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At Digital Scientists we master your online digital presence to enhance your business growth whilst streamlining your departmental processes to reduce your costs. 

The result: more revenue, less overhead, even greater bottom line. 

Making digital easy.

Our Expertise

Our skills as a business are closely related between service lines, which is why we focus predominantly on Digital. 

We employ the latest tooling and frameworks to create the most visually pleasing, performance-breaking, results-driven solutions.

With design and technical expertise, commercial and sales experience, software and coding deployment, we aim to produce one fantastic result (or, to plug skills gaps within your team).

​Digital Marketing

IT Technical ​Support & Infrastructure

SaaS | Software Development

Our proven process to get results: 
How we build your Digital Presence


The key to building an effective strategy starts with understanding your market and what your prospective customers are searching for. We're typically handling hundreds of thousands of queries during this phase of a project.

Analyse & Strategise

With your research, we build your strategy based on real-world data from multiple search engines and from assessing what your competitors are doing in your marketplace.

From this we will know how to develop your site, how many pages it needs to be, what content should ideally be included and can advise on costs and timescales.

Website Build

Using the latest frameworks, content management systems and design suites, we build professional, elegant, beautiful, eye-catching sites to match your brand. We can include updates to branding and colour schemes during this process.

System Integrations & AI

Your site is ready to be published. Now we look at how you're going to engage with your clients, for example: via LiveChat with operators or AI bots. We also assess how to collect and handle data to develop your marketing campaigns and drive sales opportunities.

SEO Implementation

Whilst a lot of the of the on-page SEO is conducted during the website build, now we work to optimise the site as a whole, conducting technical tasks and tweaking performance further. Our projects meet Google guidelines on ideal web vital scoring as a minimum.

Where requested, we also continue to work on off-site SEO tasks and set up consoles, analytics, profiles and grow domain and backlink profiles. 

Digital Marketing

With the research we carried out in phase one, we build short to mid-term customer acquisition strategies covering search engine Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media campaigns & more.

Methodical expertise to ensure you don't say "I have a website, but it doesn't do much..."

To build a website you require an understanding of your market, where your prospective customers are going online for information and to make their purchases, and what they are searching for, as a minimum. If you don't have this data, you are effectively building your site blind. 

Having a website doesn't automatically mean results, but building it correctly as a standalone strategy or as part of a larger marketing campaign will.

Before we can even quote for your project, we will need to understand your digital market and build your data.

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We help the evolution of your business by dominating your presence on search engines whilst reducing your overheads and streamlining your processes.

Understanding Your Process

We take the time to understand how your business functions, how your departments work together and what systems you already use (if any), and what their limitations are.

Understanding Your Issue

We look for your bottlenecks; what your frustrations are, those of your team, how you would like your systems to work better, what repetitive tasks take up the most time. With this, we understand how we can improve the roles of your team, free up time, and create a more productive, healthier environment for everyone.

Developing a System

Based on our discussions, your feedback, the feedback from your team, we look to use existing solutions to provide your desired outcomes. Where a requirement is very particular to a how a business operates, we develop a new system or application, that will run in web, desktop or mobile app.

Building an Integration

Where existing solutions exist but may require one or more integrations between software, we look to adjust the suites to integrate them so workflow can cross departments with speed and ease.

Creating The Visuals

Dashboard displays provide key insights and immediate access to pertinent information, displayed in a way that provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions, fast.

Where particular personnel may be more visual oriented, data can be displayed in a variety of formats ensuring it's interpreted with ease. We can tailor dashboards to specific individuals for accessibility.

Automating Efficiency

The fundamental strategy underpinning most of the systems we deploy, removing the requirement for constant human input. Removing repetitive tasks, laborious works, ensuring administrators, operatives only have to input data of import, and mid to senior level management are provided with approval requests for tasks that are critical and sensitive in nature.

Reduce overhead, improve efficiency, revolutionise morale.

Remove wastage, allowing your team to focus on business-critical tasks, their professional development and, subsequently, the development of the business.

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