Booking System: Eyelash Extension Consultation Form

We have been hard at work developing a paperless form submission system for an eyelash extension salon. This system will allow for customers to submit their consultation forms immediately after making their booking with the salon.

This form can also be completed in person on any mobile device (phone or tablet) with the salon technicians.

Simple and straight forward data entry, with check-boxes, multi-question answer selection, and tips to quickly guide the client to completion.

The salon has access to a dashboard to review all form submissions and can search by any data field. This system is available as a mobile app for the salon to quickly access and review the forms submitted.

These forms can include photos, videos, and any number of file uploads.

The data input can be integrated with various database formats and systems for automated marketing campaigns. These salon customers, for example, can receive automated email guidance with aftercare tips, terms & conditions, introductions to further services, and other promotional activity.

The data submitted is emailed to the customer for their own records, full GDPR compliance is maintained with the latest multi-layer security.

This is a straight forward and efficient system for a salon to go paperless, whilst improving their marketing integration and automation with the point of sale database generation. Professional and effective, allowing the salon to focus on what they do best.

If you require a paperless system, mobile app, field-based form submission (such as engineers working remotely submitting data, videos, and images to head office or other engineering teams), speak to a Digital Scientist!

Email or phone on 02392 120 013

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