Implementing Filters & Tabs in Zoho Creator Dashboards

19.01.24 11:42 AM By Max

Zoho Creator allows users to build custom applications tailored to their specific needs. One of the core functionalities that greatly enrich the user experience within Creator is the implementation of filters and tabs within dashboards. These features offer a seamless approach to navigating data and improving overall usability.

The ability to filter and form tables from information is pivotal in data management, and Zoho Creator acts as an empowering tool for users to effectively organise and display data through filters, facilitating the isolation of specific subsets for a more focused view. On the other hand, tabs provide a navigational framework, allowing users to effortlessly switch between different sections of an application’s dashboard.



Bespoke Views and Seamless Navigation


Filters serve as a key mechanism in Zoho Creator dashboards, enabling users to customise views and refine data based on specific criteria. Whether it’s sorting sales figures, inventory details, or HR records. These tailored filters allow users to access precise information, aiding in deeper data analysis and decision-making as a result.

Tabs within the Zoho Creator dashboards act as an intuitive navigational aid, allowing users to swiftly move between different sections or modules of an application. These tabs work to simplify user interaction, improving accessibility across various data sets or functionalities within a given application.



Pre-built Apps and Customisation


Creator’s platform offers a diverse set of pre-built applications, serving as foundational models for users to install and modify if they choose. In doing this, they can design a bespoke model to serve their own ends and requirements uniquely. Incorporating filters and tabs in this will open the doors for improved data visibility and overall ease of use.

By utilising filters and tabs in Zoho Creator, businesses significantly enhance the user experience. This enhancement not only optimises data visibility but also ensures users can access and analyse the most pertinent information to their needs swiftly.

Moreover, the integration of filters and tabs makes the process of data navigation much easier, allowing users to access relevant information promptly. This expedites decision-making processes and empowers users to derive actionable insights from their data.



Data Security


Data security is another bonus when using Creator. As a priority, it provides secure storage and data isolation in compliance with international standards such as ISO and SOC 2 to ensure data integrity, reassuring users about the safety and confidentiality of their information.



The incorporation of filters and tags within Zoho Creator dashboards is all part of a strategy companies can adopt to elevate data navigation, customise views, and enhance the user’s overall experience. This equips businesses with the tools necessary to manage and interpret data efficiently, thereby fostering informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

At Digital Scientists, we use our position as Zoho implementation partners to inform clients on how to get the most from Creator, including the often-overlooked elements of filters and tags, which have the capacity to give companies that added edge over the competition.