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The average internet user conducts 3-4 per searches per day using their smart device*. In today's trading environment, when enquiring for products and services these inquiries start on a search engine more than any other platform.

We master your digital presence on all search engines and platforms and set up and integrate the best LiveChat, marketing, booking, and payment systems to grow your business. You will dominate in your targetted service areas to grow your customer base and with our systems, you can simply focus on making your customers look or feel their best.

Allowing you to create perfect Hair You Can Dye For?

We are your Shear-Lock Combes In the Digital World.

If those puns haven't made you want to curl up and dye, see below.

*Based on Google's 2020 statistics

Home Salons
Retail Salons

Secret Glam

Special Branch

*Pay Per Click advertisement is utilised when SEO ranking is adjusting to search engine algorithm updates or ranking changes.

*Pay Per Click advertisements are utilised when SEO services are adjusting to search engine algorithm updates or ranking changes.

*Additional Domains are available at standard registration rates

Additional custom branded mailboxes are available at standard rates

Supporting Your Business Growth, and Journey through all tiers.

We are with you, always.

Bringing Business To You

Dominating Where Clients Go First

Serving the beauty salon industry only, focusing on connecting home-based and high street salons with their local target market.

Not to be confused with typical directories that serve other industries and are typically run by businesses with no expert SEO or web development experience, we guarantee top-ranking positions on google to underpin any SME's or form part of a larger chains growth strategy.

Our directory is here to serve as a quick and effective way for customers to find your business.

Each page is indexed and ranked geographically, meaning you will be found at the top of google in your desired location(s).


The page itself will list a maximum of 2 home-based salons and 1 high street retailer, each with its own business profile, contact details, photos and videos of the business and its work, live chat integration to your mobile device.

This is a low-cost guarantee of finding new repeat custom and designed to be a starting point for any new or established salon.

Beautiful Digital Presence

Whilst you are giving much love and passion into your dream design of your salon, perhaps looking at a new feature flower wall, our Digital Scientists will be hard at work in the laboratory designing and building your landing page, website, or other digital platforms to best reflect you and your business online. This could be a stand-alone design or reflective of your current branding.

If you don't have an established brand & design, colour pantones, logo, or perhaps you require a new banner for a social media platform or landing page for online bookings, your Digital Scientist will be on hand to assist.

Blogs & Pages

The Best Results With Expert SEO

Technical understanding of search engine & social media algorithms, keywords, human behavior & content structure are essential when running an effective blog. The best blogs will not only create an engaged customer and lead base but also significantly aid the search engine traffic to your website, which will in turn support the indexing of the domain and ranking of individual pages bringing in new prospective clients.

Most new blogs struggle with building their audience in a legitimate way, this is due to not having the above expertise despiite having great content. Great content, no matter how great, will not bring in traffic if it is not structured properly using the right channels. 

Before anything is posted online, you should have an understanding of key SEO fundamentals or a partner that can advise you. Without the correct guidance, you can be doing more damage to your digital presence long-term, with web pages and blog sites providing conflicting structure and content resulting in low to no rankings on search engines with pages being crawled but not included in the index.

Regularly unpicking years of poor website architecture, URLs, wrongly chosen keywords, bad internal linking, domain/backlink profiles are among just a handful of hundreds of potential errors. 

Get it right first time with your Digital Scientist. Engage with your lead target audience, customer base, generate new & repeat business. We will progressively support and strengthen your SEO and master your online presence.


Master your Digital Presence, With a Digital Scientist. 

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Our expert SEO knowledge allows us to run highly-effective PPC campaigns that support the growth strategies that we device for our customers. We monitor tens of thousands of keywords for our customers and with every search engine algorithm update can come maintenance tasks to meet new guidelines and best practice.


PPC provides significant return on investment and for our beauty salon customers are inclusive within the price.

It's worth noting that PPC is a predominant requirement where organic SEO ranking adjustments are taking place and thus these strategies are only employed as required. This is to ensure our prices are not inflated by running campaigns that are not required. 

LiveChat & Tracking


Be informed of your page visitors, track their movements, and either pro-actively engage with them with instant-messaging or quickly answer their queries and convert to new customers.

Standard questions can be answered by AI as programmed by your Digital Scientist, we will assist you with your questions and answers.

Customer Booking

The perfect salon software to ensure you satisfy the needs of your customers. Our booking platform stores customer details, staff and service information, and appointment histories while managing your schedules so you can prioritize the customer in front of you.

Electronic Payment Processing is available at the time of booking, or take payments in person. Your Digital Scientist will help you set up all options as required. What's more, the platform integrates with your device calendar to ensure you can keep on top of your bookings from any location.

Mobile application is available for Tier 3 and 4 customers who prefer customers to book via mobile application and wish to keep customers up to date via device push notification.

Payment Processing

Take card payments in person or online for full or partial deposit payments. For recurring subscriptions, our customers have access to direct debit platforms.

All payment types can be catered for.

Payment processing integrates with our book and account systems, showing all payments due to clear from various sources for live and accurate payment data.

You let us know what you think would serve you and your customers best, your Digital Scientist will do the rest. 

Accounts & Payroll

Manage your finances, get VAT ready, automate your business workflows and transaction assignment, obtain live updates on your bank balances and credits and debits and see all payments pending to be received by your account. Generate annual accounts quickly and easily for submission to HMRC.

Our platform integrates with Sage Online for payroll and pension obligations.

Database Marketing

Create, send, and track email campaigns that help you build a strong customer base. From beautiful email templates to an easy-to-use editor, and automation tools to real-time analytics, our campaign platform has it all. Technical support and guidance are on hand with your Digital Scientist. 

Integrate Social Media

Post in one location to all platforms, Schedule unlimited posts, monitor what matters most and grow your social network(s) from one integrated platform. Include your blog posts via our campaign platform and RS feed and create unimaginable amounts of exposure as you grow your network and influence. 

World's Best CRM

GDPR compliant storage of customer's information, integrate with all our systems to keep your database up to date, engage with customers, and grow your businesses revenue. Track, monitor, analyse, market to, and grow your customer base with our data-led CRM system.

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