Access now & obtain 1 hour of free support with a Digital Scientist!

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