Maximise Remote Support: Best Practices Using Zoho Assist

19.01.24 12:11 PM By Max

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote support and access software designed to facilitate top of the line remote support sessions online. It offers a comprehensive suite of features catering to a host of support needs so as to promote easy access to distant devices for troubleshooting and assistance.


Key Features

There is no shortage of features that make Zoho Assist a fantastic option for businesses who rely on remote access in different parts of the country or even the world. For example, past its easy-to-use interface that simplifies set-up and operation, it’s straightforward and simple to schedule and execute remote connections without user intervention, streamlining ongoing maintenance and support tasks. Beyond remote access, features encompass file sharing, remote printing, and multi-monitor navigation, enhancing the support experience.



Recent Updates and Enhancements


The latest updates in Zoho Assist have pushed the app further than ever before, with self-service and a public client portal that simplifies customer interaction and support requests for expedited service delivery; session supervision to empower technicians to monitor and oversee remote assistance sessions for enhanced support quality; mobile app enhancements like app lock for added security, and functional features like File Transfer for mobile devices.

Integration features like third-party compatibility widen the potential for Assist, opening the doors for applications such as Zoho Books, CRM, and Slack to enhance workflow automation and accessibility.



To maximise remote support using Zoho Assist effectively, businesses can employ various strategies:

  • Efficiently leveraging scheduling with the Unattended Access feature to organise sessions for regular maintenance and ensure proactive support
  • Utilising collaborative sessions, allowing the invitation of secondary technicians for collaborative troubleshooting.
  • Leveraging enhanced mobile functionality to meet on-the-go support requirements.



By implementing these best practices, businesses can optimise their remote support operations, thereby bolstering efficient and secure assistance to clients or employees. They can also seek the help of an authorised Zoho Partner such as Digital Scientists for guidance and education in some of the more complex issues when it comes to making the most of remote support.