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    Our proven approach helps you to GROW and RUN your business.

    Identify your key resources, craft winning strategies, capture maximum value, and optimise your day-to-day transactions to increase revenue and profitability.



Your Business Model

Often, when we inquire about a business model, the initial response is effortless and immediate. However, translating that response into tangible resources, value propositions, and transactions can be a challenging task. A prevalent pattern we observe is that while the business model is understood, albeit subconsciously, it is not actively or consistently considered. This oversight leads to missed opportunities for significant revenue and profitability growth. At our consultancy, we conduct a thorough assessments of your current business model and are capable of modifying or completely revising it. We leverage our in-house talents to implement the new model or provide expert consultation and guidance to your chosen agencies, ensuring its successful execution.

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To truly GROW your business, it's crucial to explore all possible alternative models. Even minor adjustments can unlock tremendous opportunities. Ill-structured models drain resources, diminish their value, and erode profitability.

​Efficiently RUNNING your business requires a comprehensive understanding of all actual and potential transactions. Once identified, we specialise in systemising and automating key activities while addressing cost centres. 
​The best business models amplify resources and partnerships, nurturing everyday activities to enhance resource value. If your company isn't experiencing growth and its activities aren't growing value, it could be a sign of a failing business model.


Preparing For Liftoff

Once the opportunities are clear, the time has come to start laying foundations. This could be a vast array of requirements such as a website or ecommerce store, new premises, channel infrastructure (such as partnering with distributors), a new app or implementing and automating key systems to support every-day value creating activities. 

What's for certain is, we need to put structure in place to ensure that all resources and activities capture as much value for the business as possible. This could be as simple (and challenging) as ensuring the cash flow position of the business is secure before you receive an influx of new opportunities.



Websites That Perform

At Digital Scientists, our small team of digital marketers in tech development and design bring above and beyond ability to each project. Our Portsmouth web design and development team is involved in professional B2B and B2C web design and development, mobile applications, digital strategy, user experience, advertising, content management systems, and email marketing initiatives.


Your search channels

With two decades of SEO experience and a foundation as an SEO consultancy, Digital Scientists have played a crucial role in the substantial growth of numerous prominent enterprises.

We meticulously analyse the market before crafting customised strategies for different types of businesses. Our approach involves setting short, mid, and long-term goals for all your digital assets and follow a meticulous process of continuous improvement, consolidating performance for all our clients.

Rest assured, our reputation is backed by trustworthy reviews and compelling case studies. Moreover, the owners of our company have successfully grown their own local, national, and international businesses primarily through search engines.


Your tracking and analytics

Our skilled web developers set up the most appropriate tracking tools, including Google Analytics 4 (GA4) events, conversions with full parameters for effective reporting and more. We also utilise scroll and heat maps, as well as video session recording, to gain valuable insights into user behavior. 

With this data-driven approach, we optimise your website to deliver an exceptional user experience and drive measurable results.
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In the digital landscape, a well-designed and functional website is essential for businesses to thrive. However, it's equally important to understand how users interact with your website and gain insights into their behavior. This is where the expertise of a skilled web developer comes into play, particularly in setting up tracking and analytics tools effectively.

We recognise the significance of proper tracking and analytics for our clients' websites. Our experienced web developers understands the intricacies involved in collecting and analysing data to uncover valuable insights. Here's why we emphasise the use of various tracking techniques:

Scroll and Heat Maps: To truly comprehend how users engage with your website's content, we employ scroll and heat maps. These visual representations provide valuable information on which sections of a page receive the most attention, indicating user interest and engagement levels. By analysing scroll and heat maps, we can optimise your website's layout and content placement to enhance user experience and achieve better conversion rates.

Video Session Recording: To delve even deeper into user behavior, we utilise video session recording. This powerful tool captures real-time interactions of users on your website, allowing us to observe their navigation patterns, clicks, and overall engagement. By reviewing these recordings, we gain valuable insights into user preferences, pain points, and areas where improvements can be made. This information guides us in making data-driven decisions to optimise your website's performance and enhance user satisfaction.

Understanding User Behavior: With accurate tracking and analytics in place, we gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior on your website. We can identify the most visited pages, the paths users take to reach their desired information, and the actions they take before leaving. This knowledge empowers us to make informed decisions about design, content, and user flow, resulting in a website that is intuitive, engaging, and conversion-focused.

Data-Driven Decision Making: By leveraging the insights obtained through tracking and analytics, we enable data-driven decision making. Our skilled web developers analyse the data collected, identify trends, and propose actionable recommendations to improve your website's performance. Whether it's refining the user interface, optimising conversion funnels, or enhancing content relevance, our strategies are tailored to maximise your website's effectiveness and drive measurable results.

We believe that a good web developer goes beyond creating visually appealing websites. We strive to understand user behavior and preferences, using advanced tracking and analytics tools like scroll and heat maps, as well as video session recording. By harnessing these insights, we optimise your website to deliver an exceptional user experience and help you achieve your business goals.


Your Business Functions

Using the latest frameworks and tooling, we mobilise, integrate, systemise and automate your business. By removing redundant and repetitive tasks, we reduce your costs, increase your available time and provide opportunities for you and your team to focus on what you do best.

Our solutions cover every departmental function of a business and where there are unique requirements, we code and build bespoke solutions. 

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Strategic Alignment: By comprehending the core resources, activities, and value propositions of a business, you gain a clear understanding of its unique strengths and competitive advantages. This knowledge allows you to align your systemisation and automation efforts with the areas that have the most significant impact on value creation.

Efficiency Optimisation:Systemizing and automating without a solid understanding of key resources and activities can result in inefficient processes. By first identifying these crucial elements, you can streamline and optimise them before implementing automation. This approach ensures that automation serves to enhance efficiency rather than compounding existing inefficiencies.

Value Preservation:The value propositions of a business define its unique offerings and the reasons why customers choose its products or services. By understanding these value propositions, you can ensure that systemisation and automation efforts maintain or even enhance the value delivered to customers. This preservation of value is crucial for customer satisfaction and long-term business success.

Customisation and Adaptation: Every business has its own specific resources, activities, and value propositions that contribute to its success. By understanding these elements, you can tailor the systemisation and automation processes to fit the unique needs of your business. This customization allows for greater adaptability and agility in responding to changing market dynamics.


Digital Scientists not only build the foundations and opportunities for strong growth to your business revenue and balance sheet value, we also grow your profitability.

We combine our commercial expertise, 20 years of competence in SEO, digital marketing and coding to positively impact areas across your business.

Reducing costs, increasing revenue and ultimately growing that bottom line. 

SCIENCE & Creativity

Coding & Technology


SCIENCE & Creativity

Coding & Technology



Who We Partner With

We believe from small ideas can come great success and so we work with all size and types of business. If you believe your business or idea has the opportunity to disrupt a market, the footing and authority to dominate a sector, or creativity and uniqueness to inspire, we would love to hear from you.

Equally, if you are not quite sure of the right path for your product or service, our insightful process will help you understand how best to tackle any opportunity to grow your business or develop your brand online.

Micro Enterprises

Launching a new business is a challenging task but if you have the drive and ambition to achieve your goals, we will undoubtedly be able to project your business in the direction you desire.

Whether you are looking to launch a new product or service, we can guide you on where your market is already established and how best to target and maximise everyday opportunity.

Research & campaigns typically focused on localised markets.

Stagnated SME's

As a marketing manager, sales director or business owner, you may be concerned with a low to non existent level of enquiry from your online channels.

We have helped businesses in a wide variety of sectors from beauty, ecommerce to waste management  grow by millions of pounds of additional turnover every year. Seize the opportunity today to expeditate your business growth.

Research and campaigns typically focused on local and national markets.

Aspiring Corporates

Dominate your market online with a thorough understanding of your established market. Your company may already be a leading provider in your sector but your growth may be stagnant and flat. 

With a broad and specific understanding of how your market search for your products or services, we will ensure you are found for tens of thousands of queries creating a new path to growth.

Research & campaigns typically focused on national and international markets.

In-House Expertise

We utilise big data to provide specialist insights into what and how business and consumers are looking for products and services within specific markets.

With these specialisms in research and data, we take our insights to create effective strategies that are applicable and deployable in a number of digital marketing agency services. These same strengths, provide us with the capability to support digital transformation aspirations and subsequently understand coding and process requirements to build specific Saas solutions for companies; as such we have a partnership with the $1billion organisation Zoho corporation as both developers and partners.

This could mean we are the perfect provider for organisations who do not want to employ multiple Marketing Agencies with specialisms in seperate fields to achieve one aim, to grow. Our services positively impact multiple departments and not just the sales and marketing functions.

With the latest tooling and frameworks, we provide the most visually pleasing, performance-breaking, results-driven website development services that are underpinned by our long standing expertise as SEO consultants.

With a unique combination of skills, we bring together multiple channels to convert on a single engaging website. With short term strategies for traffic and lead generation to mid-long term organic growth strategies.

GROW Your Business

Data & Research

Enterprise SEO

Web Development

Digital Marketing

RUN Your Business

Zoho Partners & Developers

Frameworks & Coding

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. 

-Winston Churchill

Master your Business with Digital Scientists.