Zoho Inventory Management: Simplifying Stock Control & Operations

05.01.24 03:07 PM By Max

Effective inventory management can make the difference between whether a business succeeds or fails. Zoho Inventory offers a plethora of features aimed at streamlining stock control and operational efficiency. With a focus on pricing flexibility, integration, international commerce, and user-friendly interfaces, Zoho Inventory simplifies the complexities of managing inventory for diverse businesses.



Pricing Plans

What one may first consider when thinking about investing in any application that streamlines business processes is the cost and how it may fit into their budget. Zoho Inventory’s pricing model revolves around users, orders, and warehouses – starting at an affordable £25 per month for the standard package that covers 1 warehouse, 2 users, and 500 orders a month (this also comes with a free trial, along with other higher cost options).

What sets Zoho Inventory apart is its global perspective; it provides tailored versions for various countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and India. As it supports a range of currencies and facilitates drop shipments, Zoho Inventory is known to be an attractive option for businesses engaged in international commerce.



Ease of Use


One key perk of Zoho Inventory is the easily navigable dashboard, providing quick access to various functions. The vertical menu grants entry to crucial subtasks like managing contacts, sales orders, invoices, and much more. Additionally, performance indicators displayed on the landing page offer insights into key aspects, simplifying decision-making for all users.

Zoho Inventory tracks inventory with the FIFO (First In First Out) method. Although robust for many businesses, it may not suit those requiring alternative costing methods like weighted average cost or Last In First Out (LIFO). Nonetheless, it supports management of multiple warehouses, allowing for seamless inventory transfers and multi-warehouse order fulfilment.

Aiding Operations


The platform handles retail operations especially well, facilitating the creation of sales orders, estimates, and shipping labels. On top of this, it streamlines purchase order creation, execution, and conversion into bills (payables), which users can benefit from along with partial order fulfilment options and automated restocking configurations for enhanced efficiency.

A big sticking point with some businesses is the need to integrate third-party apps with management tools like Zoho Inventory, and this is where this application comes in handy. Not only does it integrate seamlessly with third-party apps, but also with e-commerce channels, adapting to various shipping options, accounting software, and CRM systems. This will however, include the use of separate accounts for these services, which may incur additional costs (so it is always best to check beforehand).


Zoho Inventory has proved to be highly effective for e-commerce and international business operations. As Zoho UK partners, we at Digital Scientists are seasoned in delivering these services and educating clients on the integration of such applications. However, it may not fully suit distribution, retail POS, or manufacturing businesses due to limitations such as the absence of a true Bill of Materials (BOM) or support for kitting.

Despite its limitations, Zoho Inventory Management serves as a potent tool for businesses seeking efficient inventory management, particularly in the realms of e-commerce and global operations.