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Customer Support

Whatever the time of day we are on hand to provide support with your sales and marketing and system integrations or to assist with any task related queries.

On-demand Support

Support any remote customer through ad-hoc or on-demand remote session. It requires no prior installation. Your invitee can join the session through email invite or website easily.

Customer widget

Get your customer widget and embed it on your website or blog. It enables your customers to join your remote session easily through the widget.

Unattended access

Set up unattended remote access for computers, both inside and outside LAN. Mass deployment options available. Both Windows and Mac are supported.

Multi Monitor Support

Navigate between any number of monitors connected to the remote computer. Automatically detects active monitors in use.

File transfer

Send updates or patches or any type of file to your remote customer's computer quickly during the session. You can also receive files at the same time.

Reboot and reconnect

Reboot any remote computer with a single click and reconnect to the session without losing control. You can reboot in safe mode.

Support anyone remotely on the go.

You need not remain tied up your workstation anymore. Simply tap your mobile and start supporting your remote customers and manage unattended computers anytime.

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