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  • Bespoke SaaS Applications

    Run and grow your business efficiently

    Bespoke builds for any eventuality, automating to save.

Rid your business of unnecessary expense

Do you or your team waste exhausting amounts of time carrying out tasks manually? Are you painstakingly inputting data, transferring information between departments, in-field staff posting or driving forms to the office? Are sales staff obtaining signatures on paper-based contracts?

Do you suffer data loss, loss of vital information, contracts and customer records?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you have a requirement to move more digital. Completely secure systems, providing solutions for every eventuality.

Tailored Solutions

75+ Existing Departmental Solutions


Existing Solutions

With our 75 department ready solutions, we have a guaranteed solution from our existing portfolio or from creating a simple-to-access application.

Existing solutions are adjusted and tailored to your organisation to fit in with existing systems, procedures or work flows.

Just send us a brief of your bottlekneck or process headache and we will make a suggestion!







Sales Inbox




Bespoke web or app based solutions. Built to your requirements.


Marketing Hub



Website Tracking & LiveChat

Analytics & Custom Reporting

Complete customer relationship management



Workdrive Shared 

Site page heat mapping, scroll monitoring and video recording


Custom API integration & builds, dashboard displays



Expense Module




Invoice Module

Subscription Module


Contact Manager



Remote data submission for in-field operatives

Intranet & Wiki 

E-Signature - Get documents signed fast!



Remote Share screen

CRM integrating every area of the business

In-field access to drives

Employee Management


Remote Working Collaboration

Automate processes with flow



Intranet & Wiki 

Bug Tracker


Forms capture data

Remote assist your team

Get a project document signed quickly

Advanced Analytics


In-field access to drives



Remote Working Collaboration

Securely store data pertinent to a project


You name it, we build it



Monitor Sites

Bug Tracker

Oversee all helpdesk tickets in the customer account

Survey department performance

Raise invoices from a ticket

Advanced Analytics

Customer Knowledge Centre

Need to get a document to a customer for support? Get a signature on receipt.

Pick-up & convert LiveChats to tickets

Remote Support

Bespoke solutions & workflow automation

Securely collect payments


Inventory, warehouse by geography

Data capture systems, audit & data submission, quality and H&S auditing

LiveChat customer query on stock? Find out fast!

Visitor Check-in/out

Need a document sent to a customer for support? Get a signature quickly!


Total HR Management

Wiki Training Resource


Instant Messaging

Custom form submission. Dashboard display.

Employee contract remote signatures & T&C updates




75+ existing solutions to an increasingly digital world 

Data Submission Solutions

Capture any type of data and submit it remotely for immediate access. Providing customer copy, dashboard displays or future reporting.

Understanding Your Process

We take the time to understand how your business functions.

We look at how your departments communicate and work together and what systems you already use (if any), what their limitations are and how they are best serving your needs.

Assessing Your Needs

We look for your bottlenecks, what your frustrations are - those of your team, how you would like your systems to work better, what repetitive tasks take the majority of your time. With this, we understand how we can improve the roles of your team, free up time, and create a more productive, healthier environment for everyone.

Developing A New Solution

Based on our discussions, your feedback, the feedback from your team, we look to utilise existing solutions to provide your desired outcomes. Where a requirement is very particular to how a business operates, we develop a new system or application that will run in web, desktop or mobile app.

Creating Visual Displays

Dashboard displays provide key insights and immediate access to pertinent information, displaying it in a way that provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions, fast.

Where particular personnel may be more visual oriented, data can be displayed in a variety of formats ensuring it's interpreted with ease. We can tailor dashboards to specific individuals for accessibility.

Integrating Existing Solutions

Where existing solutions exist but may require one or more integrations between software, we look to adjust the suites to integrate them so workflow can cross departments with speed and ease.

Search, Refine, Analyse 

This is the fundamental strategy underpinning most of the systems we deploy, removing the requirement for constant human input. Removing repetitive tasks, laborious works, ensuring administrators, operatives only have to input data of import, and mid to senior-level management are provided with approval requests for tasks that are critical and sensitive in nature.

Get in Touch with us

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Are your systems and processes stunting the development of your team and business?

Preventing Your Development

When your team spend their time carrying out repetitive tasks, entering data, passing information between individuals and departments, they aren't learning new skills, developing or helping the business grow! 

Invest in your systems. Invest in your team. Invest in your business. Invest in your future!

It is not hard. 
It is also not risky.

Wasteful Practices
Manually submitting paper forms, posting contracts, having staff bring forms to the office, using mileage that depreciating vehicles and devalues your most important assets. 
Transform Your Workforce

With simple systematic solutions to complex cross departmental processes. Reduce your staff turnover, make your employees feel more valued. Remove the repetitive, tedious, boring, soul-destroying and laborious tasks that form part of their everyday lives. 

It's an opportunity. 
That benefits everyone.

Achieving Aspirations
Have an engaged, motivated workforce. More time for your staff to achieve their objectives, KPIs, goals and life aspirations.

More time to carry out valuable tasks that are essential to the success or growth of the business. 
Customer Engagement Platforms

Engaging with prospective customers is a vital way of not just developing new business but also for retaining it.

This can be achieved through database marketing as above, however, ensuring your customers can reach you easily or obtain the information they require is also significantly important. 

Use live chat to engage now with your website visitors, contact them proactively or be readily available on desktop or mobile when they raise an inquiry. Our bots and artificial intelligence can answer questions, or engage based on a number of metrics such as time spent on site.

Our customer help desk portal includes a Knowledge Centre so that if you are offline or unavailable, customers can obtain answers to frequently asked questions or raise tickets for support. This system will notify on all devices by email, text message and all tickets can be accessed by a mobile application.

Automatic ticket assignment can route tickets through to available helpdesk agents or escalate for any number of variables. Workflow automation cuts down on repetitive tasks and ensures your support or sales staff are spending their time on the most valuable activities.

Process Automation

Automate your sales, marketing, or administrative functions with workflow automation.

Trigger specific tasks for completion, search for data, populate forms, automate contract generation, obtain electronic signatures, and more. Store all data, submitted forms, contracts on the customer account automatically. Never lose a contract or important document again!

With full account tracking, log all call metrics or store voice recordings.

Integrates with CRM, helpdesk, account software, and more.

Forms & Contracts Digital Signing

We offer a full form and contract design service, which includes remote submission through a mobile application. The forms can include images and video files with copies emailed to customers or colleagues and attached to the respective system.

Contracts are mail merged from within accounts, automatically generated and sent to prospective customers for signing.

Signed copies are stored on the CRM system and app database.