The Top Features of Zoho CRM for Boosting Business Productivity

19.01.24 12:49 PM By Max

In modern business, the landscape has never been more competitive. Companies can now source customers from all over the world, equipped with the ability to sell products or services to anyone they choose, regardless of geographical borders. As a result of this, Customer Relationship Management has never been more imperative. Amongst the plethora of CRM options available, Zoho CRM caters to small and mid-size businesses with an array of features that significantly enhance business productivity.


Zoho CRM has long been acclaimed for its robust feature set, rivalling even enterprise-grade CRMs. As technology advances, Zoho CRM keeps up to date with enhancements such as AI-powered analytics, a drag-and-drop interface editor called Canvas, and the Zia AI assistant. These features have propelled Zoho CRM to new heights, making it an Editors’ Choice pick.

Various Zoho CRM consultants will attest to standout features such as its user-friendly set-up process, which is ideal for SME teams on the lookout for a quick start.


The platform's step-by-step guide and intuitive interface streamline the set-up, eliminating the need for extensive technical expertise or an in-house tech team.

Once up and running, Zoho CRM's interface remains impressively easy to navigate. The clean design and simple menu bar make it effortless to access vital sections like leads, contacts, deals, and reports, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.



Customisation and Flexibility


To cater to the diverse CRM needs of different companies, Zoho CRM offers extensive customisation options. The platform allows for easy integration of extensions and add-ons from the Zoho Marketplace, adapting to various business requirements without the need for coding.

Canvas, the drag-and-drop editor, allows users to create custom layouts for their own specific workflows and preferences. Whilst other CRMs may offer customisation features, Zoho’s flexibility and ease of implementation set it apart.



Mobile App and On-the-Go Functionality


If you find yourself moving from place to place a lot in your daily work life, Zoho CRM’s mobile app provides exceptional functionality on-the-go. With a user-friendly interface and offline capabilities, the app ensures seamless work execution, allowing users to manage tasks, access leads, and close deals from virtually anywhere.

The app’s location feature, displaying nearby leads, and simplified deal-closing process further augment its utility for those who’re often on the move.



Pricing Plans and Value


Zoho CRM offers a range of pricing tiers catering to businesses of all sizes. The Free Edition provides an entry point for smaller teams, whereas paid plans unlock additional features and functions. Despite the varying pricing tiers, Zoho CRM remains competitively priced compared to other CRMs in the market, offering considerable value for the features provided.



Zoho CRM’s array of features geared towards ease of use, mobile functionality, and competitive pricing, along with the option to customise existing layouts for easier navigation and workflows makes it one of the frontrunners in the CRM landscape and a compelling choice for businesses looking to boost productivity and drive growth. In some of the more complex areas, businesses may find they need help in order to make the most of the application and gain a leg up on competitors, and this is where Digital Scientists can help. It can be a struggle to find a Zoho Partner that meets the needs of your business and understands how to work with and enable it to succeed, which is why we work with clients to establish and direct their business where they need to be.